Wednesday, June 18, 2008

quick note

Hey everyone- Finally Doug helped me get some recent photos up. We have so many, I am hoping he will put a bunch of them on the photo gallery on the left of the blog site but that might take much longer. I am doing well, managing the pain pretty well! I had some testing done yesterday to make sure the pain wasn't from nonfunctioning ureteral stents or something. Everything came out fine so the pain must just be the normal just having that foreign body in me. This is similar to the pain I had on the left side for so long and finally got rid of not long ago. We never knew what exactly was causing the pain but one of our thoughts was it was due to the left stent.
Anyway, enough about me, poor Ella is under the weather these past couple days. She has been puking since Tuesday morning so no daycare for her these past few days. Today we literally laid on the couch all day. She did not get up from the couch once, that is how badly she feels. Usually when she is sick (which she hasn't been much in her life), she still is somewhat active. This week she has not been active at all, especially today. She threw up off and on today and didn't get much down her. I am worried about dehydration but I will be sleeping on the couch with her all night and trying to keep her hydrated! I have done so much laundry today because of the vomiting, ugh. I hate to see her sick but at the same time, it is nice to be able to be home with her and take care of her! The nurse in me comes out and the good feeling I get when I can take care of someone else. So hopefully tomorrow she will be on the mend and up and at 'em by friday but we are going to take it easy a few more days and see how things go. Unfortunately I haven't been enjoying the beautiful weather, which I am a bit bummed about, it has been absolutely gorgeous outside! Everyone is hanging out at the pool and we are quarantined to our house. Oh well, I am sure when she is feeling better she will want to be outside and at the pool 24/7. have a great rest of the work week and coming weekend. I am headed downstairs to make my nest on the coach with Ella. It may be another restless night at the Turner household. I wouldn't change it for the world! shawndra


Astraea said...

Poor girl! I pray nobody else gets it. (Enjoy the cuddle time!)

I also pray the stent pain goes away soon. I had one in my kidney and it was no fun. I think about you all the time. Stay strong. ;)

kelley said...

It is always so sad to see those little bodies pukeing. They just don't understand what is going on with them. It's kind of a catch 22 with the weather. Seems that the fresh air would make her feel better, but then disturbing her from her nest on the couch is not what you want either. Maybe a cozy nest on the patio, in the sunshine would make her smile. Either way I hope she gets to feeling better soon. I'm happy to hear that the pain is being more managable. There must be times that are very trying for you. Have a wonderful weekend, with any luck we'll continue on with sunshine and beautiful temps.

Anonymous said...

What a darling girl! Thanks for the pix. Here's hoping you both feel better and get to enjoy the beautiful weather. Joyce

Coco said...

Hi Shawndra, I know how you feel about being housebound (couch bound actually!) I just started to get my 3yo girl on the mend when her 7yo brother came down with a virus of another variety! He's high fever and vomiting - hasn't left the couch either in a couple of days, and he too is an active little guy. Poor them! Poor us! lol! It will come to an end soon I'm sure. Take care of yourself Shawndra, Thinking of you... ~coco

Anonymous said...

I have not been on your blog for a bout a month and i was so sad to hear what you are going throu, i am sure Jennifer I. would be proud of you so stay strong. i hope her family is doing well also, wish we could here from them, i bout the girls are getting big.
stay stron and happy =) (i know that is easy for us to say)

Laura said...

So sorry to hear that your little one wasn't feeling well. I hope she's better by now and that you and your family had a good weekend. Thanks for always sharing yourself and your journey with others. Take care!

Anonymous said...


We hope Ella is feeling better. When Mason and Madison are sick I must say I enjoy cuddling time. Thoughts and prayers are with you always! Keep Believing!

The Mudge Family

Terra said...

Hey Lady -

Haven't heard from you in awhile, hope the bug is gone and chemo doesn't have you too topsy-turvey. Thinking of you and yours often!


Anonymous said...

I continually pray for you and your recovery. We miss you at CMH. I thought some of your readers might enjoy a nice article on NPR where a man challenged cancer patients to finish the sentence "my cancer....". Some of the responses are so insightful and really made me think. The link is

Dee Smith