Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tiffany & Co.

This is a picture of Doug and I before we went out to dinner for our anniversary. We had a great dinner at Nick and Jake's. I, unfortunately, was in a lot of pain, even after taking pain medication, so we didn't have a long evening. I was very pleasantly surprised with a small, light blue box in the middle of the dessert tray. I hadn't even noticed it until the waiter was telling us about the dessert's and said "or maybe you want the blue box in the middle". I was still staring at the large hunk of chocolate cake, hehe. Don't put something important next to chocolate, it won't get noticed, ha. Anyway, Doug got me a beautiful gold ring with little diamonds sporadically around the ring. It is gorgeous, he did an amazing job picking it out! Thank you baby, I love you. I did come home and take more pain medication, which has thankfully kicked in. I was getting a bit concerned that I would have to take another trip to the ER, ugh. It didn't even make me loopy, which I thought it might, because I had to take more than usual. But I just feel good again, thank God. Anyway, we still had a great evening celebrating our anniversary. Doug is truly the love of my life, even though he can drive me crazy at times, hehe. I have everything ready for Ella to go to daycare tomorrow. Wish us luck! shawndra


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Doug and Shawndra!! We're glad you had fun and what great picture.

Ella will have a great time tomorrow!
Enjoy your day.

Beth, Paul & the boys!

Anonymous said...

Sending her to day care will be WAY harder on you than her. She will have a great time with the little people...and kids need that. I am sending my baby to kindergarten in 8 days and just took my daughter to church camp for a week last week. It never gets easier!! But strong, confident kids are those without separation anxiety issues!! Good luck and enjoy some "ME" time tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Shawndra & Doug,

Happy Anniversary! I am glad that you enjoyed a dinner at Nick & Jake's (one of my favorite restaurants) and what a fabulous suprise you got for dessert. I am praying for both of you during this time and hoping that you will have many, many more anniversaries to celebrate!

Jennifer Teegarden MD

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Shawndra and Doug! Tomorrow Bob and I will be celebrating our anniversary. I kind of doubt I'll be getting a pretty blue box though...hmmm...maybe Doug needs to do some shopping for my Bob?
God bless you both and precious Ella too. She will have a fabulous day at school tomorrow being a "big girl" and you enjoy some rest and some much deserved "me" time. Doug, good job on the gift!
Love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, you both look so cute!!!!! I am sorry to hear you were in pain and am glad you got that under control. We are all waiting to hear how your test results were and hope you get great news. Prayers coming your way sugar!!!! Melodie Chrisman

Laurie Ann said...

Ha ha! It's funny about being fixated on the chocolate cake and not seeing the box. For me, the cheesecake would have been holding my attention. So now we need to see the ring!!! Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Doug and Shawndra! I hope you don't mind ,I found your blog thru the Jennifer Ireland blog and have been praying for you and following your story.
I wish you many many many more anniversarys!
Hugs to you, Doug and Ella!!!!
Kelly Pittman

Juls said...

I found your blog through a post on Runner's World. I can't remember who posted the link but they admired you. I can see why. You are strong and beautiful. All the best.