Wednesday, April 23, 2008

chemo postponed

Hey everyone- Well I am back from Omaha. It went well, I got my filter out with a little sedation and I mean a little. Usually they sedate me and I am out for awhile. This time, I rememeber most of the procedure, ick. It didn't hurt though, just felt some pressure around my neck, where they make the incision and thread the catheter or whatever it is down to grab the filter out.
I then saw Dr. Foster who was very pleased with my progress. He was impressed with the NORMAL CEA, he said, and even said I could be considered in remission. Even though that is to be taken lightly, we still don't know what is left in my pelvis area and he does have some concerns that would be where the cancer might show up again when and if it comes back, which it usually does. REmember this is supposed to be an aggressive cancer. That isn't to say though that sometimes it doesn't act like other cases, so we won't go by what happens to everyone else.
He did want me to get a CT before I started chemo again, and did recommend I do chemo for atleast 2-3 more cycles, which would be 2-3 more months. So I cancelled my chemo this week so I could get a CT before, so now it is all rescheduled to next week. Monday CT scan, Tuesday chemo. I still am not ready for chemo, I probably never will be, so I was kind of glad I didn't have it yesterday. I got to rest from my trip to Omaha most of the day which was nice. I want to thank my mom for going to Omaha with me. I am so blessed with the best mother in the world. She would do anything for Andrea and I and does do so much. She drops everything to help us out. I can't ask for a better mother! Even though I know some other really great ones, a lot of really great ones out there!!!
Ella is with me today. I have gotten some great advise about her sleeping I just need to go get one of those lock things. Unfortunately she doesn't have a lock at all on her door so I can't just turn it around. I will try one of those white locks. Ella and I have been hanging out together today, she is anxious to get outside and swing. Mommy is waiting for it to get a bit warmer before we head out. I have had a bit more energy lately which is great. I can't stand not having energy. Oh, I have also weaned myself off of my long acting pain medication and only take my short acting maybe once or twice a day as needed. I am not having the back pain as I was having prior to surgery. I think this surgery was a god sent!
I hope you all are doing well. I keep all my support system in my prayers, I hope you all are safe, happy and healthy! Not much else going on this week, just regular life, errands, etc. Thank you neighbors for all the food you are providing, that truly has been wonderful for DOug and I. I cooked once last week and it drained me completely. So we appreciate all of you so much. THank you Jenny for getting it all planned for us! Again, as I have said so much, we have incredible neighbors! Everyone have a great rest of the week. Enjoy the weather. I will talk to you all soon. Shawndra


Anonymous said...

This is great news! You are such a fighter!!! I am so proud of you.
You are right - your Mom is a such an amazing woman! And she is blessed with 2 wonderful girls!

Our prayers won't stop!


Anonymous said...

good good good. i like this news.


Anonymous said...


That is wonderful news! I'm so happy I stopped by your blog to read it today, it's made my day!!

You're always in my thoughts and prayers, my friend...


Anonymous said...


Great News! Enjoy your week! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all! Keep Believing!!!

The Mudge's

BKNR said...

GREAT news Shawndra!! I am just so excited for you. Enjoy the weather today!!
I will keep praying!

Kristi E.

Terra said...

Shawndra -

Thank God for keeping you safe through your journey!! Although I haven't commented in some time, I continue to check your blog daily and to pray for you and your family! They have obviously been working wonders so I hope your devoted prayer warriors will continue their efforts! Hang in there with Ella, every mama goes through this...just ask your own Mom!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful news!!! I am so very happy for you and will continue to pray for only good things to come for you. Glad to hear your trip went safely. Enjoy this beautiful weather....

Anonymous said...

Oh, Shawndra....what great news. God is good.
Bless your dear mom ...
Enjoy your week off chemo we will keep praying...but so happy to hear your good news.
Oh...on Ella...the twos don't last forever ...and then they can reason...hang in her.
take care of you. love from minnesota. julie (jill's mom)

Kelley said...

Hiphip Horray! It is sounding like the Omaha decision was a wise one. I know that you will continue to be in so many peoples prayers that this continues on this track.
Ellas sleeping issues will resolve. And like others, the next child issue will come along and you will quickly forget how the current was affecting your routine. In my opinion, patience is the best cure. It is also sometimes the hardest to find!
You do have a wonderful Mother, and with her as an example, you too are a wonderful Mom.
And finally...AMEN to great neighbors. We too have a great neighborhood. In talking to others I find that often they don't even know their neighbors let alone do things with them. It is a rare gift to find, and for that I am grateful as I'm sure you are too.
Enjoy what is finally looking like spring!

kelley said...

If God brings you to
it, He will bring you through

This was just in my email from another friend and thought you would appreciate it.

Astraea said...

Wonderful news! Enjoy the week off. I'll be praying for a clear scan. God bless!

Anonymous said...

YEAH SHAWNDRA!!!!!! What GREAT news! Still praying for you.


Naomi in GA said...

Shawndra- sorry I havent blogged in awhile, I have been reading the posts you make, but been super sick lately and again getting the run around with dr's - I have a 5 hr test tommorow in Nucular Medicine ..I am scared..they did find polyps as well on my pancreas and gallbladder, but not sure this is causing my weight loss and severe nausea for 6 months now!
Anywho waaay too much on me, WOOOOHOO I am soooooooo HAPPY for you what a super LOW CEA LEVEL remission dare I say? WOw That is are in my prayers daily and you will beat this entirely are sooo strong and a inspirtation to many, including myself, we all have down days, today my 2 yr old looked at me and said " mommy be happy" they are so perceptive of everything around them...but he is my biggest blessing as I Know Ella is yours ..they challenge us but thats life as a parent..I am sure we challenged our parents as well..**smiles**
Again congrats I am so happy for you sweetie!

bahama mama said...

Let the good news keep rolling in! I'm in the middle of Lance Armstrong's first book and can't help but make some comparisons to you. There is no doubt in my mind that you are as strong as he is and will beat this thing.
Stay strong, my friend.

Love always, d