Friday, August 31, 2007

Labor Day

I am so sorry that it has been so long since I have written anything. It has just been crazy in my life lately, between all the travel for medical opinions and caring for Ella I haven't had much time. When I do get time, I take that time to sleep!!! I love sleep. I need a lot of it. I visited yesterday with my oncologist in KC and gave him the plan that my oncologist at MD Anderson suggested. My doctor here played devils advocate and asked why I need to do chemo at this time because my CEA has been down and the scans aren't showing much. Everyone elses opinions though have been to go back on chemo and surgery isn't really suggested at this time. I am going back in a week and a half to see the doctor at Creighton again, he wants to take another look, an exam under sedation and make sure there isn't anything he can do surgically at this time. So, most likely I will be starting up a new regimen of chemo in a few weeks. This week is a relax week from everything then the following week I have a left ureteral stent replacement procedure Monday then I will go to Creighton Tuesday and Wednesday. The following week I will have a MRI and probably start chemo. I had bloodwork today, I hopefully will know the results before the weekend.
You know, I just realized, this is my year anniversary from being diagnosed. It was actually this day a year ago I had my colonoscopy, I rememeber because I had to wait the long holiday weekend to find out that the biopsy was positive for cancer. We knew it looked really bad in there and that everyone was very concerned. I can't believe I hadn't remembered that until just know. So I have survived one year of this ordeal. I plan to live many, many more!
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend. Please be safe! I don't know if I will write next week, but I will let write soon when I have more to tell. Thank you all who faithfully check my blog. I appreciate it so much. I am so grateful for everyone's support and love they have shown me. I am doing well right now, I love feeling normal now that I have been off chemo for almost two months, ahh!!! I know though, that I still have more of a fight ahead. I have just been getting all the information together to figure out the next step! I will be praying for you all, my support team. You are in our prayers every day. Ella and I say our prayers at night before she goes to bed and we pray for everyone out there praying for us! Go out and have some fun! Enjoy the weather while it is still warm. As much as I look forward to fall, I will soak up the warm weather for a few more weeks! Until next time...
Love always, shawndra


Anonymous said...

I just adore your strength and positive attitude. I love your sparkling eyes, bright smile and sense of humor.
I hope you have a good next week and continue to feel "normal". Always thinking and praying for you.

Lisa said...

I check your blog frequently so I know how to pray. I pray that this next course of chemo is the right step and I know you will beat this!

Anonymous said...

I am keeping up the prayers for you everyday, especially the rosary. You will beat this Shawndra