Friday, June 27, 2008


Hey everyone- picture it... Ella is dancing (jumping up and down) while she plays her Elmo guitar's music. Classic! She is so fun! Chemo, round 4 was this week. It went well, no problems. I rested up most of Wednesday and part of Thursday. My CEA level is 5, so down a bit from 6.1 previously. That is great, especially since I have been off chemo for a month since I skipped the week when I was in the hospital. One of my favorite holidays is coming up, the 4th of July is a favorite of mine. We always have a big party at my parents lake house, so fun to be around family and friends! So, I am very much looking forward to it. My 32nd birthday is a few weeks after the 4th, so another celebration. Each year, I never know if I will make it to the next birthday, but really none of us know this, do we. As each day goes by, I have more and more faith that I will live a lot longer than they predicted. Even if I just make it to my 33rd birthday (next year) I will have surpassed the doctors predictions. In your face docs, hehe. Really, there isn't too much to talk about. We are all doing pretty well here. I hope everyone has a great holiday, as always be safe but have fun! I am off to go dance with my daughter as she jams on the guitar! love always, shawndra


Naomi from GA said...

Glad your level went down,and your enjoyin' Ella's guitar jam session = ) I just celebrated my 31st this past Wed, Happy Early B-day to you girlie!
Now comes planning my son Adam's
3rd birthday July 14 = ) WOW cant belive he'll be 3 already ...time flys!
My MRI results have yet to come in, I sent you a PM, not sure if you got it though.
((hugs)) have a fun weekend...

Andrea said...

YEA!! So glad that your CEA is down and maybe stabilizing! AWESOME!! Can't wait for the 4th either - also one of my favs. Maybe it's because I get to spend it with you and our family/extended family of friends. Love you and can't wait for next weekend!

Michelle said...

Hi Shawndra,

So happy to hear from you, and especially to hear you are doing well and that your CEA is down. Such great news!!

Enjoy the 4th - my family and I will be headed to Martha's Vineyard to spend time with my brother and his family. I'll have lots of time for many long training runs for the marathon, and will be thinking of you then, as always. :)

Have a great weekend. I continue to pray for you and for nothing but good news on the health front!


Michele said...

Shawndra, my mind keeps going back to your birthday post from last year; I still hold you in my heart for unknowingly convincing me to get a colonoscopy. I am experiencing a lot of anxiety lately b/c my one year anniversary is approaching. I didn't think it would impact me but suddenly I'm convinced my cancer will come back. Thanks for the blog and keep remembering how you are saving lives by telling your story.

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear your CEA level is down. I hope you have a great 4th of July. I will continue to pray for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawndra....You sound wonderful! I am so happy for you and your family. Have a wonderful 4th of July! Wendy

Kelley said...

What great news to hear that chemo went well and the levels are dipping, every little bit is encouraging. What fun, spending the holiday at the lake, it's a great place. As for that 32nd birthday, WOW where do the years go. Makes me feel a bit old. Have a great weekend!

Paulette said...

The 4th a favorite of mine as well! We too celebrate with family at the lake house. My son's birthday is the 5th of July, big 18 this year!
I continue to pray for you Shawndra and for complete healing

Anonymous said...

It is great that you have the good news of your level going down. Enjoy the 4th! I remember celebrating our birthdays together once on the church trips. Mine is a few days before yours. The big 33. Happy Birthday early! I love the dancing kids. My daughter danced in front of her entire VBS group last week. My son is just starting to dance any time he hears music. I try so hard to stop and dance with them. So fun! As always our prayers are with you!


Anonymous said...


We are so happy to hear your CEA level is down. We hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July with all your Family and Friends. Thank you for letting us be apart of journey and help us realize live each to the fullest. Thoughts and prayers are with you always!
Keep Believing!

The Mudge Family