Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ella's first day

Well, I got Ella off to daycare. Doug and I took her this morning. She seemed to do well. She went off to explore some of the toys, then she would come back to me, kind of fussing saying, "mommy", but was easily distracted with all the toys. Leslie, one of the care takers (for lack of a better word), called around 9:30 and said she was doing great. She fussed a little when she realized we were gone, but otherwise was doing very well!
I wanted to send out another prayer request. I was contacted from a woman who read my blog and was having similar symptoms to mine. She had refused the colonoscopy, until she read my blog and just had it done. Unfortunately they did find polyps and were concerned about one of them being cancerous. They do think though that if it is, it is in the early stages. Please pray for Michele, I know that this is a very scary time! I hope she has the support I have and I hope to share the support I receive and extend it to her!
I also just got a call, as I was writing from the cancer center about my labs. It looks like my CEA is stable if not going down slightly. It is 6.9. It had gone up slightly previously to 7 something, but now has gone down a bit. This is good news. Atleast if the number is staying down, especially now that I have been off chemo for a month, that the mass is probably not cancerous, as was thought with the negative biopsy, but still concerning. I don't know if I am making sense. Doug and I had a restless sleep last night, so I am not completely on top of it mentally. But the bottom line, is this is promising news! Thank God!
I had a nice visit from a friend this morning, who is in Seminary in Chicago. He is in town and so I got to see him and talk to him quite a bit. This also distracted me from thinking of Ella, which was probably good! I was a bit concerned the neighbors might start talking, now that Ella is off to daycare and Doug at work, another man coming into the home. Not to worry folks, he is just a good friend who is becoming a Priest, hehe.
I am hoping to hear from my surgeon today, she did call me last evening, but I had left my phone at home while we were at dinner, so I missed her call. I will let you all know what she has to say and give you the report of how Ella's first full day was. I am going to get out a bit with my mom to shop, and have lunch. I have an appointment to see my counselor this afternoon and then I will go pick Ella up. So I am keeping myself busy. Talk to you all soon. Please keep praying for continued good news, and thank God for the good news I have been receiving. Thank you all for you continued support. shawndra


Andrea K said...

You are just starting to see the graces that God has blessed you with! How wonderful a time this is admid all the turmoil. I'm so glad that you are able to take it all in and enjoy the life you were given. I feel that the miracle is going to keep coming for you and I will continue to pray for that miracle. Ella will be in good company, especially next week with Keaton and Avery joining! Love you and glad you and Doug had a wonderful anniversary!

Kelley said...

The levels decreasing, despite your being off chemo for a bit is GREAT news. I hope it continues in this direction and I will continue to keep you in my prayers. I am happy to hear you were actually able to get out and do some things for YOU while Ella is at daycare. It is always fun to indulge ourselves once in awhile, and what better way to do that than shopping and lunch with Mom! By the way, that little blue box.......What a guy!

lindsayb said...

I still have guilty feelings everytime I drop off Bella just once a week for that important mommy time. Hang in there, it will get better and easier. I think of you and your family often. Good luck at MD Anderson. It's a special place. Those miracle people put my dad into remission going on 5 years now. Congrats on your 3rd anniversary!!! Love, Lindsay Barrow

Pat Gibbons said...

Oh Shawndra....though I've not written on your blog I've followed it and you closely. I think your CEA going down even a tad is great news! And glad Ella seemed to do OK her first day of daycare, not to mention her pooping and peepeeing in the proper place!! And I agree that Doug is a continue in all our thoughts at CMH ENT and boy, do we miss you!
Pat Gibbons

Anonymous said...


Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all! Thank you for thinking of my family. It meant so much to me! Please know we are always here for you!

The Mudge's