Sunday, November 2, 2008

God has a plan

Hello everyone- I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. It was incredible weather here in KC this weekend so we had a lot of opportunity to get outside and play! Halloween was a lot of fun, Ella the mermaid had a great time with all her cousins. I got to take her door to door around most of our neighborhood, but had to cut out a little early so as not to wear myself completely out!
This coming week I will be heading up to Omaha for a day to see Dr. Foster, please pray that whatever God's plan for me is to be able to have as many opportunities to be treated and cured as possible so that I may stay on this earth, because I believe that my work here is not done. I believe my work here has just begun when I was diagnosed and that there are many more things that I need to take care of here. Most importantly raising my beautiful, precious daughter, to be a loving, kind, faithful woman who has as much to give as I do. But also to help others who possibly question or doubt their faith. I am learning and seeing that there is a God and seeing first hand how he does take care of us, for example...
I have a friend who wants to remain anonymous, but wants her story to be told to help others. Let's call her, hmmmm, Betty as in Betty Boop. (That just popped into my head, I have no idea why) Anyway, Betty was just diagnosed with breast cancer. It was caught at a very early stage, so hopefully she should be able to be treated and cured. Betty has a history of breast cancer in her family and was supposed to have her first mammogram last year but was scared because she heard it hurt so she put it off. Her sister-in-law and her were talking a few weeks ago and somehow got on the subject of mammograms. Her sister-in-law encouraged her to go get a mammogram and went beyond the suggestion and made an appointment for both of them to have a DIGITAL mammogram on the same day. Well, it turned out that Betty ended up having to go back for another mammogram and then a biopsy where they discovered that in fact she does have cancerous tissue. It is caught so early that only the DIGITAL mammogram would catch it. The general mammogram wouldn't have picked it up. I don't know much about the digital versus regular mammogram but I believe that this is a new testing option. So obviously everyone who goes for a mammogram should request a digital mammogram and if they don't offer it, go somewhere that does. The message that Betty wanted to share with you all is that she didn't wait for a lump to show up before she got the test. DON'T WAIT FOR THE LUMP! is what she stated. If you have a history or you are at the age when you should be getting one, do it!!! Don't worry about a little (or a lot) of pain that is involved, if it could save your life, if you can catch it early. I will repeat a statistic I believe I have written before: One in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer.
The other thing she wanted people to understand and see is that this was obviously divine intervention! God has a plan and she knows that she and her family have been prepared for this "bend in the road" which they don't believe they would have been able to handle three to five years ago.
I believe that there is a reason we moved to this neighborhood, there is a reason I got pregnant when I did (shortly before we planned), there is a reason Doug switched jobs and we changed our insurance to his, there is a reason we got our life insurance policies less than a year before my diagnosis. God prepared us for what was ahead of us. If you new me two years ago, I would not be saying this. I doubted God existed and here I am now telling the world,(whoever is listening) that God is non-fiction and he watches over us and hopefully answers our prayers not always how we want them to be answered but in a way that he knows is best.
Good night you all, please keep "Betty Boop" in your prayers too!

PS. I just started my journal for Ella. I have wanted to do this for so long but didn't know how to start. I want her to have something from me if I am not there to tell her about when she was little, or give her the advice I want to give her when she is older, etc. I am definitely not giving up hope, but no one knows when there day will come, so I encourage all of you, especially mothers, to start a journal, or video's, or something to have for your children if you do leave earlier than you hoped.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shawndra!

I have been following your website for a long time now. You are truly amazing and an inspiration to so many. I don't know if you've heard of Amy Taylor but she is a young mom who is fighting stage four breast cancer. She too is making videos, journals, etc for her children. I thought you might be interested in seeing her website. It's at Just type in amytaylor and you can follow her story. She also was recently featured in local news story it can be found at Put Amy Taylor in the search box and you can find her story. Just thought she might be a good resource for you. Stay strong and good luck this week in Omaha. You and your family are always in my prayers. Take care!

Robyn said...

You sound like such a sweetie-Keep up the good fight. God is good and I am glad to hear your faithfulness. You and your family are always in my prayers-

Amberchlopaz said...

Dear Shawndra,
Bless you. A journal for Ella sounds like a wonderful idea. God be with you and with Dr. Foster in Omaha this week. Joyce

kelley said...

You continue to amaze me. I know you won't "give" up, it's not in you. What we all have to remember is to incoporate the gifts you have given us all into our daily lives. As you well know, without a HUGE life altering diagnosis it is easy to go through life and not always choose the right path. Not necessarily terrible things, but maybe just little things. A kind jesture to a stranger, a quick phone call to a friend you have lost touch with. Sometimes just a little act of kindness brings so much joy. Keep that new found faith, but know that even when you had doubt, you were not walking alone. Enjoy this autumn weather (despite all these leaves I continue to pick up!!) Fresh air and sunshine are great for the soul.

Naomi,GA said...

Shawndra good luck in Omaha,call me anytime if you want to talk, Your in my prayers!
I was sad to read Stephanie's blog this morning,it isnt looking good for her, lets please all pray for her comfort.
My GI docs now called me precancerous I will be monitered and tested yet, but thanks to you I know to LISTEN TO MY BODY!

Andrea said...

First of all, many prayers for you and for Dr. Foster this week. We have probably put undue expectations on him, but he has been a great miracle worker thus far and continues to give such hope.
Secondly, "Betty Boop" - I have and will continue to be praying for you. Our family has great prayer warriors and we fight hard, we can do the same for you!! Learn from us!
Thirdly, I'm so glad that Shawndra, you are starting to rely more on Our Saviour, He is there for us always. Keep calling to Him! I'm so glad that you are starting to journal/video, etc for Ella!! It's awesome to remember all these little moments and to be able to give your advice - letting her hear your voice, even if she can't literally hear you later on.
Love you so much!

Leisa said...

Shawndra, it's refreshing to know that your faith in God is strenthening. God is there and God is good. We don't understand why things happen the way they do. But one day we will and we must maintain our faith in God until then. There is a reward for all the suffering we endure here on earth if we only believe and live our lives the way God instructs us to in the bible. And that reward is going to be more spectacular than anything we can even fathom in this life. What a beautiful day that will be for all that are lucky enough to receive this promise.

I second the importance of Mammograms every year (mine us scheduled for 11 days from now, 1 yr. & 2 days after my last one).

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer late 2004. She found out through a mammogram. However, the mammogram that caught it happened over 2 yrs. after the last mammogram she had. By this time, the breast cancer was stage 2 and she had to have both chemo and radiation to fight it. As I had mentioned to you before, but most reading this won't know this, one of the rare side effects of the chemo she was given is Leukemia. She was one of the unlucky ones who developed Leukemia as a side effect and I lost my mother on 12/29/05, 26 days after being diagnosed with Leukemia at 59 years old.

The reason I mention this is that if she had got the mammogram every single year like is recommended, it probably would have been caught much earlier and she may not have even needed chemo and would be a surviver today. I just came across an email the other day dated 11/1/05 from my Mom where I had emailed her during the work day telling her that my mammogram results came back clean. Here's a copy and paste her exact response: "I am SO glad the mammogram came out clean. Be sure to have it EVERY year!!". I have taken her advise and urge every woman who sees this to do the same. Here was my response to my dear sweet Mom, "I will get my mammogram every year, I promise. It's no big deal really. A small price to pay for protecting your life." And a promise is a promise.

Shawndra, I also promised to do what it takes to meet her in Heaven again one day shortly before she was laid to rest the day of her funeral. And I have sure been trying to keep my faith strong and live the way God would want me to live each and every day of my life so I can hopefully do just that. What a beautiful feeling knowing that this life is only temporary and I haven't lost her forever. And that what lies in store one day for all of God's faithful followers is an eternity where there is no illness, grief and sadness or anything negative for that matter. There is comfort in knowing this is where my Mom is and there is comfort in knowing that one day all the struggles we face in this life will be no more.

God bless you and you are and will always be in my prayers. Good luck with your appointment with Dr. Foster this week. I pray that he offers you some good options for making sure you get to be around for a long, long time. Safe travels! Leisa

Anonymous said...


Vickie Kruse said...

Shawndra, I too pray for you daily since finding you through one of your faithfuls on Stephanie Vests site. It was there that this person asked if all of her many prayer warriors would pray for you, as you were in the hospital. Now, I ask that your warriors could pray for her as she is not doing very well.
I pray that your appt. w/ Dr Foster brings you a new & exciting treatment to rid you of this cancer. You are such an amazing and inspirational woman. Be safe traveling & you will be in my thoughts & prayers. God Bless, Vickie in Jeff City

Anonymous said...


You truly are inspiration to me. I truly God has a plan for you. Keep Believing!!! I think it is wonderful that you are making little Ella a journal. Just remember you have many wonderful memories to make with little Ella. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family always!

Keep Believing!!!

The Mudge Family

Jess in Nebraska said...

I'll be praying for you tomorrow!!!
I wholeheartedly believe you have MUCH more to accomplish here for many more years. No matter what the doctors say tomorrow, remember - God is the one in control, and HE is the great healer.

Jess in Nebraska

Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! Drive safe!!


Terra Shover said...

I pray you get good news in Omaha tomorrow!


Anonymous said...


I am praying that everything will go well for you tomorrow!

You continue to inspire me everyday. As someone living with a chronic illness, I think of you and your postive attitude when I'm having a challenging day and it always helps to give me strength and lift my spirits. You always remind me to keep fighting!

God Bless You,

Nancy in NJ

Dan Tutt said...

Great post. Great blog. Thanks for being a great inspiration!

Anonymous said...

You should join the colon club and order your colondar for 2009. I keep up on your blog. I was diagnosed stage four. I was told about the colon club and got my colondar. So many many people are diagnosed at a young age. We need to fight for that age group like you. I was 37. I think testing without having to fight for it before 50 should happen. Keep up the faith. When I got diagnosed God told me to trust in him and I never looked back. I know he is there always no matter what happens. I pray for you and your family.