Saturday, March 15, 2008


Hey everyone- It just took me about 2 minutes to put my password and computer in, my brain is much, and it isn't due to pain medication!!!!! Ugh. I got out of the hospital, let see,you all probably know better than I do. Thursday, since then I have been hanging out in the hotel. I haven't had much to eat, I haven't been very hungry. This morning I woke up very early feel sick, just with malaise or the best way to describe it is icky. I was running a temperature, so I have been icky feeling off and on all day and running a temp off and on. I haven't had much bowel moving either. So we are a little concerned, but still hesitate to call the person on call. I will see how I do over night and maybe call tomorrow if I still feel icky. Doug will return from his grandfather's funeral tomorrow. It has been wonderful to be around Ella. Even though all I can do is lay around, she always calls my name when she wakes up and wants to snuggle and that feels good,
I am so thankful for my parents who have been here almost the whole time.
The one problem I have had is remembering what they told me at discharge, when I can take dressings off, etc. THey tell you everything when you were all drugged up and then the less medical people don't catch on so later, we are like, hmmmm I don't remember.
Not much else to tell, we are just in the lobby, getting out of the room. I gotta go, Ella is wanting go back to the room "by her self!", so I will write soon and hopefully catch up on some of the responses too! thanks to all the faithful follower, so far so good. shawndra


Anonymous said...

Hi Shawndra,

It's so nice to hear from you, and have you feeling well enough to type your own blog!!! I'm sorry to hear today's been an icky day, though, and I hope and pray tomorrow things will be better! You have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly...I am so happy and thankful all has gone so well so far!

Rest up, and I pray you will be feeling better soon. You'll be close to my heart, as always.

Prayers to you, my friend.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! While Doug did a wonderful job keeping us all posted on your progress, it is nice to know it is you on the other side of the screen, again.
There are pros and cons to everything, including getting out of the hospital. I can't tell you how happy I am that you got out so quickly, but I do hope you are taking good care of yourself and that the gross feelings go away NOW! As for your bowels...I suggest eggs and lots of them! ;)
I hope Doug is hanging in there, as well, and I can't wait to have all of you back home in Kansas City for good.

Take care and know we are all still thinking of you night and day.

Love, d

Lisa said...

Hi Shawndra,

My best med/surg nursing advice (that you didn't ask for that of course I must give is) check your discharge paper work for your dressing removal instructions and see if they are there. If not, call the surgeons nurse on Monday and they can tell you over the phone. The fever and lack of bowels is a bit worriesome..makes me think post op ileus. Keep an eye on it and don't hesitate to call the on call doctor. I'd certainly call for a temp greater than 101, bloating, distention etc. Don't blow off your woman's intuition too. Keeping you in my prayers!! Keep drinking :-) Hope you feel better STAT!

Astraea said...

It is so good to hear from you! The healing process can be so long. Your body has been through so much. I'll be praying for an easier day tomorrow.
In God's Love,

Kelley said...

Shawndra B., I am happy you were able to get a blog in yourself, not so fun to feel bad though. I hope that goes away quickly. We will continue to keep you in our prayers.

all said...

I am sooooo happy for you, you little trouper! It is so good to hear your "voice", but I sure did crack up about what Doug has said in his "tell all" descriptions! Don't hold anything against him! He kept us well informed, which we appreciate, and anyone who has had to deal with all the docs, nurses, and meds, can sure relate.
I can only imagine what seeing and being with little Ella does for you. She is certainly one of your more important "medicines". She,just being herself,I am sure, is one huge reason you have been so tough through all this, and have done so well considering all you have been through. Keep plugging away at this terrible disease, and show it who is really the boss!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shawndra,
It's good to hear from you! When Jen moved over to the hotel, I felt like it was the day I brought her home from the hospital as a newborn. Chris and I were unsure of her care, made countless trips up to Osco to buy things we forgot, like a thermometer, more gauze pads, tylenol, tape, etc. We were countlessly pouring over the discharge notes to see if her various ailments were usual or if we needed to talk with Dr. Foster or the on call doc. We did call with our concerns, because, like you, Jen was nauseated, didn't eat, ran a temp and felt yucky. She also had some pink, watery bloody drainage from her surgical site and a developing hematoma there. As glad as we all were to get her out of the hospital, it was a daunting task to be on our own after being under such watchful care from the nursing staff. That following Tuesday appt. seemed to take forever to get there. It was such a relief to get to see Dr. Foster again and have him physically look/examine her before safely sending her home. But once at home, that didn't stop us from calling back to Creighton with questions or concerns. So don't feel badly about calling them. That's why they're there and that's why they get the big bucks! Hah!
You're doing a great job. Take one day at at time and don't push yourself too hard. You are "Superwoman" in your fight against this dreadful cancer! But you are also human and went through one of the most extensive surgeries a body can have. The after effects from the heated chemo profusion alone have taxed your body more than you know.
Dr. Pluenneke will be adding his insights to Jen's Foundation site very soon. He gave us Board members a preview, and he discussed Jen's chemo prior to surgery, the surgery itself, and the subsequent chemo afterwards. As an oncologist, he sees you all as super heros. I do too. You are amazing and your valiant fight is an inspiration to all who know and love you and is affecting people you don't even know. You and Jen have changed people's lives in ways that no man or woman of the cloth could ever reach. So God bless you for that.
You're always in my constant thoughts and prayers.
With much love and prayers,
Jan Velander, here on earth, and Jennifer Ireland, your angel in heaven

Anonymous said...

A week after my surgery I felt like you...also had low grade fevers. You need to drink lots of fluids and 'rest' Shawndra. Please take it slow. And, do not feel it is unresonable to call your Dr. and ask about your conserns. He is there for and be sure...BTW- we took off my dressing on the second day in the hospital to let air get to it, but all Dr's do this different, so again call and ask. My prayers are with you! Sue

Anonymous said...

So good to hear from YOU!!... although Doug has been doing a great job while you were out of commission!! I am sorry that you are not feeling well :( Rest up and don't over do it, there is plenty of time for that later! I can't wait to talk to you when you get home and tell you in person how AMAZING I think you are.
Love ya - Michelle B.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Shawndra,
I'm Michelle's mom and I have been visiting your blog frequently. I have prayed for you along your journey. I am so happy to hear that the doctors at Creighton are helping you. Hope you are able to come home very soon. Many prayers are with you. God bless you and your family.