Sunday, July 29, 2007


Here is a picture of my very good friend, Sara, from Chicago who was here this weekend visiting us. (Also check out the new photos on the left) We had such a good time. We mostly just hung out doing nothing but laughing, watched a classic movie that brought us together as friends. You may know the movie, " Better off Dead". We became friends from rattling off quotes from this movie in college, annoying all of our sorority sisters who were trying to sleep. We just giggled the whole night and became great friends. We went out to the lake, I vicariously enjoyed water tubing by watching Sara and Doug bounce around on the tube with huge smiles on their faces. We ate, slept, talked, drank, swam, laughed and laughed and cried a little. It was a perfect weekend. Thank you Sara for your friendship, it means the world to me! It was so hard to see her leave. I hope I see her again. I really felt with this visit that I had to tell her exactly what I felt, that I appreciated our friendship and her. I don't know if and when I will see her, so I have to let her know now in case I don't get the chance to later. I think I need to do that more often, seize the moment and tell people how I feel about them or about my relationship with them. Ya know. We should all do that. We don't ever know when we will see each other again. I don't want to have any regrets.
I am gearing up for a busy week, restarting chemo on Wednesday. I go to have my teaching for chemo tomorrow afternoon. Then I will go in Wednesday bright and early to start up again. I have to say, it has been so nice not having chemo these past few weeks, it is really going to be mentally difficult to go Wednesday. I better get to bed, it is getting late. I wanted to read more of my book tonight, but I wanted to get these pictures up (with the help of Doug of course). I also read through all my birthday cards again since it is so hard to read them closely at the time of receiving them. Thank you all again for the kind cards, etc. I will get my thank you's out soon. Have a great week everyone. I appreciate you all taking your time to read this, thank you once again. Shawndra


Andrea said...

Carpe Diem!! I LOVE YOU! That's my seizing of the moment. Each and every time I see you, I have love and heartbreak all wrapped up in a big hug for you. I know you know that I love you, that's why I relentlessly say that every time I get off the phone with you or leave your presence. But I hope you know that as my only sister, you and I have the most special bond that not many others totally understand and I cherish that soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! (did you get the point?!Hee Hee) Thank you for continuing to tell me that you appreciate us moving up here. It's totally worth it! I feel your urgency and need for taking ahold of opportunity. Thank YOU for making events with us a priority. I love getting to see you, Doug, and Ella - Sara too this weekend. Thanks guys for staying for dinner - it was so much fun (and so loud, right Sara!) Love you and will be thinking and praying for you this week, especially on Wednesday.
All my love,

Anonymous said...

I am not an overly spiritual person, but you have meant a lot to me through the years and I find myself searching for answers and praying to support you.
While we have not kept in touch, I always have considered you a good friend. Your courage and strength are inspirations to everyone and you have touched more than you can imagine.
I hope your birthday was everything you wanted it to be and keep living every day like a holiday.
You are in all of our thoughts and prayers.
J Dirkes and family

Anonymous said...


I am so glad that you had such a wonderful weekend with your friend. I will be thinking about you this week as you begin your new chemo regimen and keeping you in my prayers. Thanks for reminding us all to seize the moment and to live life to the fullest.

Jennifer Teegarden MD

Penless Thoughts said...

Such a good post in pointing out how very important it is to really let people know how very much they mean to us. I admire your courage and faith and want you to know I am praying for you.

Dinah said...

What a great post, we must keep those we care for aware of how much we care for them. Thanks .

Ella looks too cool in the glasses. Hope your week goes well and you get some good chemo fighting time. Prayers your way this week.


Anonymous said...


Appreciate the weekend update, your comments i.e. Sara made me laugh, and brought warm memories of college.

Got gettem this week, we pray all goes well...stay strong sweetie!



Anonymous said...


Thinking of you especially this week! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all! Have a Great Day! Take Care and Be Careful!


Kelley said...

That picture really captures your friend well. She looks like she really enjoys life, just as you do. It is amazing what the presense of friends and family do for a soul. Hey, as for seeing her again and when? Of course you will, when you go to HARPO studios to meet Oprah, Sara can go too! Voila....problem solved!! Have a grea week yourself and we all have you in our prayers with this upcoming treatment. Sara came at the perfect time to help you achieve that inner peace prior to starting up again. Load your Ipod with some John Denver for some easy listening during your wait, it is always good for a smile as well.

Anonymous said...


I came across your blog in a round-about way from visiting the Jennifer Ireland blog. I just want to tell you that I keep you in my thoughts everyday. I know that prayer works and I will pray for you and let people at my church know about you too. You have a beautiful family and as a fellow mom, I know how special they are to you. I just thought I'd leave a note to let you know that someone in Ohio is thinking of you.

Take care & God Bless!

Mary said...


Loved hearing about your wonderful weekend with Sara! Really made me think about the good ol' Suite 3 days. I hope we all can get together soon. Mike is deploying to Iraq this fall for 15 months, which means I'll be in KC a lot more. Just stay strong and know that you're in my prayers every day! I've got my family reading this blog and keeping up with you....they're praying for you as well!! Keep ya!

Mary Sweet Bohon

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that I read your blog from Children's Mercy and pray for you and your family consistently. My son, Collin is the same age as Ella, so I pray for her a lot.

We miss you here. Thank you for the blog. I will keep praying, but I am off on Wednesdays if there is ever anything that I can do for you, it would be a blessing to me to help you out.
Joey Ford

Anonymous said...

Shawndra -

So glad to see you and Sara had some fun this weekend! I can just picture you at Michael Meyers lake... Thanks for posting the pictures - you both have the same great smiles and I can imagine the contagious laughter.

Oh so many memories! But, definitely not enough of them...

I'm glad you were able to laugh and cry - You guys are so good for each other.

By the way, there is a date coming up on my calendar that indicates it's been 3 years since we were last all together in KC. Can that be right?!? Congrats on the upcoming milestone for you and Doug!

Thinking of you daily and missing you often.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

What a great weekend it sounds like you had, really seizing the moments! You have great friends like Sara because you are such a great friend to everyone in your life. We are all very lucky to know you. Good luck this week, many thoughts and prayers with always. Keep smiling.

Anonymous said...


I can just imagine the fun you and Sara had this weekend! I can hear you two laughing and that brings a huge smile to my face. I'm glad you guys were able to spend some good quality time together. Laughter is the best medicine and Sara is a good doctor of fun :) teehee.
I'll be thinking of you extra special this week as you start this new chemo treatment.

Stay strong. We love you,


Anonymous said...

Dear Shawndra, I am so thrilled to hear that you've had a good week-end. This week I will pray for strenght for your treatments. You are in my thoughts so often. Sending love from KC, Tanya

Anonymous said...

Shawndra! I am so honored to be on the front page of the blog... It was the most wonderful visit... I appreciate so much that we were able to see each other and talk and laugh and you didn't even mind when I kept asking you if you remembered the most mundane and trivial things from random movies and college days… “remember that time we went to see The Urge, then we all went to the Pike house and repeatedly said “twenty four-fifty” imitating that ridiculous eye-glass commercial? Seriously, though, I am just so happy that I was able to spend time with you and Doug and Ella and your family. Thank you for opening up your homes to me. It was truly great to see the type of partnership you and Doug have with each other and the love you share. Doug – you are the best – positive, kind, supportive and you make a mean margarita – hey I don’t think we ever drank that other pitcher?! Shawndra, I really can’t express in words how grateful I am to have a friend like you – a kind, generous, thoughtful, fun, positive person. And, this was the first time meeting little Ella… and I can tell anyone that has not met her that that child is just the sweetest, most delightful little girl – she sparkles just like her mom. I couldn't love her more. For any of our old friends from college reading this, we pulled out the camera because she was wearing her sun glasses in the same way Vavere was always wearing those broken glasses - remember? In a crooked crazy sort of way at every event. We were laughing so hard. It was so great to see the extended family, too – thank you for always taking me in and making me feel right at home. I love visiting and I will be back again soon!!
- Sara

Cathy Grham said...

Shawndra- My husband, Bill, has made a contact with an Oprah producer and they can offer you 4 tickets to a show- we need your list of 4 guests and they are late in August and September dates in the middle of the week- if you would like these tickets- let us know and we will arrange this-
You are in my thoughts so often
Carolyn's friend Cathy Graham

Cathy Grham said...

Shawndra- my husband, Bill, has talked to an Oprah producer and they have 4 tickets for you-they need a list of the names you would like on the list and the taping is the end of August and September in the middle of the week- let me know if you would like to do this-
Cathy Graham- your mom's friend