Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Round 3

This round went much better than last. I got a little nauseous yesterday, so they gave me some additional medication to help. I got to sleep most of the day today, under the rain, so that was nice to catch up. Ella is at daycare so I can rest. Nothing much else to report. We are looking into another daycare or nanny for Ella and my sister's children. Our daycare is splitting up. Anyone know of anyone with a childhood education background that would be willing to come to my sister's house full time to watch 3 children. Let me know. I am off to continue to veg on the couch until I pick up Ella from daycare.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shawndra,
Glad to hear that your chemo went better today.
I check in on you every day and both Jim and I continue to pray for all of you. I know I haven't left you many messages but I image there are hundreds of people like me checking in, loving you and praying for you. Everyone who loves to read these comments of encouragemnet to Shawndra, leave a "Go, Shawndra!" to let her know how many people care for her!
Love, Marilyn

Alaina Mabrey said...

Hay Shawndra,
I am another one you just lurks around, but you are always on my "prayer to do list". How nice it must have been to sleep during the me there is nothing better.
Hope you get to feeling better.

Keep your head up,

Alaina Mabrey said...

(Sorry about the mispellings and errors. I have my two year old on my lap. I am sure you know how that goes!)

kelley said...

AAHHHH, sleeping in the rain. That's all I wanted to do today but the laundry was screaming my name and I on a mission to complete it. So, I am envious of you. I will keep my ears open for a daycare person. What a great job for someone. Let me know if you need help while looking for a more perm. provider. I do believe I've had some expierence. Glad to hear this round was easier on you, it must be so hard to stay motivated when you know it is going to take so much from you. You are one strong gal. As always, much love and prayers to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Go Shawndra! Joyce

Dustin said...

I'm sorry to hear the daycare split didn't work for you guys, but am so happy to hear this round was better than the last! I share your love for sleeping under rain, so I'm glad you had that to enjoy yesterday!!

Love, Bahama Mama

Anonymous said...


Please know you have prayers coming from all corners of the earth...I am in Boston & will be praying that your numbers come dawn and you can have surgery. I will also pray that God will give you the strength to stay positive and he will bless you with good days to enjoy the blessings of your life.

Anonymous said...


Just wanted you to know that I would love to help you. I would be more than happy to watch Ella. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!

The Mudge's

Anonymous said...

Good morning Shawndra!I to check in daily and continue to pray for you and your family, I don't post often though. The rain was so peaceful for a couple of days, but bring on the sunshine! God has blessed us with so many things and the changes in weather/seasons are some of my favorites. Have a wonderful weekend with your family and enjoy this beautiful fall weather!
Many prayers & much love...
Deb in Lee's Summit

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a good rain and then a burst of sunshine to feel the renewing powers of our lord! Soak up those rays Shawndra, they are wonderful for the mind, body and soul!They are peaking in my hearthroom window and I am praying in the warmth of it all that you receive a miracle, although to many your spirit is miracle enough!
Deb...again hehe