Monday, October 22, 2007

The Big Secret.....

I am like you, I can't wait for secrets. I am also not good at keeping secrets. It really isn't a secret. Some of you alread know and some of you have already guessed it. I am going to Oprah Show!!!! Thanks to one of my incredible neighbors who gave up tickets her and her sister received so I could go and take one other person. What an incredible gift. I didn't think I could accept it at first but she apparently insisted and had been to the show before, otherwise I would not be taking someone else's opportunity to go! So I am soooo excited. I am going to take my sister, my mom declined so Andrea could go. THe only the I wish is that I had so many tickets I could take everyone. I guess I can't be greedy though. We are going in early November, they don't tell you the topic of the show.
I heard that today's Oprah was about the girl who had a documentary called "Dirty Sexy Cancer", which I did watch. I missed Oprah this afternoon, but I will watch it tonight. I wish she would have picked me to be on to spread the word, but that is okay. At least it is getting some exposure! I am curious to watch and see what they talk about. It is interesting to watch things about cancer, fiction and nonfiction. I watch Desperate Housewives, Lynette has cancer now and I can actually relate to some of it. Anyway, once again, I can't hold in a secret. I have to share with everyone. Thank you Diane and her sister and their family for giving me this incredible opportunity. Now I have to figure out what to wear. Any tips about being on the show? I hope you weren't disappointed with the surprise. Tomorrow I have a few appointments with different people so it will be a busy doctor day. Labs too. Nothing too important though. Have a good evening, I hope it rains again tonight. shawndra


Anonymous said...

Shawndra, I'm so excited for you!!! I am one of those who keeps you in my prayers but has never responded! You have such a HUGE heart!! I have two small children of my own and can't believe your strength! My father passed away over 5 years ago with lung cancer and I miss him terribly!! Especially being able to see him with my children. Keeping you and your family constantly in my prayers!

Kristi said...

WOW that is so wonderful of your friend to give up her tickets. What a great gift. I am really excited for you. :)
Good luck tomorrow, I wil be thinking and praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Wow Shawndra! How cool! jill r

Anonymous said...

The Oprah cool is that! Have a great time with your sister and let us know when we can watch for you. =]
Praying that your tests go well tomorrow.
If the show is still in Chicago you should hit the American Girl shop there and get Ella her first Bitty Baby or American Girl doll, or if she has one already, stock up on some cool's a great place for little girls and big girls alike.

Kerry said...

How exciting Shawndra! I live in the Chicago area and have been to Oprah several times. I hope it's a good topic and you get something FREE out of it! :) Let me know if you need any ideas of fun things to do if you're around for a few days!

Kelley said...

Yeah! It is a great show to go to. I was able to go a few years back and the whole expierence is very cool. She is amazing,not to mention very powerful. I hope you get a good topic, ours wasn't so good but is was fun to be there, in the same space with Oprah! Perhaps she will "know" of you being there...who knows! And to spend a few days in Chicago with Andrea, you guys will have soooo much fun. I can't wait to hear all about it. Until next time.

Anonymous said...

I may be losing my mind, but I keep thinking I saw a show once on Oprah about it picking it's crowd, and what makes them notice certain people in the crowd.....something about wearing red, or bright colors--not the "boring" black it said.
Anything you wear will stand out--your smile is so beautiful. It just shows that upbeat personality we have all been exposed to online.
Something you'll definitely have to wear.....your Jennifer Ireland bracelet!
Have a great time on the show and THANK you for sharing your news. I did tune into Oprah today after I read your blog....half expected to see you on there today as your surprise! giggle!

Andrea said...

So, the Big secret is out!! I can't wait to go with you and get some "special sister" time alone with you!! I'm so humbled that you asked me to go with you and that mom passed so that we may get some time togethter!! Thanks mom and Thanks Shawn!! Waiting in anxious anticipation to get up to Chicago. Love the tips, maybe we can go shopping and get some bright colors!! Hee Hee!! Lots of love to all who read this blog. It warms my heart to know how many people keep up with you!! Thank you all!

Heather said...

Shawndra, I'm so excited for you!! I have been so touched by your story and I hope that while you are at the show one of the producers gets to speak with you. My sister and I went to the show a couple years ago. We were able to sit in the aisle that Oprah came down and shake her hand!! I'm not sure that she does that anymore? We were able to do that by being the first in line at 5:30. It's early! But I highly recommend it. They pass out numbers and you get to go in the studio in the order you were in line. Get ready though, because once you are inside it's a free for all!! Also, make sure that someone back home tapes the show for you, because you are not allowed any phones, cameras, etc. inside. Have a wonderful time!! You are in my prayers!

mom2ank said...

That is so exciting! What if we bombarded the Oprah show again with e-mails that you are going to be there next month and maybe they would be able to talk to you at that time regarding your cancer?
You deserve the time away and it will be fun for you & your sister!

bahama mama said...

I can't tell you how happy I am that you are going to see Oprah! I know you have wanted this for a long time and have tried every angle, so thank you to your neighbor for being so kind and generous.
I hope you will have some time to see Sara while you are in Chicago. I am sure she will be overjoyed you are coming to town.

Hope your appointments are going well!

Love, d

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear about your Oprah experience. I tuned into the show last night after I read your blog. I hope you know you touch my life and many others around the country in the same way those 2 were. So positively, gracefully, and with so much courage. I hope your appointments go okay this week. We've caught some kind of bug around here, so we are all laying low this week. Have fun in Chicago!
Much love, Julie

Anonymous said...

Hey Shawndra! I'm so glad you're going to see Oprah. How fun! I'm glad your sister is going with you. I'm sure it was hard for your mom to step back and let Andrea have the ticket. I thought you'd ask me! Hah hah!!! I've heard too to wear bright colors and I DEFINITELY think you should wear your Jennifer Ireland bracelet! I hope your appts go well tomorrow. My dad is coming up here next week to consult with Jen's oncologist. Hopefully he'll be strong enough to make the trip.
My prayers continue to be with you and your family.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

Gee - I hope it's a Favorite Things Show or something! Anyway - I went to a taping just last year and unlike what is described above - they no longer do it by where you are in line. When you get there, you will check in, check in your purse (no, they don't let you take it with you so leave it at the hotel if possible)they have you sit in a holding area and then call you by "party" (you and your sister will be party - in more ways than one I'm sure hee-hee) one at a time. The day we were, they called parties in no apparent order -in other words people who came WAY after us were seated before us. Anyway, they seat you, you don't get to pick so don't worry about the bright colors. Finally, before the show the producer will come out and give you tips to better your chance of being on national TV - exagerrated expressions, etc. With all of this said, it is AMAZING and SO MUCH FUN! You will have an absolute blast!!! So interesting how it all happens! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on going to Oprah! I have been rooting for you.
I also wanted to share that behind your bravery and candidness I listened to my body and had a colonoscopy. It was negative for anything worrisome, but it was hard to take down that barrier and get it done. I feel so much better and credit much of that to reading your blog. Enjoy Oprah!