Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Hi everyone- Well it has been a few days back at home and it has been wonderful! Our slumber party was a bit sleepless but we managed and hopefully Ella was happy to be with us on our first night back home together. I have gotten to spend time with some friends and family and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Sunday, Doug made sure I got outside a bit to enjoy the sunshine. Which I am glad because the last couple days and the days to come are dreary and colder! Speaking of Doug, he has been incredible. Have I told you all that I have an incredible husband, as if you didn't know already! He has been so supportive with everything, physical and mental! I don't know if you know my dad is a doctor, but he is also a very fine nurse! He is so great to have with me in the hospital, unbelievable! So thanks dad! You already know my mom is the best so I don't have to repeat that. While I am accepting my Oscar, I also want to thank my sister! I don't thank her enough for all she does for me. She has made so many sacrifices for me and Andrea I want you to know they don't go unnoticed by myself or others. You have a way with words that is wonderful and your faith is something I strive for. As you know, you are always my hero, the wind beneath my wings (I know cheesy but she knows!). Love ya sis! I sometimes forget she needs as many prayers, if not more and I do pray for you and your family always!
I am just so lucky. It does take these experiences to really open your eyes and appreciate and boy, am I appreciating! I did sleep most of the day yesterday so I guess I needed to rest up but today I was back in the game and pretty active. I may regret all my activity tomorrow but it is worth it. I hope you don't all forget that Michelle, on of my blog friends, is still training for a marathon in my honor and has raised and I believe exceeded the amount necessary! What an amazing thing to do for someone you have never met. I am beside myself in awe! But I think she is having trouble with her knee so, Michelle, please take it easy, do not force it! I do not want you to hurt your knee and have problems the rest of your life because of this! please listen to your body and if you can't run, that is okay! The thought is the most important thing, you have done such an amazing thing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart to raise this money for such an important cause!
I want to know what you all think: I have been thinking that I want to become the Susan G Komen of Colorectal Cancer. I am thinking about starting a foundation. My mom and I were talking the other day and she said, why do you have to be gone before we start a foundation. We mostly want to get the word out and make it as common as breast cancer awareness has become. This is not just a rare disease any more, even though my "kind" is rare. So many people I have heard from are affected by this disease at a young age. So what do you all think about a foundation. I know it would be difficult to get started but I hope it would be worth it. Anyway, I just wanted some feedback from you all to see what you thought about this.
I also want to mention before I go that my husband's company, SOURCECORP, has been absolutely incredible to our family! They have been so accomodating and understanding that family comes first! SO, thank you to them for everything they have done to help make our situation easier for us! We are blessed that Doug was hired at such a great company before all this happened!
Also, Naomi, thank you for focusing on me, but I am also concerned about you all! I have to be, you are in my life now and it goes both ways. So, I am concerned about you and hope your tests go well! You will be in our prayers, please pray that her tests go well. I pray for all of you, because you do the same for me!
Enough for now, I better get to bed so I can function tomorrow. good night all. Enjoy the rainy weather tomorrow, hehe. It is kind of nice sometimes! shawndra

PS. I found out that my neighbors had a prayer vigil for me after my surgery! I want to thank my WS family for praying for us and helping us in every way! You all have been incredible to us and we are so thankful to all of you! To my angel giver, you know who you are, a special thanks for my angels and for sharing with me.


Anonymous said...


I am so happy that you are home and getting lots of good rest. This is perfect sleeping weather! I think your idea of starting a foundation is a fabulous idea and what a great way to further raise awareness. Know that you are always in my prayers. Praying for continued recovery and feeling well!

Jennifer Teegarden

Astraea said...

You keep fighting and we'll keep praying. You're amazing!

Naomi in GA said...

Shawndra, I think the foundation is a excellent idea, I will help in anyway I can to raise awareness, show off the foundation,help design tee shirts whatever you need help w/Im there, its a struggle to have illness and I think people think when they are young there are immune until something hits them either themselves or a friend/family member and you realize how very fragile life is, and that none of us are immune from cancers of any form, to get the word out is wonderful,people must listen to what thier body is telling them, if your Dr's poo poo you get another opinion, yes I am ill, but nothing like you girl, please focus on your relief of this disease, I am still searching diagnosis, they have MAYO now in thier backpocket of places to send me to and are talking about...hmm thinking being here in Atlanta they would have facilities here w/out travels like this, but still seeking out answers tests, you know the deal, youve been through them all and than some.
But seriouly dont worry about me, Im small potatos comared to the giant you are fighting, so let me be there to help you,I am your prayer warrier, you inspire me to keep on w/being strong, cause I see how you deal w/all setbacks and triumphs w/such grace, and arent a complainer or woe is me, you think of others, where are you hiding those angel wings ? I know you have'em : ) Well I want to help w/your foundation, so let me know what I can do once you get the ball rolling , in the meantime, I will pray as I do for you , and belive me if the ARMY sends my hubby to KS which they have been and will again for trainups and planning conferences, I will come along w/him w/Adam and we can spend some time together, I know Ella and Adam would love to play(same age and all) & Id love to give you a hug and just talk w/my dear friend...
((hugs))Hard day ahead today,Ill get through it: ) In love and in prayers, your sister in email Naomi

Michelle said...

Hi Shawndra,

I was so happy to read this post and hear how well things have been progressing since you have been home!!

I think starting a foundation is a TERRIFIC idea! Raising awareness, and funds, is so important for this disease.

Speaking of that, I appreciate your concern, but don't worry - I am all set to go with the marathon!! It will be here very soon - Yikes!!! :)

I have raised over $4000 for colorectal cancer research, but am hoping to get to $5000 (probably not before the race, in less than 2weeks, but before the end of the year). So, donations are still gladly accepted! ;)

Have a great week, Shawndra. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.


Dana said...

Home sweet home...there is nothing better. I think your idea of starting a foundation is FANTASTIC! Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

kelley said...

It makes me happy to read your last entry. There is so much joy that comes from giving (much more than recieving), and the fact that you are still "giving" to all of us is awesome. It is good for the soul. And you are SO right, you do have an amazing family, one that has a very special place in our hearts too. I can only hope that they know what they have meant to us all these years.

kelley said...

OH, I almost forgot, the foundation is a GREAT idea.

Anonymous said...

Shawndra....What a great idea! People always think of colon cancer as a disease only the very old get. Also, it seems like people have alot of "issues" talking about it. You are young and beautiful. You got it..It can happen to anyone. I love the foundation idea. Glad you are feeling better!!
Love, Wendy

Naomi in GA, again ha ha said...

Wendy, I couldnt have said it better, colon cancer, is a topic young people feel fearful or embarassed to talk about, yet Shawndra, young beautiful successful with everything going for her, got it...NO ONE is immune for illness of any kind...
I LOVE the idea of the foundation, I want to be a part of helping in this in anyway I can!

vickie Kruse said...

Shawndra, I also believe a foundation is a wonderful idea. Your Mom is right, if you wait 50 or so more years to start it ( when youre gone ) , I'm sure someone else will have started one by then! Pretty smart lady! :)
Glad to hear you got good rest & are having fun at home visiting w/ everyone!! Praying daily for you! Vickie in Jeff City

Anonymous said...

Could I please have your e mail, I'd like to forward a couple of things to you. Thanks. My address is msimpson@skidmore.edu.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the foundation!

You would be a perfect ambassador to help bring about awareness of this non-discriminating disease.

With your diagnosis, you have put a "young" face on colo-rectal cancer. You have educated so many people and have made us acutely aware that colo-rectal cancer is not simply reserved for the older generation.

I know you have inspired many through you effortless strength, undeniable grace, gritty determination and steadfast courage. I couldn't think of a better person to lead the way!

Wherever you go…..Wherever your path will take you….I will be there to help support you and help fulfill your vision for this foundation. Not only am I a Prayer Warrior….but I am a friend and I will be a warrior for the Shawndra Turner Foundation.

I love you! :)

Your Angel Giver

Andrea said...

Shawndra -
What do I say... First of all, thanks for the compliments, I do not do that much - but I'll just say thanks!
Secondly, I ditto the overwhelming enthusiasm and support for a foundation. I want to have a very active role in the foundation - as you are my sister!!
Very exciting!!
I love you!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are progressing so well, and I think the foundation is a great idea.

Love, Marny

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration for mommies and women in general everywhere. I read your blog faithfully and am amazed at your continued strength and grace through every obstacle you are faced with. Colon cancer is just as important as breast cancer and needs to be seen as so. I say go for the "Shawndra Turner colorectal cancer foundation". Let the word out, save lives!

Naomi in GA said...

THank you so much Shawndra for calling me today and see how I am doin'!! WoW with all you are going through please dont worry about me, but it lifted my spirits to hear your voice, I know I checked out of some tests, I feel like I real weakling as you are so strong and have been through so much more than I have and then some in regaurds to tests and procedures, thanks for the pep talk and ((hugs)) your in my prayers and you are a angel to many of us, such a inspiration handling this all w/such grace, you WILL BEAT THIS CANCER!
Im here for you anytime day or night to call...
With love and blessings..in GODS praise for the miracles that happen everyday, you will be healed.

Anonymous said...

DEFINITELY start it!!!!! And let all of us out here know how we can help support it! I think it's a FANTASTIC idea, and one which needs to be brought to Oprah's attention once again!!!!!
You totally rock girl! I check in with your blog DAILY, and even though I don't always comment...I'm always reading and always praying. YOU WILL KICK CANCER'S A*%!!!!!
Jess in NE.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to me how you thank everyone in your post. The other day, when Jenny and I were running, we were talking about how much you have taught all of US about life and what really matters! In our busy lives we sometimes lose sight of that, so I want to thank YOU for reminding me that faith, family, and friends are the most important things. All the other stuff is just that....stuff!
You are an incredible person and a foundation is definitely a GREAT idea. GO for it!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shawndra,
I am so glad to hear you are home. I had to bug Dr. Mck. about how you were doing. I miss seeing you come in for your weekly draws! I agree with all the other posts about starting the foundation. You would be so amazing as the face of awareness. There is NO discriminating with cancer. Keep up the fight. My prayers are with you and your amazing family.
Amy (your personal fingersticker...)

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...


Glad your feeling better! You truly have a great family! I think the Shawndra Turner Foundation is a great idea. I have always looked up to you and I continue to. You inspire me to live each day like it is your last day. I would be honored to be apart of the foundation. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! Keep Believing!

The Mudge Family

Anonymous said...

Shawndra - So glad you are home! Sleeping with our little ones isn't so fun is it yet you cherish every moment you have with them kicking you!

I think the foundation is a wonderful idea. Who better than you to represent with such grace and fight.

I will keep praying for you always!

Also please have everyone say special prayers for Stephanie Vest. They found cancer in her liver and she is really struggling right now.

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for several months but never commented. I want to tell you how much I admire your ability to LIVE with this disease (and future cure). Your faith truly shines through in your posts. You go girl! Anyways, I happened upon this website today and I immediately thought about you and your desire to bring colon cancer to the front. Hope it helps! http://www.c-three.org/pdf/momentum/C3MomWinter2006-final.pdf