Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I am back from Omaha! It was a worthwhile trip. Thanks again, Mom for going with me. My dad got up early this morning so he could be there for my procedure and for the meeting with Dr. Foster. Thank you dad for coming up for that! I love you both soooo much. Yesterday I just had to have my history and physical done, so another poke of the needle and then just the usual questions and stuff. This morning I got the IV, twice, often they have trouble getting it the first time. You would think with a port I wouldn't have to get so many IV's, but there are so many things they can't use the port for. Then they gave me some sedation, so I didn't remember anything. I wasn't completely asleep like I was Monday, but I was enough asleep that I didn't feel anything or remember anything, thank goodness. I have had a rectal exam without the sedation, and as you all can imagine, it is no fun. Of all places to have to be examined, ugh, it's the worst. I think I might get a tattoo saying exit only!!!! Not an entrance, something like that. Anyway, Dr. Foster did get a good look and spent a good hour talking to us about his thoughts. He did think that depending on how chemo went the next few months, meaning if my tumor markers go down and the chemo seems to be working, he may be able to go in surgically in a few months and take a look and possibly remove my omentum, do intraperitoneal chemo, etc. Keep in mind, this is all maybe's and depending on this and that, but hey, it is something so I felt really good about it! He is the first person to give us this answer. We did ask about recovery, because many have said it may be a very difficult surgery to recover from. He seemed to think that since I was young and otherwise healthy I would fair pretty well in the recovery process. It would probably be 7-14 days in the hospital again, but it sounds possible. There are many more things we discussed but that is the gist! I love Dr. Foster, he is great and I think my parents were impressed with him as well as Doug and I were. So this is good news. I just have to pray that this new chemo regimen is successful and reduces my tumor markers and hopefully the cancer in my body! I pray that the cancer does not spread to any other organs or any more in my abdomen. I feel though, that if this doesn't work this way, then it isn't meant to be. So, I am not getting my hopes set to high on this surgery, I don't want to be devastated if the tumor markers don't come down and then he can't do the surgery. I have to believe that it is all in God's hands and he will guide me the way it needs to go. Please keep praying though for me, we need to continue to inundate God with prayers. Continue to pray for this miracle that only he can do. My mom and I got to have dinner last night with my cousin, Les, who is a preacher in Omaha as well as his wife, who has battled breast cancer twice and their son, Blake. It was wonderful to get to talk to them, they know about what I am going through and they gave me so much encouragement and spiritual guidance. I again believe God played a part in this meeting! I better go, I had to take extra pain medication. I have been hurting more since my stent was replaced. I am getting a bit fuzzy in my head since I had to take more than usual. I think I need to go see a pain specialist that I saw after my surgery to maybe change my pain med regimen. I think I getting a tolerance to what I have been taking. I don't like taking anything, but I have to if I want to keep functioning and caring for Ella. Otherwise, all I would want to do is stay in bed.
Next step, MRI on Monday and chemo starts Tuesday. As much as I am dreading starting back up, after today, I am ready to get on with it and see how things go. have a great week everyone. Enjoy the great weather as much as possible. We don't get it very often, don't take advantage of it! Love you all! Shawndra


Kelley said...

Sounds like Omaha held some possibilities, but as you said, It is in Gods hands. We will continue to keep you in our prayers for the best possible treatments! Even better, A CURE! We plan on enjoying this weather...a BBQ contest as well as bikers for babies are in our plans, As much as I LOVE summer, I will admit this mild daytime and cool night weather is pretty awesome. Get out and enjoy it while it lasts.

Anonymous said...

Okay Shawndra, Tighten up those gloves, get back in the ring, and be ready to fight! Look behind you....we're all in your corner!!

Our Family said...

He will hold you tight and protect you, no matter what! Fight the fight. We are all here for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Shawndra, what a coincidence, I grew up in Omaha and know your fact went to his chruch for years and years. He is such a wonderful pastor, in addition to all the hundreds of other people praying for you I can GUARANTEE he and his wife are storming the doors of heaven on your behalf!
It sounds like an encouraging visit to Omaha, and your doctor sounds great. You have the perfect attitude about it is definitely in God's hands and with him ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!
Thinking and praying for you -
Jess in Nebraska

Anonymous said...


I am so glad you a successful trip to Omaha. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you! Please know we are here for you!

The Mudge's

nancygrayce said...

Shawndra, I pray for you and I'm praying for Dr. Foster to have wisdom to do what you need done!!! I think the exit only tattoo is appropriate!:) Just pull on that full Armor of God and stay in this fight! By His Grace, Nancygrayce

Anonymous said...

ShawnD -
As always, my thoughts and prayers are with you every step of the way!

Thinking of you... Dawner

Anonymous said...

Keep up the positive attitude. You have a super support system. Continue to hold your head up high. You can beat this. Jan V's friend

Anonymous said...

Shawndra, That is good news. I am so glad you like Dr. Foster and feel comfortable getting things started again. You can do this. If you think about Ella and Doug and your family and all the people that love you, you can do this!!!! How proud you should be of all you have done and accomplished. You never know what you have in you until you are faced with something like this and you have given "grace" a new face. May God Bless you and yours and I hope your weekend is wonderful. Love ya. Melodie Chrisman

Marcia said...

Shawndra, Your positive attitude and faith in God will see you through this valley! I love the "exit only" amidst great trials! You make me smile!!! I have been praying for you and in my Bible study reading this morning I came across a scripture that I wanted to share with you. Exodus 14:14 "The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still." This was when the Lord was leading his people out of Egypt into the Promised Land...they encountered great trials on the way to their promised land but God was with them the whole way!! Exodus 13:17-14:31 blows my mind! Cling to the Lord and he will "hem you in, behind and before" just like he did with the Israelites, his chosen people. HE is choosing YOU and delights in you! Seek HIM! Love, joy and prayers to you and your precious family!!! Love, Marcia Slack

Michele said...

I started my chemo today, Folfox7; so far, so good. Good luck.