Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pain issues...

Hi Everyone...It's not Shawndra, but Angie. Shawndra asked me to blog to let you all know that she is on her way to the hospital to be admitted for pain issues. She has increased the pain patches on her back, is using the fentanyl suckers and some IV fentanyl at home but it's not cutting it right now. Dr. Morgan is admitting her and hopefully she will also get her stents replaced while she is there so she doesn't have to go back for that! It seems like she usually has some pain from that procedure so it would be good to get it under control there. SO...please pray that Dr. Morgan can find that magic amount of medicine that allows her to be comfortable but not knock her out!!

They just got back from a ski trip with Shawndra's family and it sounds like everyone had a great time. The snowy mountain picture is great!! They did have some drama on the way there with plane delays and a bus ride, but they made it there and made it back (with another delay, but no bus ride ). I got a text from Shawndra one day that Ella got "kicked out" of ski school-something about not wanting to wear the ski boots...;-) I'm still laughing about that because I can totally picture the "scene." Heehee...

I'm sure there was something else, but I'm stressed that my friend is in pain and that I can't do anything to help her (it's hard to be the friend and not the nurse-I'm used to just calling the docs and getting bigger doses and pain pumps, etc.) Please pray that they can get her pain under control and that she can come home soon!!!

Love you Shawndra B!!!



Anonymous said...

Praying all works out and you are home in no time!!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there sweetie!

I love you!


Anonymous said...


You are in my prayers, as always. I will be praying for total relief of your pain today. I was glad to read that you enjoyed your ski trip and got to spend some time with your family. As I have said before, I think Miss Ella must get your feisty spirit from her mom! That girl definitely has a spunky personality! What a cute story about getting "kicked out of" her ski class! Please call if you need anything or if there is anything I can help with.

Jennifer Teegarden

Terra said...

Hope your pain is under control soon and you can be home with your little trouble maker soon! Hopefully the next update will be a bit more uplifting:)


Anonymous said...

Many prayers for you, Shawndra! Hope that they are able to make you comfortable and get you back home!

Susan McRae

Andrea said...

Although I have followed your story for quite some time, this is the first time I have written. I think of you often and admire your strength and spirit. I am so sorry to hear you are suffering and will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers. God bless you, Shawndra!

Anonymous said...

Shawndra, So glad that you got away and had a wonderful trip with your family! I'm sorry to hear about the recent pain issues. My prayers continue to be with you, now that your pain is under control and you get to return to your family.
Allison 2H

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet girl of course I am praying for you:) You'll be comfortable and back at home in no time. What a hoot, that little girl of yours. I remember those days.....
Stay strong~
Deb (LSMO)

Anonymous said...

So glad it was a great ski trip... and hopefully they can get you comfy and back at home soon!

MAndy Hamlin Featherston

Anonymous said...

Prayers & thoughts for comfort for you Shawndra!

Paulette said...

I have always heard my whole life that red heads are the most fiesty people their are, and in your case Shawndra I am thankful you have red hair!!
I am thankful for the update so I know how to pray specificly for you Shawndra. I am lifting you all before the throne of God's grace and healing.
I never rest my head at night until I come here and pray over you.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for taking the time to update Shawndra's friends in blogland. I'm sure I am not the only reader who remembers Shawndra's beloved friends in my prayers; I know how hard this is (unfotunately), but Shawndra is so blessed to have such an amazing support system around her. Praying for you ALL.


Praying especially hard for you!!! I will pray for a short and ultimately successful hospital stay, and I will continue to pray that you feel the love, friendship and support being sent your way from blogland.

That Ella is handful! She has such a wonderful personality already. Of course, this is coming from someone who was also kicked out of a few things as a child due to her refusal to cooperate with authority. Those mischievous redheads are trouble in the best possible way. Right, Shawndra ;)

Sending many prayers and good wishes to every one of you,

jg in ca

Anonymous said...

Glad the family was able to take a trip together! Constantly keeping you in my prayers. Time for rest and relaxation now. Keep the spirits up and may your pain decrease - pronto!

Take Care,
Melissa (LSMO)

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you Shawndra.


Vickie Kruse Wieberg said...

Angie, THANK YOU for the update, I know how being " the nurse " is MUCH easier than being " the friend ", BUT from what Shawndra has written about you, you're pretty darn good at it!!
Shawndra, I am SO glad that you had a grest trip. It sounds like it was beautiful and fun!!
I will pray for your comfort today. I also hope they get er dun so you can get back home to your awesome family and to your computer so we can hear about this ski school incident from the great author herself!! God Bless, Vickie Wieberg

Anonymous said...

Shawndra......Always in my prayers!!

Lorna Taylor said...

Angie, thank you so much for the update!

I'm hesitant to directly contact Doug and/or Shawndra too often, as I know they are busier than ever with tending to Shawndra's needs, and are cherishing their family time together. (That Ella sure is a twister, isn't she?!)

But please let Shawndra know that her supporters are clinging to every word that is posted here, as well as clinging to the hope that she will soon be free of pain, and back in the comfort of her own home.

Anonymous said...

My minister and I discussed you and your blog just this morning and were wondering how your are doing. You have been and will continue to be in our prayers.


Anonymous said...

My minister asked about you this morning and we discussed you, your blog and your courage. You are and will continue to be in our prayers. All our Love, C.

Anonymous said...

Dear Shawndra,
Glad you saw the beautiful mountains!
We'll be praying for a successful procedure and your pain to be controlled quickly & you're back home.
Love you and all of your family very much!
Marilyn and Jim

Astraea said...

I'm so glad the trip was fun! Wonderful memories for everyone! I'm praying for you Shawndra! I pray the doctors are able to find just the right balance for your pain meds.

kelley said...

Oh the beauty of those mountains! I hope that all goes well and you are able to get the pain under control. You are being thought of so often.
The ski school story is pretty funny, sounds like the firey little spirit of someone else.......or a few someones.
You are in our prayers, as always, but a bit extra today. For peace and comfort to be yours.

Roswita said...

Shwandra, Doug and Ella

You can be sure more and more people are praying for a pain free Shwandra, and a quality time with each other.

Your Brazilian friend in Florida
Roswita and family

Anonymous said...

I pray for you every night, ShawnD. I hope you feel safe and comfy in your very own home in some nice flannel PJs very soon! You are a fighter - Keep singing "I'm strong enough...and I'll keep fighting..." (Remember that song?) Love ya! Hill

Anonymous said...

Angie - I'm so glad you were able to stay at their house last week and could be with them this week.

Shawndra - I have all of the confidence in the world that Rich will find a way to get your pain under control. Hang in there and I hope to hear from you at home very soon.

Love, dustin

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you and praying that they get your pain under control real soon so you can come home.

You Ella reminds me so much of my daughter. They are both 3. Independent, strong willed and spunky yet just so darn sweet.

God Bless you,

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for quite awhile now, but I've never left any comments. I found your blog through Jennifer Ireland's blog, and I can't remember how I even ran into that one. I'm a nurse that lives in San Diego, and I work in a Gastroenterology Lab, assisting with colonoscopies and endoscopies.

I'm just so inspired by how positive and strong you are and by how much love you are surrounded by. I just smile every time I read! Please continue to stay strong. I'll be thinking of you and your family every day. I know you'll cherish every moment you have with them and vice versa.

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