Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A couple things to add.

Hey everyone- I forgot to acknowledge Sue's question in my last post. She asked about Chris Ireland, since he hasn't posted on Jen's blog in awhile. I actually called him today, to find out how he is doing. We don't talk often, just once in a great while. He said he and the girls are doing well. He said he switched up the daycare situation a bit but otherwise things are good, same old work and home stuff. He did also say that he has been meaning to post some pictures of the girls soon. So that is the update, you can keep checking for the pictures. I think he is a private person and the blog's purpose was to tell Jen's story. So, not to worry he is doing well!

Back to me, hehe. That sounds horrible doesn't it. I got my weekly labs today and asked to do a urine sample as well since my back pain has gotten so much worse in the last few days. It looks like I do have an infection so they put me on antibiotics. Otherwise things look good.

Andrea and I leave tomorrow for Chicago. Oprah here we come!!! I am so excited, I get to also see my friends up there, which will be great too! Sara- thanks for putting us up and picking us up! Gotta just get a few more things done before we head out. Anyone know the weather up there? I am off to go lay down and rest on a heating pad to try to get rid of some of this pain in my back. Then I have a massage with my cousin this afternoon. She is an incredible masseuse. ahhhh, that will be so nice! have a great day, I will keep you all posted about Chicago and Oprah! One of my dreams is coming true.... dreams do come true! shawndra


Naomi, Stockbridge GA said...

Have a awesome time at Oprah = ) I am so happy one of your dreams are coming true!
Have tons of fun,and hope your pain lets up soon-

bahama mama said...

"My kind of town...Chicago is..." Please say hi to Sara for me! The temps are suppose to be in the mid-30s to upper 40s and it looks like you might have some rain too. Layers!!
I hope you and Andrea have a great time - tell Oprah I said hello, as well. ;)
Safe travels and HAVE FUN!!!

Love, d

ps - don't forget to pack your heating pad - you can DEFINITELY carry it on too - i know these things ;)

Andrea said...

Chicago - Get ready, 'cause here we come!! Hee Hee!! Shawny - I can't wait for tomorrow! It'll be so much fun! A much needed girls getaway! Thanks Sara for all your hospitality. Can't wait to see you Kerri!
We (Shawndra's prayer warriors) will be praying hard for good news, guided MD hands, and friends you'll find along the way. Also, prayers to your and your son for faith and praise for the fact that you are together and can draw from each other. We are here to support you in whatever we can do! Best Wishes!!
In prayer,

Naomi said...

Shawndra and Andrea I wish I was there to give you a big (((Hug)))
You all are so wonderful and supportive! I appreciate all your prayers as I wait on more tests and hopefully some good news!
Thank you all so much, you are all Angels on this Earth!

Pepper said...

Make sure you post some pics of you & your sister in your Oprah outfits!
I can't wait to hear all about the trip (and see it for myself on tv)!!!
Yeah for you!!!!

Alaina said...

Have a great time at Oprah. I am so excited for you.

Tavel carefully and enjoy yoursleves!

Anonymous said...

Shawndra and Andrea, have a great time at Oprah! I'm praying that it might be the Favorite Things episode. I can't wait to hear all about the trip and I hope you feel good while you are away. So glad it's not a chemo week for you.

Andrea, thank you so much for the message you posted on my CarePage. That was so sweet. You are an incredible sister and I'm so glad you were able to move here to be closer to Shawndra.

Safe trip and have fun girls!
Christy Harrell

sue said...

Thx for the update about Chris. Have a riot at Oprah's!!! Maybe you will get on camera!!!! Have fun, be well, Sue

Shanna Ludwig said...

Hey Shawndra this is Shanna! I left a msg about Megan Rooker the other day! i want to thank you for your thoughts and prayers! Megans funeral and visitation went well! The family is still in pain but very thankful for everyones prayers. These blogs are so powerful and so uplifting i wish megan would have had a blog! Before megans death she was going through a divorce so i cant imagine what she was going through as i diagnosed cancer patient. I hope that you get to feeling better! I bet your excited to go see Oprah! I watch her almost everyday! Maybe ill see you on there :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Shawndra! I am a fellow CMH employee. Your blogs have been inspirational, touching, funny, heartbreaking, educational and on and on. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I hope your visit to Chicago is incredible!! I will be praying for a safe trip for you and that you are feeling well. Enjoy!!

ps. Ella is absolutely darling!! She looks so much like you!! I bet everyone tells you that! :)

Tricia G.