Monday, September 10, 2007


It is so good to be back to read all your comments on the blog and my email. I truly missed that! I hope you all had a good monday. It was actually cool this afternoon outside, wow! It felt good. I think I gained a few pounds on my trip, some things aren't fitting as well as they did. JJ, you keep opening your fridge, I will be closing mine. It is hard though because my neighbors made me the best banana and pumpkin bread and cookies for when we returned. They are trying to fatten me up. It is simply irresistible. Thank you all! I don't need anymore fattening though.

I had my procedure for my stent replacement this morning. I had a bit of a panic last night. I had forgotten to stop my Coumadin (blood thinner) a few days before the procedure and remembered about 10pm last night. It was too late, so I had to just get up at 5am and show up at 6am to see if they could still do the procedure. Thank you mom for getting up so early to go with me, she is the best mom as a lot of you know! But they were able to do the procedure, I got some "happy" medicine, weeee, next thing I know I was awake and had to go to the bathroom. The nurses gave me my clothes and sent me to the bathroom to go and put my clothes on. Looking back, that wasn't smart on the nurses part. I was a bit tipsy from the medication, I could have really gotten hurt but I did it. The doctor said he didn't see cancer anywhere near my bladder, so that prayer came true. Thank you Lord!!! No urostomy at this time, phew! I was in some pain this morning and took more than usual pain medication and slept all morning at my mom's house. Krissy watched Ella this morning, thanks Kris! She came back home early afternoon, but I could not keep my eyes open, I was still soooo tired. Thankfully Ella napped awhile as well! Phew. I got to see my friend, Angie, who is back from travel nursing. She has been gone 8 months and I have missed her. It is great having her back. Another friend, Dustin, just moved back recently too. I am so lucky! Gosh, the power I have, hehe. Anyway, I feel like I am rambling. I am leaving tomorrow for Creighton with my mom. I have an "exam under sedation" Wednesday morning with Dr. Foster. I will let you know what I find out when I get back. Have a great week everyone. It is so good to be back blogging again! strange how we have become so addicted to computers and email. shawndra


Andrea said...

First of all, I'm so glad that you had an incredible second honeymoon. You and Doug deserved it! Second of all, yes!! Thank God no cancer near your bladder. Third, we (meaning your family, friends, and online community) will all be praying for a successful procedure with good results - let the miracle CONTINUE!! Missed you dearly and can't wait to see you and hear more POSITIVE news.
Lord - continue to show us hope and faith through Shawndra's journey, we praise you God for the miracle of life that you continue to grant us in Shawndra, we ask that you protect her and keep her and mom safe over the next few days of travels. Lord, we await with patience the good news that rests for Shawndra. Thank you God, we praise you!! AMEN!
Love you sis,

Our Family said...

Thank you God!!! That is wonderful news. May the days ahead bring even more good news. I will be praying for you. You're such an amazing woman.

Anonymous said...

Great news! (that the cancer was not near your bladder) As one poster put it...let the miracles continue!!!
I'll be thinking of you through the week and look forward to another post with GOOD NEWS following your remaining appointments!
Jess in Nebraska

Kristi said...

What a miracle that the cancer isn't near the bladder. I am just so happy for you. And what a wonderful time that you and Doug were able to spend together. I will be thinking and praying for you. Good luck this week!!

Kelley said...

GREAT NEWS! that's what you love to hear. We will continue with those thoughts and prayers for more great news at your Neb. visit. How true about computers, it is like cell phones, we think we should leave it behind for a day or even just a single errand but then we think....what if someone needs me for something? Oh well. Have a safe trip, and enjoy the time you will spend with your Mom, and yes she is a great one!

Anonymous said...

You've been on my mind a lot today (Wednesday). I hope all is going okay for you in Omaha and you are finding comfort and peace in your doctor's wisdom. Have a safe trip back to the hood.