Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Beautiful Butterfly has flown ... HOME

This morning we were all called in because Shawndra's condition had changed. She was breathing differently and the doctor said that this was a sign to look for as we approached the end. Shawndra rested peacefully and breathed quietly for the rest of the day. Both Shawndra and Doug's immediate families came up and we surrounded Shawndra with love and prayer. This afternoon, she took her last quiet breath and peacefully passed away into heaven. It was a blessed moment, one in which we were all surrounding her, crying and yet rejoicing at the same time. She is no longer in pain, no longer has cancer, there are no more tubes, and she is FREE!!

We are ever grateful to all of Shawndra's supporters, prayer warriors, family and friends who have been there for her and for each of us throughout this journey. Thank you to the incredible staff of doctors, nurses, care assistants, techs, and medical staff in every facility that Shawndra was blessed to have care in. Thank you to all the wonderful people out there who have been so compassionate in your blog comments and have loved Shawndra even without knowing her. Remember that this blog is a detailed journey of Ella's mommy to show her how strong, courageous, loving, and selfless her mommy was in her life and how much of an impact Shawndra has made on so many people. She fought a huge fight! We will be reading this as a book to Ella for years to come.

Finally, we will provide information on the service as we finalize plans and complete decisions. Thank you in advance for your patience in this. Please pray for Doug during this time and for his future in taking care of Ella. Pray for Ella. Pray for my parents and for Doug's parents and our respective grandparents. Doug has a sister with a family as do I, please continue to pray for us all as we mourn the loss and celebrate the life of Shawndra Turner.

I shall leave you with a verse: Revelation 21:4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away!
Bye my sweet butterfly,
Love you,


Anonymous said...

She is free...

I will continue to pray for all of you.


Anonymous said...

Shawndra I will forever cherish the memories I have with you. I will miss you so much!! Andrea my prayers are with you all right now. God bless!! Jenni Andres Johnson

Anonymous said...

As I read this I was so torn. So saddened by the fact that such a wonderful, beautiful & strong woman was no longer with us on earth, but joyous that she is no longer in pain and with the Father. I will continue to pray for Doug, Ella and the family in the weeks, months and years to come. Like I have posted before, I "met" Shawndra through this blog and was so inspired by her courage, faith and optimistic attitude- she will be an inspiration to me forever. Thank you for sharing your life with us.
Jennifer Reeder- Blue Springs, MO

Anonymous said...

I lost my mom to colon cancer last year. There are no words to take away the pain but know how loved and supported you are. Shawndra was amazing and inspiring to so many people in her years here on Earth. Her time may have been too brief but it was time well spent. "Sorrow comes to all...Perfect relief is not possible, except with time. You can not now realize that you will ever feel better...and are sure to be happy again." Abraham Lincoln May God wrap his loving arms around all of you and may you feel his peace!

Anonymous said...

Your family will continue to be in my prayers. I will share with my church small group as well to keep you & Ella (and your families) in their prayers. Kellie from Ohio

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I've never posted on this blog but have checked it daily over the last 3 months. I also have a young daughter Ella and this blog has changed our life. Amazing. Completely amazing.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Shawndra is a sweet angel and finally at peace after teaching each of us about strength, courage and wisdom.

divebarwife said...

Peace and prayers for all of you who love Shawndra.
Jennifer Newman Bell

Anonymous said...

Doug and Ella~
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family at this time. You will always have a sweet angel watching over you forever and ever!!!

Team Piggott said...

After I got the message from Doug about Shawndra's passing, I began to pray. Then a smile came as I know that Shawndra is now with her creator, peaceful, healthy and happy. As much as she meant to her family, she means that much if not more to God. We will always remember our wonderful neighbor and friend and will cherish all the memories we have. For Doug and Shawndra's families, we will pray blessings upon you. Doug and Ella, we will forever pray for peace and joy in your lives. God never gives us more than we can handle and we know you all are extremely strong. Remember, you will always have friends and family to help you whenever you need it. And we will be celebrating Shawndra's life forever.

God Bless and Keep you
Love you!

Antwan, Roseanda, Micah and Isaiah

Anonymous said...

May the happy, vibrant memories of Shawndra continue to live on in your hearts forever. I didn't have the pleasure of knowing her personally, but I can sure tell she was "one in a million." Blessings on your entire family and that sweet little Ella.

Anonymous said...

Doug, Ella, Andrea and families,
In your hearts, she will always be near. May your lives continue to be inspired by Shawndra.
- Kim

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful legacy she has left. I pray that you feel Jesus closer than you could possibly imagine, guiding you through this time of loss. I only knew Shawndra through her words on this blog, but even then could see what an amazing person she was! My prayers are with you all.

Anonymous said...

As I read today's update, I am so sad, yet so relieved for Shawndra. I am so relieved that she has passed peacefully and is pain free and no longer suffering. She is such a role model to everyone and certainly was one of mine. I pray for all of you during this time. My heart especially goes out to little Ella.
Ella your mommy was so strong and loved you so much. You will know this from this blog and the memory that will be kept alive by Daddy and your family. She is our heavenly angel watching over us all.

Peace and comfort to you all. We all love you.


Anonymous said...

I am so very sad that such a wonderful person is gone from this Earth, but I am so happy for her to be in a more wonderful place - free. She will be a beautiful angel to protect your entire family and her light will continue to shine in Ella's eyes.

My prayers are with you as you remember her life and her spirit and begin the healing process. She will never be gone from my thoughts.

My love and support, Mandy Hamlin Featherston

Jenni Halley said...

I prayed that she would go peacefully. I lost my husband on March 21, 2008. I remember it all, and I remember thinking how relieved and thankful I was that he had won the fight against this evil cancer (not in the way we had wanted), but even so, he was free, and cancer could never hurt him again. May that thought continue to always bring you comfort. What a difficult thing for your family to endure, but how blessed you are to have loved her to Heaven. Many prayers to you all, and to Doug and Ella, for peace.

Jenni Halley, Maryville, MO

live2jett said...

Dear Ella and Doug,
I just learned of your Mommy and Wife. I read her beautiful blog this week ofr the first time. Thank you for sharing her with us. I to have colon cancer and do blog for my family and friends. I learned a great deal from all of you. The Faith,Couarge, and Love Shawndra showed was a true gift. I'm proud of her dignity and kindness that she conveyed to all. I'm proud of your wonderful family to stand by her side and hold her up. My prayers are with all of you. Thank you again for letting us look in your window of life and letting us learn what a loving person your Mommy and Wife was. God Be with you, Debbie Jett San Diego

Michele said...

I will never forget Shawndra's courage.

Anonymous said...

I'm so saddened that shawndra has left us, yet you are right, she is free of all burden. May you all be comforted in your wonderful memories and the love you share with one another. love and light, amy graver beers

OhLookADuck said...

Many hugs to you all.
Prayers for your comfort and blessings on Ella and Doug as they go forward.

Anonymous said...

I am sending my love and prayers to you all and will be thinking of you guys during this time. I send these two poems to you that I've found and have used before. They make me think of Shawndra.

Taking the Best:

GOD Saw That She Was Getting Tired
And A Cure Was Not Meant To Be
So He Put His Arms Around Her
And Whispered "Come With Me"
With Tearful Eyes We Watched Her Still
And Watched Her Fade Away
Although We Loved Her Dearly
We Could Not Make Her Stay
A Golden Heart Stopped Beating
And A Warm Loving Heart To Rest
GOD Broke Our Hearts To Prove To Us
That He Only Takes The Best

Gods Flower Garden:

Sometimes we can’t understand our great creator’s way.
When he takes a life so young,
And leaves one withered, old and gray.
Who’s life’s work seems finished.
Perhaps waiting for the call.
While that life so young and tender,
Held so much here for us all.
Then sometimes I get to thinking,
Perhaps this world down here below,
Is just a flower garden,
Where God’s flowers live and grow.
And perhaps when God is lonely,
Like us, he loves to roam,
In His garden gathering flowers,
Just to beautify His home.
Tho’ He takes the full bloomed flowers,
Drooped and withered and need his care
Still He needs a bud or blossom,
To scatter here and there.
So he takes a few choice ones,
Just the nearest He can find,
And because God needs them up in Heaven
Must comfort loved ones left behind.

Love and Prayers to you,
Your Cousin Debbie Reed (Hubbard)

Anonymous said...

The sadness is eased only in knowing that Shawndra is free of the pain. I continue to pray for Doug, Ella, and the family. I'll never begin to be able to put into words what Shawndra's words and life has taught me. God bless you all and much, much love to you.

Brooke Weldon Stinson said...

To Doug and Miss Ella,

I hope you both find peace and strength in the days, weeks, and years to come. Shawndra was an amazing young lady. I feel blessed to have known her many years ago at Foxhill Ice arena. She never gave up on the ice and didn't give up the last two years. It was her time to get her wings.

To The Beauchamps, I pray for you as you deal with the loss of Shawndra. She has inspired so many of us, me included. You are in my thoughts and prayers right now.

Paulette said...

I am so very sad for Doug and Ella tonight, it is such a huge loss and I will be in continued prayer for you both.
I cannot even imagine how this loss will affect you for years to come.
I am selfish, I will miss her so much, but I am grateful that she is no longer suffering with the pain.
I can also say she was the most positive and bravest young women I have ever known, and she will be forever missed.
Good bye Shawnda, goodbye...

Anonymous said...

May God bless and look over your family!!!

Anonymous said...

peaceful journey, shawndra b.

Marie said...

I really have no words. Shawndra has impacted each of us who have read her journal here. I am so sad for all of you, her family. May she rest in the arms of her heavenly Father tonight.


Anonymous said...

God speed with a peaceful journey. What a legacy you have left behind! May God touch family, friends and all that came to know Shawndra with peace at this time.

Anonymous said...

To the Turner & Beauchamp Families,

I am praying for all of you tonight, praying for peace, comfort & strength. Your beloved Shawndra is now an angel with butterfly wings. Please know that it was a priviledge to help care for Shawndra, but more so, a priviledge and an honor to be her friend. She has taught me so much about life, about seizing every moment and living it to its fullest. Everytime I saw her, she just radiated life, and had a natural glow about her. She will be missed dearly.

Miss Ella,

I pray for you tonight sweetie. You were the light of your mommy's life and she would light up every time I asked her about you. Your mommy was one of the bravest, courageous and most loving and generous mommy's that I have ever met. How blessed you are to have her as yours.

Jennifer Teegarden

Becky said...

To all of Shawndra's family~
I just read the post of "our Beautiful Butterfly has Flown....Home. Shawndra was such a courageous woman with strength and stamina that she carried these past 2+ years. You guys have touched a lot of souls out there and I know that Shawndra is so proud of how many she has touched through God's grace. Continuing to lift the family up in prayers as the days to come will be difficult. Ella, your mother was so proud of you and she was a great mom who loved you very much. You are a lucky little girl to have known her and to have the love that she and your dad have for you.

Anonymous said...

Andrea- truer words have never been spoken. Thank you for letting us know. I'm sorry it has been such a long week for all of you. I am glad she is no longer in pain and suffering. Now... she is in Heaven free of any frailty or pain, back in her perfect body and enjoying a much deserved feast. My prayers are for you all. I hope you all get some much needed rest and have some time to decompress.
Ella- your Mom was a very special lady who wanted nothing more than to see you do your best and grow to be a great woman of faith. She loves you all the time, even when you can't see her.
The Latz Family
(Kevin, Adriane, Aidan & Truett)

Lindsay said...

I love you Shawndra! You were such an important part of my life growing up... spending time with you had such a big influence on the person I am today. We were with each other through a lot... ice skating... high school... youth group... everything... and my memories are full of fun, laughter, and love. I will never forget. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your life. :)

Andrea... I have not stopped praying for you and your whole family... you are all so strong. Thank you for sharing the journey. Please know my thoughts are with you...

Lindsay Solomon

robin harding said...

My heart goes out to your family!! we lost a friend,wife,mother,sister and a daughter but at least you are no longer in pain!!! you will be missed!!

Robin Harding

Anonymous said...

Doug, please know that you and Ella are in our thoughts and prayers.

Shawndra will be greatly missed by all of us.

Love, Marny

Mommy said...

Rest in peace, sweet Saundra. I am so sad for the family, but I am thankful that she is no longer in pain.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Andrea for posting.

My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you and all the family.

I am so proud of the woman Shawndra turned out to be. She was so courageous.

I hope now she is enjoying a big ol hamburger in heaven! :)

Love to all!
B. (Baranczuk) Brubeck

Anonymous said...

We are so saddened by the loss of Shawndra. You are all in our hearts, thoughts & prayers.
Much Love,
Beth, Paul, Spencer, Jonathan, Jackson & Griffin

Anonymous said...

What an example of true love your whole family is to me. I am amazed at the strength and the love that I can feel just through your words.

I'm praying for all of you.


Anonymous said...

My feelings as I read this are so mixed. I am so relieved that your wonderful Shawndra is no longer suffering, but I am heartbroken for you all.

Ella, your mommy was an incredible woman - you will someday understand just how incredible she truly was. I never met her, and yet she changed my life. She made me laugh and helped me remember that the world is, indeed, a beautiful and blessed place. You will someday understand, too, how wonderful your Daddy is and how much he and your mommy loved one another.

Andrea, you are ALL remembered in our thoughts and prayers. We send our love and positive thoughts as you learn to live life without your mother, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, wife, cousin.

We who never met Shawndra miss her already. We pray for those of you aching for her, and we rejoice that she is free of pain at last.

Much love and many prayers,

jg in ca

Anonymous said...

Doug and Family:
I am so sorry to hear about our beautiful angel Shanwdra.
She was an amazing woman, who taught so many of us, so many things.
The Earth just lost an amazing nurse, but heaven just gained one!
No doubt in my mind that she is rocking,caring and playing with all of the babies and children that left this place without their parents. What she has always done best, Caring for everyone whose lives she has touched.
May peace be with you all.
Jill Watt

Anonymous said...

Romans 8 "In all things God works for good and for those who love him."
God speed Shawndra. Peace.
Heather (Ballenger ) Davis

Anonymous said...

Hi Doug,

Just a quick note to let you know that I keep you, Ella and all of Shawndra's family and friends in my daily prayers.

I can't imagine how hard it has been for you all; I miss Shawndra and I was not lucky enough to have met her in person. I pray that you all are able to enjoy this beautiful world while you learn this new way of living.

Sending many prayers and hugs,

jg in ca

Anonymous said...

To the Beauchamps:

May wonderful memories and pleasant thoughts be your strength in the coming months and years. Peace to you all.

-- Blair Johnson, KCMO

Anonymous said...

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