Friday, June 1, 2007

I'm not normal

Hey everyone- Well, are you curious about my title to this blog? I wrote it because yesterday I was on my own with Ella. I tried to be a normal person again, doing the day to day things. I did laundry, washed the sheets, did dishes, picked up, watered the flowers out front, got up in the morning and got cleaned up before Ella woke up, prepared a dreamdinners meal. It doesn't seem like much but with Ella running around and doing that, I was completely exhausted last night. I thought I was sick when I went to bed, my whole body ached, my throat hurt when I swallowed and I was just physically exhausted. I even had a slight temperature. I was so proud of myself for doing things on my own (my mom not there with me). But after all that I didn't have any energy for anything else. By the time dinner was done and a little cleaning up of dishes, I had to plop on the couch pretty much until I went to bed. I think I have underestimated how much my mother and others help when they come over. I thought, well I still do most things even though my mom is with me, but she helps me so I don't get so exhausted and still have some energy for when Doug comes home. Thank you mom, and everyone else who helps me so much. Thank you Vicki, my mother-in-law, for your help this morning so I could take my time and get ready and not worry about Ella.

I did get to see a friend, Adrianne, yesterday who came over with her son to play. That was great to see her.
On another note, I did get preliminary results of my PET/CT scan. They look pretty good. There is no appearance of the previous pulmonary emboli in my lungs, there is no new concerns as far as metastasis. I am not sure about the cancer in my omentum, it looks like it may be unchanged but there was a statement in the report that says that area may be scarring or "stunning" from chemo. I will meet with my oncologist monday to see what his interpretation is of all this. I think though, this is good news. I am hoping I will have my CEA (tumor marker)redrawn on Monday as well. Thank you all for your prayers, they are helping!!!!! God is working on this miracle because he has so much pressure from all of you, he doesn't want to let all of us down, right!
Thank you for everyone's words of encouragement these past few days. Probably 99% of the time I am upbeat and don't think about the negative, but the other 1% of the time, something pops in to my head, or I read things that bring about the negative. Not to worry, I am still fighting with all I have and still doing pretty well, I must say.
I better rest while Ella is sleeping. I am leaving the unfolded laundry on the bed, the sheets to the spare room in a pile on the bed and going to lay down in my bed. Ella and I are going with my sister's family to Baldwin City today to see Thomas the Train and ride the train. That should be very fun. Otherwise this weekend, we have no set plans which is nice... just house stuff to do, as usual.
Everyone have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the sun while we have it and the rain while we have it too. Round 9 of chemo is Monday along with my doctor's appointment. I will let you know how everything goes.

Today is a gift, shawndra


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you had some good news. Fighting cancer or not, keeping the house clean and chasing a little is no easy job. You are doing great!!!
Beth Patterson

Anonymous said...


You go girl. I told you I just have that feeling that things are going to be bright and wonderful for you and Ella and Doug. I know you are fighting so hard right now and your spirit just moves us all. It's okay to get down sometimes but just remember, no one knows what is in store for us the next day. Your reminders to love each day, laugh each moment, are taken to heart by me. You are inspiring in so many ways. Have a great weekend. Melodie Chrisman

Anonymous said...

Shawndra~ are such an inspiration to us all. Billy said he saw you and Ella at CMH and you looked great (not to mention how cute Ella is!) You have such an amazing attitude with such great strength....your family must be very proud:) Keep your chin up......your doing great. Have a great weekend.


Kristi said...

I am so glad for the good news. I have been checking in for an update. Have a great restful (as restful as you can have with little ones around :) ) weekend!! I think the weather is going to be nice. Good luck Monday, I will be thinking about you!!

j rilinger said...

Shawndra--so good to see you and Ella the other day--thanks so much! Ella is absolutely adorable! Keeping you in all of our prayers....Jill

Lindsay said...

I am thrilled to hear about the good news! I am praying for you and your family.
Lindsay Sizemore

Anonymous said...

Melodie selected such wonderful words for what I think so many of us are feeling! Once again I see just what wonderful people you have around you, both in body as well as in spirit. You too have a wonderful weekend with Andrea and the kids. Kelley

Anonymous said...

"YOUR SPIRIT JUST MOVES US ALL", as your other friend just wrote.

We called your parents last weekend, and are glad to hear how strong you all are.
You're always in my mind.

Anonymous said...

"today is a gift".

So true. I love this quote...not sure who it's from, but I still love it.

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that's why it's called the present.

...Praying that your results from Monday's tests will be great!

jill rilinger said...

Shawndra--praying your chemo goes well tomorrow. You're an amazing lady and are loved by so many!