Sunday, March 16, 2008

More with it!

Hey all, it only took me about 30 seconds to get my email and password in. I am still not great at typing on the laptop,but I just read my post from yesterday and realized I still wasn't so mentally with it! I am hopefully making much more sense right now. Anyway, last night I had more fevers, and malaise (icky feeling). I still haven't had anything out of my ostomy. So I did call the Dr on call. He finally responded this afternoon and wasn't too concerned about the output but more the higher fevers. He still didn't seem too concerned and just wants me to go in tomorrow morning and get I believe a urine culture. I believe there is nothing wrong with my urine, but whatever. I would believe one of the bloggers more, Lisa is it, who said it could be an ileus. But we will see. I feel better today. We did quite a bit this morning with Ella. It was so good to play with her. She is such a sweetheart. Doug finally got back around 11am from the funeral and activities the last few days. He said it was a great celebration of life, I only wish I could have been there to celebrate with Doug and be there for him!
Ella was so excited to see Doug, they got to play a short time before my parents headed back to KC with her. We headed out to grab lunch after they left and then I had enough for the day. So we headed back to the hotel room for rest, tv, etc. I feel good except when my bowels try to move and I get a horrible cramping feeling until the gas. I know this is just what you want to hear about, but you pretty much know everything about me anyway, right?
Oh, i did want to clarify the Diet Coke thing. I am not a diet coke fiend. That was the first thing I saw sittin on one of the nurses desks when I believe I was leaving the ICU. SO anything sounded good! I think I still had the NG in sound hadn't had anything but ice chips. I did have a diet coke when I got to the hotel but it doesn't feel very food going down with all the bubbles so I have only had one sparingly to get something besides water and then I am done!
Thank you all for your tremendous comments. I have worked on catching up with all the emails. I started with 540ish and now am at 450ish. So I will continue to plug away tomorrow. I appreciate them all though! I am going to head to the bed and watch some tv alittle while longer while getting to snuggle with my husband and fall asleep. That is one of my favorite things to do. Thank You Palmer family for having doug over for dinner last night, he greatly appreciated the company and the great meal! We can't wait to get home and see all the neighbors, friends and family in KC!! Hopefully this will be after our Tuesdat visit with Dr. Foster as long as everything goes well. Love always, good night, shawndra


Kelley said...

You are right....your post sounds so much better today. But considering what your body has gone through, you are pardoned! I hope you get to felling like you old self, your appt. goes well Tues. and that you are headed back to KC where you can fully relax in the comfort of your own home. There really is no place like home.

Anonymous said...


Just wanted you to know we are here for you and we offer our help to you and your family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all! Keep Believing!

The Mudge's

Lisa said...

Hi's me again..that pesky nurse Lisa that just won't go away! LOL. I'd stay on more of a liquid diet while you are feeling so yucky and monitor your ostomy output. If there isn't much gas and you are still having the fevers, make sure you tell them tomorrow. I'm sticking with my ileus diagnosis....hopefully my staying active it will pass on it's own. The narcotics will slow your bowels down and it just naturally happens post operatively sometimes. Hang in there!

Astraea said...

You do sound better today! :) So, I guess we're praying for some output? God Bless. Rest and heal. I can't wait to hear that you are home!

Naomi in GA said...

Shawndra- wish I was there to give you a hug, you have been through so much and amaze us all with your strength- keep up the hard work of recovery and we'll all keep on with the prayers that your cancer will go into remission forever!
On a side note, I sent you a flower arrangement the day before you were relaseased from Creighton, it was to be delivered Thurs morning from Taylors flower shop in Omaha, I called them, they said they would get it there, or the hopital contacts patients about flowers delivered if they are released, I do hope you got them, let me know if you did not, and we can call to see what happened, I have been sad about this as I hope you got them and they are not just sitting at the nurses station.. I had them sent directly to your room, so I am hoping you did get them.
Anywho, (((((hugs)))) and prayers we all love you!

Anonymous said...


Take it easy.

Step by step.

Don't demand too much of yourself.

Always in our mind and prayers.



Anonymous said...

Shawndra, it is good to see you back in the "posting" saddle again! Thanks Doug for keeping us in the loop. You did a great job! Hope you will be headed back home soon to recover there. I have one request, could you please put me in touch with someone who is heading up your meals once you return home? You can just email me or give them my email address. PLEASE! I would really like to help.

Christy Harrell

Anonymous said...

Shawndra - you are so strong! I admire you so much... know that I am checking the blog everyday and thinking of you and your parents and Doug and Andrea, and everyone often. Love you, Sara

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gas pain is the worst...and for the general public, we aren't talking about regular old gas. You do know they have drugs that can ease that discomfort, don't you?! Drugs good - gas bad. ;)
There is nothing wrong with Diet Coke, so no need to explain that or anything you do! I hope you are feeling better today and are able to spend some good and relaxing time with Doug.
Love, d

Anonymous said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Shawndra, I hope you have a good week and can enjoy little Ella over Easter weekend. You have not left my thoughts or prayers for weeks. What an inspiration you are to all of us. You remind us all to love each other today. Keep your chin up , honey.
take care of you. Happy Easter to all of you.
Love and prayers from Minnesota. Julie (jill's mom)

Jess in Nebraska said...

Great to hear from you!!! You constantly amaze me. I respect you and your strength SO MUCH!
I look forward to hearing more on your progress and will be praying for a good report tomorrow so you can head home sweet home!
Take Care

Leisa said...

Shawndra, it's good to see you blogging again and that you're feeling good enough to play with Ella and even to go out to lunch. That's great. I do hope the tests were ok and that you're feeling better today. I'll bet it will be so nice to get back home if you get to come back after your appointment tomorrow. I'll pray for you that all goes well there and that you're back in your own bed real soon. My prayers continue and I want you to know how happy I am that you were able to have the surgery. God certainly answers prayers, doesn't he? And you are so deserving. Take care and Gld Bless. Leisa

Anonymous said...

It was awesome to hear a post from you! So glad that you felt well enough to do it. I pray that you will become stronger with each passing day. Can't wait to see you.

Love you, Kelly

Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know we are thinking about you today. You are all in our prayers as always!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shawndra! I am sorry to hear about the fevers and icky feeling on top of the postop pains! You have managed to be what I would call a non complainer- so I hope you feel better soon. So glad you could snuggle with Ella and Doug- better than being in a hospital room and no Ella! I hope you have a Blessed Holy week and make it home soon. You and yours continue to be in our prayers. xo Adriane

SoCalSunshine said...

Hi Shawndra,

Thinking of you and hoping you're still in good spirits. We in California continue to send prayers and good thoughts to you and your family.


Anonymous said...


You're in my thoughts and prayers for recovery.

There is a great article in the KCStar today regarding a similar treatment you had (the heated intraperitoneal chemo treatment) and how doctors at KU are trying hard to bring it to our area. It also discussed the need for early aggressive treatment. It made me think of you and wanted to jump online to check on things.

Prayers of strength for you and your family during your recovery.


Angie said...

Welcome home!!! Yeah! Seriously, to all your blog readers you should not look as good as you do! Now, it's time to heal.


Ken said...

Shawndra, I just heard about everything from Susan McRae. She sent me an email last week and I lost it in my spam folder somehow (and I work in IT... go figure). Anyways, I spent some time catching up on your Blog here and I cannot believe what you have been through! I am glad to see that you are recovering and I hope the process is quick. Take care and I hope for the best for you!

Ken Lemons

Anonymous said...

WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!


The Palmer family

Anonymous said...

Dear Shwandra

I learnt you're back home.

It must feel great.

Make it the best Easter ever along with your family and friends.

We're all delighted with your progress, strength, persistance, improved health,will to live, and FAITH IN YOURSELF AND IN GOD.

The Schmiedt's

Anonymous said...

I hope the reason we haven't heard from you is that you are home, and pretty worn out from all that has taken place. Hugs to little Ella!

Anonymous said...


I've been thinking of you and praying for a speedy recovery. I hope you're resting and surrounding yourself with family & that's why there hasn't been an update.

Anonymous said...


You've been on my mind more today than usual, so I thought I'd leave you a little note to say "hi" and let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers, as is your husband, daughter and the rest of your family. Have a wonderful Easter weekend remembering the gift of eternal life given to us through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.


Anonymous said...

Shawndra you might want to go to this girls web page. She has had some simular treaments and sugeries like you.


Anonymous said...

Do let us hear from you soon....many prayers!!!

Anonymous said...

we have all been hanging on with all the updates and praying- now the site gone inactive awhile, with no updates- hope all is well

Cathy said...

Hi ....I am the Aunt of Angie W. I had the surgery in 06 and will have again next month. I am expecting it to be a breeze! Any questions that I can help with please let me know. I do know the chemo caused my eyesight to slip temporaily to the point I couldn't use the puter or TV. Hope for an update soon and enjoy your Easter.

Prayers from AR!

Anonymous said...

Praying you have a BLESSED, healthy Easter weekend with your family!

Anonymous said...

We are all praying for you as we remember Jesus' sacrfice for us all on that cross. May Easter bring a special blessing of healing to your body.
Peace, Sarah

Jess in Nebraska said...

Shawndra -
Hope all is well,
Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Shawndra, I hope all is well. Happy Easter! My thoughts and prayers are still with you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope you're well- it's been a week since your last update. Please update ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're all sound asleep and having good Easter Dreams.
In a few moments it'll be Easter Sunday.
I hope you wake up with your lovely family, and Ella has fun playing hide and seek, with her cousins.
Not hearing from you, must be good news, you all need your privacy and go back to a better routine, and God must be providing this for you.
Have a Great Easter!
Commemorate the real meaning of IT!
Jesus Ressurection!!
He's with you ALL!!He's been around you, when you can't find your two feet marks in the sand, remember the poem?
He's been holding you and always will.

Naomi,Doug& Adam in GA said...

Happy Easter Shawndra,Doug & Ella
Hoping you are well on your road to recovery.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

Easter Blessings to you and your family! Hope your getting some much needed down time!
Your in my thoughts and prayers as always!
Jen from MI

Anonymous said...

Shawndra- You are in our thoughts and prayers. I hope the lung pain goes away soon! If you need a good pain doc, I know one.... love you and think of you always. Adriane