Friday, June 6, 2008

soap opera

Hey everyone- How are you all doing? Thank you for all your emails this past week, I appreciate hearing from you all! It seems like my life has become a soap opera. It is always something! This week I had some family stuff going on, then I had a kidney scan on Tuesday. I got a call from the nurse saying they got the results and the doctor wanted to see me next Monday. I found out that the results showed decreased kidney function on my left side and hydronephrosis (fluid around my kidney) on my right side. I am not sure what treatment this will entail so I am a bit nervous but not trying to dwell on it until we meet with the doctor to find out what he recommends. Wednesday my sister and I drove down to Wichita together for our cousin's funeral. It was a celebration of a great life and a great person! It is always nice to see the family too but not necessarily under those circumstances. I continue to pray for the family who continues to grieve this unexpected loss. I love you all and am here for you if you need anything!!! That was a very long day with all the traveling so Thursday I spent pretty much the whole day in bed recovering. That is kind of how things work, after a big event that takes a lot of energy, it wears me out and I am pretty much worthless the next day.
Today, Ella and I are playing and taking it easy. I figure, she plays so hard at daycare, she needs a little down time. So we are still in our pajamas playing. I am trying to get her to put her clothes on so we can go outside to play but she is being stubborn and not wanting to put her clothes on right now. Oh well.
We have a busy weekend ahead. We are going to an awards ceremony on Saturday where Doug's grandfather is being honored with a lifetime award for his teaching and Nanie will be accepting it in his honor! We will also get to spend some time with Doug's Aunt and Uncle and hopefully cousin who we enjoy very much. I hope you all enjoy your weekend! Be safe, it seems like so many accidents of all kinds happen in the summer so please be safe! Next week is chemo week, starting on Tuesday, weeee! ha. I am getting close to being finished with my 3 rounds that Dr. Foster recommended. Who knows what will happen from there, depends on my CEA level and scans. Will it ever end? Enjoy life this weekend. talk to you soon. shawndra


SoCalSunshine said...

Hi Shawndra,

I wish I had some words of wisdom or comfort other than "you're in my thoughts and prayers,"'re in my thoughts and prayers. You handle yourself (and your life) with such grace and faith. You are an example to us all of how to live a better life.

I continue to pray for your body to conquer cancer, for your spirit to remain strong and bright, and I pray that you always feel the love and support that surrounds you.

Maybe Ella's got the right idea with the PJ thing. I'm wondering why the heck I bothered to get out of mine today. :)

Kelley said...

I suppose you can look at the cycle and will end in two ways. A. "will it ever end" and B. if it weren't this, there could be something else, and I will make the best of each day and not dwell too long on the things that are placed in Gods hands. Of course worry and doubt are factors in the equation, but it is our own choice as to how we will allow it to effect us. It just sounds a lot more fun to choose happiness over sorrow. Have a great weekend and week to come, and make sure to tell the family hello. You are all thought of often.

Michelle said...

Hi Shawndra,

I, too, am sorry it is always something for you to deal with lately! However, as others have said, you weather everything that has been handed to you with such courage and faith. I pray, as always, that good days are ahead for you, my friend!

Have a wonderful looks like the summer weather is finally upon many of us! Enjoy your weekend with Doug and'll be in my thoughts and prayers, as always.


Anonymous said...


Our thougts and prayers are exspecially with you and your family. Please know we are always here for you to lean on! Keep Believing!

The Mudge Family

Anonymous said...

Shawndra, thinking and praying that your doctor's appointment tomorrow goes well!

Anonymous said...

Shawndra - I am thinking of you everyday. I know how strong you are... (I have seen you prune rows and rows of little christmas trees, battle the rapids of a river, and most importantly - develop an intense routine to 'Baby got Back') - but I am hoping and praying for you everyday. I hope that you are able to have enough strength in a day to play with your beutiful little girl, and I pray that your body fights that cancer away so that you can dream of a thousand tomorrows. You are one special girl - always have been.

I am thinking of your family during the recent loss in your family.

My Best - Mandy (Hamlin) Featherston

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Shawndra, always thinking about you and checking in on your blog.
Hayley Montgomery

Cathy said...


u just keep doing what u r doing to heal and it will all be over soon. Rest when your body says rest and play with the little one. Hey, what's wrong with going outside to play in the PJ's? :)

Life is good!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shawn-D! You are a true fighter and you can get through this!!! My advice: stay in your PJs, cuddle with Ella, eat some cookie dough, and watch a funny movie (or two...or four). It will be just like the ol' days at school when we'd all lie around four hours at a time, huddled around the only TV with cable in the whole house, watching Real World and eating bagels from the bagel drawer. Relax, recover, and let people help you. If I were there, there is nothing else I would want you to do. And even though I am far away, I will do whatever I can to help you!!
You are in my thoughts and prayers, Hillary