Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Andrea

Hello everyone- Today is my sister's birthday. She has been such a wonderful sister and friend. I am so lucky to have her and now have her back in Kansas City. We have definitely had our differences in our lives but we have unconditional love for each other! Andrea- I hope you have a great birthday and a great year ahead. Love ya!

I started my pills yesterday. I found out my CEA is 7.3, so up a bit but I am not getting concerned even though it would have been nice to still be at 5 or below. Hopefully the new medication I am taking will bring it back down. I really don't care what the number is as long as the cancer cells are being killed.
There are so many things I need to tell you all about so I will jump in...

1. Croquet for Cancer is a fundraiser my cousin's fiance started and has annually in honor of his mother who passed away from Breast Cancer. If people want to make an online donation they can click the link above, or on the logo to the left. The raised funds will go directly to the Drug Discovery, Development, and Delivery program which develops new medications and reformulates existing medications to destroy cancer on a molecular level, thereby working to alleviate many of the side effects of cancer treatment and targeting the disruption of cancer growth.

2. The Jennifer Ireland Foundation is having it's 2nd Annual Golf Tournament Saturday September 20th at the Adame's Pointe Golf Club. You can get more information at the Jennifer Ireland Foundation website, again we have a link at the left side of our screen. The money goes to patients and families who are fighting cancer. I was honored to be the first recipient of some of the proceeds from their fundraisers. It also honors a courageous young woman with two young girls who fought cancer and keeps her memory alive today.

3. -- Have any of you heard of this site? I hadn't until I got an email from the creator of this site, Dr. Geoff Rutledge. He invited me to be a wellsphere blogger on this site. The site focuses on health, fitness, and nutrition. It has many communities you can be a part of in your interest area. It is a very informative site. Apparently, coming soon is a cancer community. My blog will be featured and I believe they will have a link to my blog so it will be available to a much broader audience. My hope is that this will help many more people. I started my blog to inform family and friends of my progress as I fought cancer. It has become a huge support system for me. I hope though that it is beneficial to others fighting cancer as well as others who read it. I have had several people find my site and ask questions because they are going through something similar or know someone who is. I hope i have helped people through my experience. I believe this was God's plan and that I am here to help others through him and hopefully make people believers in him especially through the miracle you will see through me. Anyway, check out the site. I don't know when the cancer community will be up but I will let you know when I find out. Maybe this site can help some of you out there who are needing advice in health, fitness and nutrition.

I think that is all my plugs for now. I did have someone ask the question, what have I told Ella about cancer or have I? I haven't talked to her about cancer yet. I don't think she would understand yet and I don't want to confuse her. She definitely see's that I take a lot of medication and she saw me in the hospital with my surgeries, but she knows nothing different. I guess that is one good thing. For people with older children, it is all new. This is all Ella knows at this point. When Doug and I feel it is the right time we will talk to her about it and explain it too her or if she comes to me with questions, I will answer them honestly.

I was a bit tired today, I don't know if that is already from the chemo or not. Otherwise we are all doing well. Talk to you all soon. Have a great weekend. Shawndra


Terra Shover said...

Hey there chicks! I haven't posted in awhile but I check your blog daily. I hope this new treatment works twice as well with half the side effects (or less!). And I hope Ella doesn't give you too much of the terrible twos in the near future, although it sounds like she may be calming down a bit!

Anonymous said...

Shawndra, are you on Xeloda pills? I am thinking of going back on them as the chemo I am on is not working on my 12 spots on my lungs...Sue

kelley said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Andrea.....a tad late. I hope it was great!
Good for you and the Ella subject. She is quite young to grasp any of the concept and trying to explain would really have no meaning to her. It has been her life and as she grows, I think it will all just be natural to her. All the patience, compassion, love, understanding...that you have learned since your diagnosis will just be naturally in Ella. What more could you ask for than that for your child. Whew, enough of talking your ear off. Hope you are feeling well with the change in meds and they do their magic. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...


Just thinking of you and your family! Thank you for sharing your journey with us! Our thoughts and prayers are with you always! Keep Believing!!!

The Mudge Family

Anonymous said...

A blast from the past...hi Shawndra! I think of you often since reconnecting with Andrea at our SME reunion last fall. Today I googled your name and was so excited to see your blog. You are beautiful!! What a change from the fire-haired ice skater I remember from long, long ago! I am amazed and thrilled that you are doing so well physically. Congratulations on your marriage and daughter, and say hi to the whole family for me.

-Megan Curran megan_pudge@yahoo