Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Under the Weather

Hey everyone- I am glad you all got to see my television debut. Thank you Doug and his coworker, Shane, for figuring out how to put it on my blog. (See below.)

I have to tell you, I was just reading my last note and realized that Doug is coming in behind me and making me sound much better. I have a tendency to write quickly and not always grammatically correct... as in crossing my Ts, dotting my Is, so-to-speak. So, he is making me sound better than I really do.

I am trying to respond to as many people as I can. I have been a bit under the weather since last night. Chemo seemed to go well but I think I caught a stomach bug from someone this weekend. I was having some nausea and vomiting all night last night. I couldn't keep my medication down, so this morning at around 4:30am Doug had to go downstairs to get my pain medication. My back was hurting since I hadn't taken any pain medication in several hours.

Today, I layed around a lot and felt pretty helpless. Doug, thankfully, stayed home from work to help me out with Ella. His company has been so amazing in letting him be away from work, more than usual to be with me. But, I think they know that Doug is a very hard worker and doesn't slack at anything. He gets his work done no matter what. He truly is amazing.

I was sad I missed an event with my mother and sister this morning with my mother's JCYM group. I was supposed to go but with my recent illness, I was not able to attend. My mother has been trying to get me to go but each time something comes up. I hope to make it to one of their meetings. Sorry mom!

I hope now that I have had a little time to rest, and I got my pump off today, that I should be up and at 'em tomorrow. As I tell you all the time, Ella keeps me going. She is so fun to watch, she was daddy's little helper today. She helped him clean the vacuum cleaner, put new door stoppers on, etc. She is quite the little helper! She is just amazing to me and really brought my spirits up! I am so blessed.

Anyway, hopefully my bug is gone and I am on the go again soon. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. They are definitely working. I appreciate you all. shawndra


Jean said...

Shawndra -
You have been in my prayers continuously and I check in at least twice a day. You are very courageous to share your story publically. Remember that when that storm is raging around you, God is there to calm you. He uses Doug and Ella to bring you joy, strength, and peace. Doug sounds like a wonderful man, many people are too selfish to care for someone as he cares for you. It sounds like he took those vows seriously (you know the "for better for worse, in sickness and in health" part) Ella is a precious bundle of love. You are so blessed and the truly wonderful thing is that you recognize it. I hope you are feeling better today and thank you for the privilege of lifting your family up in prayer.
hugs from Blue Springs,
jean (

Alaina said...

I'm so glad you put your 'debut' on the blog. I'm at work right now but I'm sure it was amazing!
I hope you feel better and you will continue to be in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

Your television debut was great! You look and sound great, and Ella is adorable! Having kids myself, I know that they can lift your spirits when your feeling at your worst. I know you will have your good and bad days, but just keep up the can win this!
Hope you feel better from the stomach bug.......keep your chin up, and take care. Your in our prayers.
Brigette & Billy (CMH)

Tamra said...

You looked and sounded great on TV. I am glad Doug and you posted it on your blog. I hope your stomach bug passes soon. You and your family are in my prayers everyday.
Tamra Storey

Victoria said...

Hey there sweet girl. Sorry the "bug" got you. I hope you are better to enjoy your sister. The debut on NBC was just "wow"! You should be a model! An oscar goes to the Turner Girls (mommie and Ella). Clapping.... I love you and know that God will give to strength each day to face the ups and downs. Call upon him for that strength, he hears your call. I love you so much. MOM2

Jill Rilinger said...

Shawndra---your TV debut was awesome---thanks for placing the longer version on your blog--you're awesome!

Hope you are feeling better today. Take care, thinking of you, Jill

Molly said...

Shawndra you are in my prayers. Hope you are feeling better. Having the stomach bug on top of chemo must really suck! Glad that Ella and Doug can make you feel better!

Molly (

kimr said...

I saw your debut at Brandi's and we both had a smile on our face because of your great laugh. You and Ella looked awesome on camera. Thank you for making me realize that even when things get rough that you still need to enjoy life. You are an inspiration and a wonderful person. I hope you feel better soon and look forward to the crawl.
Kim R

Anonymous said...

Hey girl. I wanted to post something, too. I am so glad to have found the blog and take a look at it... you look and sound fantastic - my mom said the same about the tv piece... we are all thinking and praying for you. The best things on this blog...I read somewhere in here where you said..."note to self" - and the second is where you wrote about Ella breaking her humerus bone (is that how you spell it?) and your comment on how that's "not humerus" - that is soooo Shawndra. I can just hear you saying that and it makes me laugh everytime. You are such a joy and such a dear friend. Keep your spirits high and remember, there's always Towanda. I love you. Sara

Anonymous said...

I was connected through your blog from the Jennifer Ireland site. Your story of hope, happiness, love, and courage is inspiring as is Jen's story. I will begin praying for you and your family. My prayer will be for improved health and peace.

Take care,


Lisa said...

I posted the other day but forgot to leave my email. I was wondering if it would be okay to post your video and story on my blog. The more people praying I say the better...but of course, it's totally up to you. :-)


Marilyn & Adam said...

Just bringing some love from St. Louis to an amazing young lady and family. We stay up to date with your progress on your blog and perhaps email from Andre'a. We are thrilled that the kids are moving to Kansas. God works in mysterious ways but we thank him from the bottom of our hearts. We are so happy that all of you can spend more time together. Boy! Will the cousins have fun!!! We can all have some great times together. We saw your T.V. interview. It was amazing! You are such an inspiration to so many others that need support. Ella was such a natural, such a sweet little girl with so much joy. She truly is a blessing as is Doug. Their strength and encouragement are always there for you. We hope you continue to stay strong and always know that you and your family are always in our prayers each and every day. We will see you soon! God bless you always!
Love from Marilyn and Adam

Jill Watt ( said...

Shawndra: Your TV spot was great! I actually saw it while I was making dinner, and just happened to look up and saw you!!
You have been in my thoughts and prayers.
I hope you are feeling better, and are able to enjoy some sunshine ( finally) today outside!
Take care,
Jill Watt