Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sitting Pretty!

Hello all!
This is Andrea, Shawndra's sister, blogging today for the family. We made it up to Omaha last night just in time to see Shawndra before visiting hours were over. Shawndra was alert and spoke some, just still drowsy. Ella got to see "Daddy" and have some special time with him last night. This morning we got to the hospital in time to see Shawndra sitting up in a chair (eyes closed mind you, but sitting up nonetheless!)!! We were all so proud of her - day 2 and sitting pretty! I was there when the OT helped her get back in bed and she did awesome. She stood up walked 2 steps from the chair to the bed and then laid down and rolled slightly over to her right side. Since that point in time, she has been resting - quite deeply I might add. It is so peaceful watching her sleep in such a slumber. She looks good and whispers things here and there when we are talking. Her nurse is great!
We are still waiting to see Dr. Foster for the day today. (I can't wait to meet him and tell him thanks for giving my sister more life!) Doug got to take Ella to lunch and get a nap with her this afternoon. Otherwise, we are in the holding pattern of the waiting game. Well, not much else to report.
I want to personally thank the masses of you who have posted such positive and encouraging comments, who have prayed so hard for Shawndra, and who continue to support our entire family through this journey. We are just so pleased that this was such a successful surgery. Thank you so much. I continue to lift each of you up to God in praise that He gave Shawndra this opportunity to touch lives and that you all have been integral in supporting her.
With great appreciation and love,


Anonymous said...

Thank you all for keeping us up to date. Continuing to keep positive thoughts flowing your way. (((Shawndra & family)))

Laura T., NP Adrian, MO

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your update...I've been checking all morning hoping for one! I'm so happy to hear things are proceeding so nicely for Shawndra. I'll continue to pray for her recovery, and for all of her family to have strength for her during this time.

God Bless you all...I'll continue to hold Shawndra close to my heart as she recovers and moves forward!


Anonymous said...

We are so glad that Shawndra is doing so well!! The Chu family is thinking about all of you and will continue to keep you in our prayers!
Much love, Beth, Paul & the boys!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are there with her and can support them (so glad you moved close!!)- sounds like you brought Ella as well, children can really lighten any situation and I know they missed her badly. That is amazing she is up to a chair already! I'm also so thankful she has had good pain control. Such a blessing after a huge surgery. You are all in our prayers as are her nurses and doctors- may they do their very best and treat her like a princess. Many prayers and blessings to you all.
Love the Latz family.

BKNR said...

I am just so happy to hear what great strides Shawndra is making. That has made my day!! I am continuing the prayers for a speedy recovery.
Thanks Andrea for the update!!

Kristi E. (Lee's Summit)

Jess in Nebraska said...

Thanks so much for the update, I, like many others, have been checking frequently these last few days. She will constantly be in my prayers, as will you all, as she continues to recover and heal!
I am amazed she was SITTING UP today! What a fighter!
God bless you all -

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea and All

Great to hear news.
Shwandra is resting.
That's great.
This will make her regain her strength.
Already went to a chair, and sat down!
We're always thinking of you, what a great family you are, and how this challenge made you, Andrea, the leader of this family bond.
GOD bless you all.
Keep on sending great news.
You all deserve it.
Hug Shawndra for me.
Let's keep the chain of prayer spreading. Even my helper asked for Shwandra's name yesterday.
You're all in our hearts and minds.
Give yourselves a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Great news! I'm sure that having you and Ella there are giving her even more strength and determination. Most people may not understand, but her sitting in a chair is a MAJOR accomplishment and most likely extremely uncomfortable. I am so proud that she did was able to do that so quickly.
Thank you for taking the time to update us all. I can't say it enough - she is so lucky to have such a wonderful family. Please tell her we are thinking about her, following her every move and love her tremendously!

Love, Dustin

Naomi,Doug& Adam in GA said...

Shawndra amazes me with her strength and how caring and positive she is, so many in her shoes would have have been such a inspiration that she is to all of us!
Sitting up and walking, after such a major surgery is a success in itself, any of us whom have had surgery know the pain that comes along with minimal moves let alone sitting up and walking... I remember after my c section I had a hard time getting around, and that surgery was minimal in comparision to the huge ordeal she has been through physically!
SHawndra, we continue to pray a miracle takes this cancer into remission and never comes back again...
We love you girl and keep up the smiles and we'll keep up the prayers, ((hugs)) GOD IS SO GOOD!
Your family is awesome as well Shawndra, Andrea,Doug, you two amaze me , being there for us to inform us when you have a million other things you could be thinking or doing, you are helping us out with these updates too, as some of us are truley glued to our computers for updates!
Give her a hug from us all!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear the great news! I'll keep checking on you and praying for a fast recovery. You are such a strong woman. God bless you and your family.

Ashley McCann

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work Shawndra!! You have such a huge group of people cheering you on, I know you will win! I am thinking of you everyday and praying for a fast recovery.
Michelle B.

Donna said...

Thank you so much for keeping us updated Andrea. I pray for Shawndra and your entire family. There are so many people from all over that care so much.

St. Louis

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Thanks for sharing the good news. Stay strong. Jan V.'s friend

pam said...

You have been in my prayers all week. Andrea thanks for keeping everyone updated today. She is so lucky to have such wonderful family support.

Shawndra, when you're feeling better and reading this, I figured it out!

I'm sending my hugs, prayers and positive energy to Shawndra and your family.

Pam Nicklaus

Paulette said...

Thank-you so much for the update! I have been having my own prayer vigil for Shawndra and the Dr.s for the past two days and I will continue to do so until she is healed. Shawndra is such a witness even in this battle and I have truely grown to love her just following her journey. I know the Lord places her on my heart all the time. I lost my dearest friend to cancer two years ago, I found Shawndra's blog and just knew I was supposed to be her prayer warrior and I have done so every since.
May the Father continue his work in this precious young woman's life.
Blessings to all of her family.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the update! i have been checking in all day. Bless all of you...Sue

Kelley said...

I am so pleased to hear that she is recovering like a champ,a Beauchamp :) I am also happy to hear that you are all there wupporting her, as well as each other. Our continued prayers for a repid recovery and more good news.

Sherri P eh said...

Remarkable! Shawdra, you are an amazing fighter! Continued prayers, and lots of hugs!

Anonymous said...


Your determination is amazing. I know you gain that determination from your family! You have a wonderful family that is your number #1 fan. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all! Keep Believing!!!

The Mudge's

Anonymous said...

Dear Gary- Shwandra's father.

Thanks for your phone message updating us on all of Shawndra's medical conditions yesterday.

Since I know this is the way to communicate with you the fastest, I woke up March 9th, and the first thoughts always go to you and your family.

We're so happy another step towards
S.'s recovery is taking place.

Love each other, hug, accept each other!
Isn't that what you all have been doing and are being such and example to all of us?
Acepting life's challenges and being aware God never gives us what we can not handle, makes us all stronger, believe in life and get closer to HIM.

Carol ( Shwandra's mother)

I can picture you, relieved, and smiling to your child.
She's recovering.
She's strong, as you are.
She made another step into having more and more time to spend, share,
smile, hug, and kiss you, being so happy she has you as her mother.

Ella (S.'s daughter)

Cute little kid. Full of life, who came to lighten up your family's challenge. Smile, smile.
Feel how much your family loves you, and be happy.
I'd love to get to know you. I'm planning to do it pretty soon.


I sure wish you the very best , and that soon you can take your Shwandra home again.


Didn't God make it all work out that you moved back to K. City, and could be there for your beloved sister?
Take good care of yourself, your husband and kids.
What a great person you become to be.
Your mother just told me how proud she was of both her girls!

I won't go on.
I'll keep on praying for you.
Your wishes Dr. Foster could perform a succesfull surgery came true. So, look back, and see how much was accomplished.
Look forward, and smile.
I'm sure you're all doing this, with so many kids around you.



Anonymous said...

Thank you Andrea and Doug for keeping us all updated; and it is such good news!

Shawndra, you are certainly a "tough cookie"! You know that the painful ambulating is all for a good purpose, and you'll be home sooner!

Lot's of love and good thoughts coming your way.

Pat Gibbons