Monday, January 28, 2008

Last chemo... for now

Hey everyone- Tomorrow should be my last chemo for atleast a month or more if everything goes as planned. I have to be off chemo for a month before surgery so I can regain my strength. So tomorrow should be it for awhile. yaaaa! I hope though that this weeks chemo isn't too bad. I wasn't feeling great today, my whole body hurt and I was just tired. I don't know if this is because the weekend events are catching up to me (dancing and staying up late on saturday) or if I am coming down with something. I hope it is the first one. That wouldn't be good to be sick and get chemo, but I guess if I was sick, they won't give me chemo anyway. I just dread chemo weeks. I feel so helpless and frustrated because I am so helpless. Doug has so much pressure on him doing all the work and then I have to call on everyone to help me out. Which I am very bad about doing. Oh well. I am glad I won't have to worry about it after this for awhile.
Oh, Ella has done great without her binky, she really didn't even have a fit the first nights we took it away, which surprised us! I had to rock her to sleep the first few nights, but she has done sooooo well! I am really proud of her. She is also still going potty on the big girl potty. But she isn't without her pull ups yet. When we do try to put her in big girl underwear she usually wets them fairly quickly.
We did get out yesterday and enjoyed the nice weather. The family took a walk. Lexi, the dog, had a great time, sniffing every wet spot around the neighborhood! Ella rode her tricycle, of course with the help of daddy! It was great to be outside and actually see some people around the neighborhood! I hope you all are doing well! you are always in my prayers. now ella and I are saying prayers together at night too! she is getting funnier and funnier by the day, as well as peskier and peskier. but it is too cute! anyway, goodbye for now. I will give you an update of how chemo week went when I am feeling up to it! shawndra


Anonymous said...

Dear Shawndra,
It is always so sweet to hear from you. If only we had power to make things better for you by wishing, then the week would go so very well for you. Blessings, Joyce

Paulette said...

Hey Shawndra,
I was glad to see the update. I continue to lift you before the throne. Just remember you may feel so many things, I would too if I were you it is normal. Please know that you are not alone. I pray for you all the time, especially for peace and strength. You are so amazing and I know God is proud of you Shawndra.
Thanks for sharing your life with us, and for being vulnerable, it helps me know how to pray.
Blessings to you.

Kelley said...

May your treatment today go just as you wish it to go! I sprinkled that wish with pixie dust so it is certin to work! It is nice to hear Ella did well with the binky going bye bye. I think our anticipation is far worse than the actual event. Wasn't it a breath of fresh air...literally, to have those warm days? I am so ready for spring and being outside. Mom asks about you all the time and asked that I make sure you know she thinks about you. Have a great rest of the week, take it easy, and don't worry so much that you are a bother to others. With so many friends and family that can't do anything to make you better....helping in other ways is one thing they CAN do. Peace & Love

Anonymous said...


Hope your Chemo week goes well for you! Please know that we would love to help you out and know that we are here for you! Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family! Keep Believing!!!

The Mudge's

Anonymous said...

Shawndra, sending hugs for chemo week from minnesota. take care of you.
julie (jill's mom)
austin, mn.

Anonymous said...

I,ve been keeping up with your blog, but have never left a message. You inspired me to take away my daughters pacificer. (I waited a little too long) It wasn't near as bad as expected. She takes alot longer to go to sleep!! I guess I felt like I was taking away her best friend. We are on day 3 and doing good!!

Polly from Smithville, MO

Michele said...

Good luck Shawndra, I continue to pray for you. I hope you enjoy your month off chemo, maybe you can do something fun. I just had Round 10 yesterday, 2 more to go. This Round was really rough on me but I am hangin' in there, you continue to inspire me.

Terra said...


You are always the optimist and I enjoy that so much about reading your blog. You continue to inspire me to be confident and strong. I check up on you everyday and pray for your health and happiness with your family all the time! Keep it up!


* T * said...

I always check up on you but never comment. You are such an inspiration! In the midst of darkness you always seem to shine. I wish you the best of luck with your surgery, God will be with you.

Blessings to you always,

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about you all day amd praying for peace and comfort to invade your soul.
She needs all our prayers as she is having a hard time this go around.

Terra said...

I'm so sad to read that you are having a hard time with this round of chemo. I will pray extra hard for you this week, but find strength in knowing that this will be your last treatment for awhile and hopefully all the "ickiness" means that it is working and making you stronger for your surgery.

My thoughts are with you as always!

Leisa said...

Shawndra, It breaks my heart to hear to hear that you're having a hard time this week. I was praying for you earlier today before reading this that this was not the case this week. I so hope that it it turning around by now. Guess what? You were in my dream last night. I dreamed that me and my Grandma went to your house to visit you. There were all kinds of other people there visiting too. It must have been all the people that join me in checking in on you on this blog. I do hope you're feeling better by the time you read this. I will say an extra prayer for you tonight. What a relief it must be to know you will have a nice long break from chemo before the surgery. That's 5 upcoming weeks of good days and good times. I hope you have some fun stuff planned during that time to take advantage of it! Take care of yourself Shawndra. I'll be thinking about you. Leisa

Anonymous said...

Well Shawndra- I have to say- I know you don't ask but if you ever want to bring Ella over and go rest upstairs- Sherry is used to 6 children at once and they would have a blast! Or Sherry could come to you- nap time would be easier here with 2 cribs and 2 pack and plays.... anyway- how about a play date next week? or is your schedule already full? Tues? You are always in our prayers and that is why "Ella" is one of Aidan's few words. (That and "2 minutes" now that timeouts are more routine...) : ) the age is fun but exhausting sometimes isn't it? xo ADL