Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tomorrow is a new day

We had a nice, relaxing weekend. Well, let me start over, after a Friday night visit to the ER, we had a relaxing weekend. Not to worry, it wasn't me this time. I ended up taking Doug to the emergency room Friday night after our dinner with his parents. Doug was not feeling well at all and ended up collapsing, then he was really out of it and very, very weak. He is okay, it just seems to be dehydration, but we were worried about his electrolytes since he hadn't had much to drink all day long and got sick earlier that morning. The fluids perked him up a bit and he came home about midnight Friday night. The rest of the weekend we layed pretty low, with just family over to play with Ella a couple times, but Doug is still not completely back to "normal". He is frustrated that he just didn't feel like doing much, again, not the norm, he is usually project king, always has something going on. I, personally, liked having him loaf around with me and Ella, hehe.
Again, thank you everyone for all your comments on the blog, I appreciate each and every one of them.
This coming week will be busy, tomorrow is bloodwork and another appointment with the psychologist, which I am looking forward to, actually! Then Tuesday I have an appointment with my surgeon, that I made at the time when I thought I was stopping chemo. We are then leaving Tuesday night for Omaha to be ready for an appointment with a new doctor to us, through the wonderful assistance of Chris Ireland and Jan Velander. That appointment is Wednesday. I hopefully will find out more about the recent reports and if I am going to have more testing or what the plan is from here. I will, hopefully, no more tomorrow.
It was interesting, this morning, we didn't make it to church. We were all resting this afternoon, and I just had this strong urge to go to church. So I popped out of bed, threw on some nicer clothes and told Doug I was going to church. He was asleep and not all there when I told him this. I am really glad I went, and the mass really pertained to me. Father talked about loving your neighbors and doing things to help people in need. Of course, this made a lot of sense to me, I have been "the one in need" lately. There was a great verse and I said it over and over in church but of course, now I can't remember it. ugh. I believe I went for a reason, not that there isn't usually a reason to go, but this time more so, ya know.
I am looking forward to this week, getting more answers and getting closer to what we are going to do about this new development! Let's hit God hard with all the prayers, thank you! I will keep you posted. Shawndra


tera said...

three days after your first post on this blog my mom passed away from colon cancer and her youngest grand daughter (my daughter) is named Ella. so when i happen upon your blog, i wept. i immediately felt a connection to you and your family. i guess i just wanted you to know that even though i don't know you personally, i know the love of the same heavenly Father and i know the struggles that cancer brings to the whole family after caring for my own mother. you are in my prayers daily.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawndra,
Jim and I read your blog daily and you are in our prayers. I am at your service to help with anything you or your folks need to make things easier for you. Please let me know what i can do.
Love you, Marilyn and Jim

Anonymous said...

As you well know, your "neighbors" are here for you rain or shine. We love you unconditionally and will do anything for you, Doug, Ella and your family. Please don't ever feel it is a burden. Believe in in us.. that we can handle whatever may come.
Two random things hit me over the weekend that made me think of you.
First...Brad and I went to see Evan Almighty. There is a scene where God is having a conversation with Evan's wife, Joan. What was said was so powerful. God (Morgan Freeman)said...When you ask God for patience...he won't just give you what you ask for...instead he will give you the opportunity to become more patient. When you ask for strength or courage...he will present you with challenges to test your strength, battles to define you character and choices to develop your courage. When we pray to God that he please provide you with a miracle, we might be frustrated that one has not come yet. What we may not realize our understand though, is that the journey you are on could be the road to the miracle you are seeking. I hope this makes some sense.:-)
The other thing...This evening at bedtime, I was reading to Victoria and Olivia one of their favorite books "Sleepy Bears". In the book mother bear sees that Winifred bear is sleepy and mother bear says:"....a tiger..a tiger...your on to his trail...a tiger..a tiger..hold on to his tail! Dream of adventure...dream without care and sleep very soundly my brave little bear." Whenever I read this, I think of you. I imagine you as Winifred and the tiger as cancer. You are onto cancers trail and when you are in chemo, you have hold of his tail. You are the lion tamer and cancer is the beast. Winifred tames the lion and wins. Corny I know...but I'm corny that way.
I know your mind is heavy with worry and I pray you can sleep soundly "My Brave Little Bear".


Our Family said...

May God bless every moment this week. I'm praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawndra- I have heard about your story from a friend of your's, Tamra Storey, and took some time to read through your blog. What an amazingly strong woman you are and what a fantastic and supportive husband and family you have. I wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers and I have asked members of my church to pray for you and your family during this difficult life storm. Just remember that Jesus is there with you every step of the way- he will guide you through these rough waters. Good luck with your upcoming appointments- I am sure that you are tired of spending every waking minute in a doctor's office (or waiting room). Please know that you are helping others (including myself) by being so bold in sharing your story with others out there.
In His name, Christy Kocher (

Monkey Giggles said...

God will be with you. Praying for you this week

Kelley said...

We will keep the prayer chain going, with more power than ever! Good luck with all the Doc's this week, the anticipation of the unknown is so difficult. As always, we are all praying that the outcome from them is one that will put a smile on your face and ease the weight in your heart. I do hope that Doug is feeling better and that you are all done passing that around!! Have a great week.

Jenn Perez said...

Praying for you today Shawndra.. Praying that the area that lit up is not another malignancy..
jenn D/o Martha

Gail Ezell said...

Dear Shawndra, Doug, and Ella!!!
It sounds like you had a WONDERFUL weekend with Sara. You are really mastering that practice of seizing those moments of joy and spreading that joy to everyone around you. That is the power of HIS love for you and in you. We feel your love here at work too. Be a good "patient" this week and let those new drugs fight with you.
We love and miss you here. Gail