Thursday, January 15, 2009

Video of Shawndra as a Teenager

A BLOG commentor, from the previous post, asked for the "sharky" video. I've seen that video, once, with Shawndra, at her parents house, during our courting days, but not since. I need to hit up Gary & Carolyn for that video! In the absence of that video, let me present you with Shawndra, Dustin, and Andrea as the Three Amigos. Thanks goes out to Dustin's father, Dave, who provided the video clip from the old VHS days. Shawndra doesn't know I'm posting the video... hopefully she approves. Hehehehehe. Oh, and Dustin & Andrea... I know you two wouldn't approve, which is why I didn't ask... ehehehehehehe. Enjoy!

Also some photos from our ski trip last week are below. (Click on the photos, if you wish to see them in large format.) Goodnight. - Doug

Ella playing dress-up. What a princess!

Aspen Airport. During take-off, Ella shouted "we're going so fast!"

Look at my huge gloves!

Ella & Mommy With Big Smiles


Astraea said...

So funny. Thanks for sharing!!! Shawndra and Ella look beautiful in the last photography.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing these with us. That was great. Ella is so beautiful, just like her mommy.

Susan McRae

Anonymous said...


You are right. I wouldn't approve.
Thanks a lot Dad. Why couldn't you have posted the video of Shawndra doing her George Michael impression?!
Shawndra always was our vacation video celebrity!

Love you both,

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are fantastic,

Keep your spirits high.

That's what makes you all so special.



Melony said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures!! Shawndra, you look great. I hope you are feeling as well today as you look in that picture!! Praying for a peaceful day for you.

Naomi in GA said...

Thank you for sharing that w/us Doug, Shawndra, you Ella&Doug as always make me smile, and it was precious to see the pic of you and Ella smiling : )
Love you my dear friend~ my number is on your cell, as I have texted, I know your in the hopsital now,but call me when you can, or Doug/Andrea (Ill be the 404 code in her phone if someone other than Shawndra is looking it up) I want to thank you & talk to you again PERSONALLY for pushing me to go through testing, I had my CEA panel yesterday drawn...I know you know my history of illness as well...we share so much hubbys w/the same name, we both have 3 yr olds and both dealing w/alot on our plate, although I can never parellel what I am going through w/you, as you are in a BATLLE of all BATTLES...youve been like a sister and a angel on this earth to me..I miss emailing and talking..I hope to talk to you again sometime to let you know just how much you mean to me and your avise has meant as well.
I love you girlie.
My fave prayer.
You and your family are as always in my prayers.
Your sis in email

Naomi in GA
Your an angel on this earth and inspiration to ME as I begin a battle of my own....LOVE YOU!

Joyce Smith said...

Wonderful, happy pictures. Thank you so much for posting them.
:-) Joyce

Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful family. I love the picture of Shawndra and Ella. Shawndra is so pretty! Thanks for sharing. You are all in the thoughts and prayers of so many!

kelley said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I love it. As for the "non" approving 2, just remember, it is SURE to make Shawndra laugh and isn't that key here? Also, Andrea, nows your chance to locate some obscure footage of Doug that will give her an equally large grin.
The photos are great. Ella is getting so big. The first one favors Doug, but the second ear to ear grin is all Grandpa Gary, which Ms. B is a mini me of. They all made me laugh and were a bright start to this unexpectedly snowy day! Hope that Shawndra is feeling better and reciting those famous words "there's no place like home" soon.

kelley said...

Ooops, forgot to thank the mind behind the mastery...Thanks Dustins Dad :) And Doug for instigating it.

kelley said...

Guys, I'm having too much fun with this one. Another look and it reminded me of just how awful the 80's were for style! Lookin' good you 3 fashoinistas!

BKNRC said...

I love the video. So funny!! And the pictures are just great. Ella is so sweet. Shawndra, I am constanly thinking about you!

Becky said...

What great pictures! Shawndra for everything you have been through you truly look beautiful!! What a beautiful daughter you both have. Ok Doug, your cute too. hehe. I continue to lift you guys up in prayer!

Vickie Kruse Wieberg said...

My goodness Shawndra, you are SO pretty. You could never tell you were in pain or fighting this horrible cancer. Your grace & inner beauty must be so strong that they radiate from the inside out & cover up any sign of the battle you've been fighting.
I love this picture of you & Ella, yet it makes it very hard for me to understand and accept how you can look so perfectly healthy, young & vibrant with so much more to do & see, and then believe that there's something going on inside of you that they're saying they can't fix?
Its just a weird reality check b/c all of the pictures on the side bar are from when your struggle was relatively new or they had plans of action still to persue. I guess I expected you to look different, like you were sick.
I definitely believe in miracles & though I believe you already are a miracle, I do believe in a miracle for you. There has to be more they can do? Are they going to check anytime soon to see if your marker has gone down?
I think of you often & pray for you daily. Thank You Doug for the picture of Shawndra & Ella, would love to see more of them. I'm a " picture " fanatic. I bring my camera everywhere & love taking & looking at photos. I have invested in Kodak after the birth of my son, a little over a year ago! :)
Ella is beautiful. Shawndra is beautiful & Doug, you're not so bad yourself :)! What a nice looking FAMILY.
The video was a crack up too. To those of us who only see your personality shine through in your writing, it really is neat to SEE the personality behind the person. Thank You for posting all of this.
I hope you are getting to go home today & spend the weekend at home where you belong. Can't wait to hear from you, Shawndra! God Bless you all, Vickie, Joey & Brett Wieberg

Anonymous said... the shorts Andrea...hehehehe...Shawndra probably won't approve but that makes it funnier...;-) I know you're loving your dad right now, Dustin! You guys have so many funny, old memories! Lots of years!!!

Love you guys!


Anonymous said... the shorts Andrea...hehehehe...Shawndra probably won't approve but that makes it funnier...;-) I know you're loving your dad right now, Dustin! You guys have so many funny, old memories! Lots of years!!!

Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

What a good looking family! What I really love is the look of joy on Ella's face. With all that your family has been through your daughter is still full of joy. She is blessed to be so loved.


Anonymous said...

I love it!! The video is funny and the pictures are great. You are one beautiful family.
beth patterson

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of your family at Snowmass. Shawndra you look so beautiful. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always!

The Mudge Family

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!!! :)

What beautiful smiles and such a contagious laughter!


Anonymous said...

how funny! what a great find. great to see all your happy smiles in the photos. thinking of you all,
amy graver beers

Anonymous said...

You look great in the pic with ella. Your smile is amazing. Keep fighting and we will keep praying.

Prayers from STL

Anonymous said...

love the photo's! Thanks for posting! LOVE the one of Shawndra and Ella! They both look great! Prayers and hugs from everyone! Shelley

Anonymous said...

We skated together years ago, I wish you all the grace and love you deserve, no pain!! You and your family deserve much peace and joy. The Beauchamp's were top figure skaters with amazing parents!! May angels always guide your way and healing resound in your hearts!!
Laura Davis Cavanaugh, San Francisco

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