Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Hi- I hope you all have fun halloween plans made! We are having a bunch of family from both sides over tonight to have pizza and go around our neighborhood to trick or treat. Ella is a mermaid, she is sooo cute. Luckily it is warm today too, so that will help a bit! I had my CT scan yesterday, it went smoothly. I actually didn't have to drink as much of the contrast, and they have a new drink that doesn't taste bad, just like an orange drink, so yaaa! Now if they could just cure cancer, I would be happy! I don't have the results back yet. I have been really tired the last couple days. So sleeping a lot. I even went to bed last night when Ella did. Well, I am at a lose for words, so everyone have a safe and fun night. I have a busy week next week. Wednesday is when I will see Dr Foster. I will keep you posted. Shawndra


Leisa said...

Happy Halloween to you too Shawndra. Have a great time with your family tonight. And have fun trick or treating with Ella. I'll keep you in my prayers that your CT Scan results come out the way you would want them to. And I'll prayer for you next week as you travel to Omaha. Thanks for keeping us posted. You're a true warrior. May God Bless you always. Leisa

Angie said...

Happy Halloween. I can't wait to see pics of Ella in her costume! Let me know if you need Lexi or Ella help when you go to Omaha!


kelley said...

Happy Halloween to all of you too! Be safe, have fun, and get loads of yummy candy! Glad to hear that they have upgraded the contrast to soemthing equal to grade school party drink.....aahhh those were the days. I'm anxiously awaiting your visit with Dr Foster, and praying that he can once again offer some relief.....that is while we await that miricle of a cure!!! ANd I do believe that they are ou there. For those that might not continue to follow Stephanie Vests blog, she is in dire need of some extra prayers so please add her and her family to your list.

Anonymous said...


Happy Halloween! I hope you and your family and Miss Ella have a fabulous time tonight. Maybe Ella will share some of her candy with you. I hope you enjoy the great weather we are suppose to have this weekend. Be sure to get some rest and I'll talk to you soon.

Jennifer Teegarden

Astraea said...

Happy Halloween! Can't wait to see pictures of the mermaid! Enjoy your evening. I will be praying for you CT results. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawndra & Doug & Ella

Happy Halloween!

Jon Chu

Anonymous said...

Just came back into town.
Read your input.

Glad things keep on working out with your lovely husband at your side and your family.