Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's day to all you dad's. I hope you had a great day. Doug, you are a terrific daddy to our daughter. She is so lucky to have you. I hope you know how much Ella and I cherish you!

This weekend was Doug's weekend dedicated to the garage. Since we moved about a year ago, all the stuff in the garage has been in disarray. I told him this weekend would be his to get the garage organized and build the shelving unit he wanted to put in. Doesn't sound like much fun to me, but I think he enjoyed it. Ella and I layed (Again, I don't know if this form of layed is correct. I need to go back to English class!) low this weekend. Ella was sick with fever, runny nose and croupy sounding cough. We were supposed to get together with Chris Ireland and his girls but unfortunately had to cancel on them, I didn't want his girls to get the crud. We hope to get together though soon so the girls can play, I think Ella would have a blast with them. Tonight we did a family dinner, yum, we had so much good food, I practically made myself sick with so much good food. I couldn't stop eating! Good food and good family fun, it doesn't get much better!

Tomorrow is round number 10, 5 months of chemo, yaaa! After having some bleeding issues my nurse practitioner and doctor discussed taking me off one of the medications called Avastin. I called my doctor last week and told him I didn't want to stop the Avastin if I didn't have too. So we are going to keep going with it and if I have more bleeding problems then I will have to stop. It is supposed to be a great drug and I don't want to go backwards in my progress. I will also hopefully find out tomorrow what my schedule will be for the following round of chemo since it falls on 4th of July week, I am trying to figure out if I will just skip that week of chemo and go the following week or go later in the week. I think I convinced them to allow me to take my pump off on my own if I have to that week, since I am a nurse. hehe.

I am off to go relax and read the paper in bed before I go to sleep. I want to thank my neighbor Jenny for agreeing to watch Ella tomorrow while I am at chemo. My mom is helping Andrea with her kids so this will give her a little bit of a break to not have to watch all the kids. Thanks Jenny and family! Have a great week everyone. Please keep praying that the chemo continues to get rid of the cancer in my abdomen and I continue to have minimal side effects as I have been having. Thank you God! Shawndra


Anonymous said...


Happy Father's Day to Doug! Keep strong! Our prayers continue to be with you all!

Lisa Mudge

Anonymous said...

Happy Fathers Day (late) Doug and Gary! Good Luck on round 10, you continue to be in our prayers. Hope Ella is on the mend. Have a great week! Kelley