Thursday, December 13, 2007


I wanted to answer a couple people who have commented on my blog about something. Sue- I have checked into intraperitoneal chemotherapy. Dr. Foster has mentioned that might be a possibility when/if he goes in to do another surgery. Otherwise no other physician has thought I would be a candidate for that procedure. Thank you for checking into it for me. I greatly appreciate it.

I also just had a comment about someone's sister being diagnosed recently with a type of uterine cancer trying to get into MDAnderson. I would continue to call and be persistent about getting in to be seen. I am fortunate that my dad is a physician so when he calls, usually people respond quicker. I had a few other people calling in for me to get me in so I got in fairly quickly. It took a few weeks but not too long. I think it helps to have a connection if you can think of one or know of someone who can call in your behalf! I hope you get there and get some answers!

I had a much better week than the last several weeks. I rested a lot yesterday and some today but I have felt a lot better. No gittery symptoms or other major problems. I do have a urinary infection again so am going to start more antibiotics. I got my pump off today so I am free until after Christmas. I actually am scheduled to go back the day after Christmas. I will see the new doctor at KU tomorrow to see what he has to say about me. I am anxious to see if he has anything new to say or add. I hope he may have something else up his sleeve. Everyone have a great weekend. Enjoy the beautiful snow we are supposed to get here in KC Friday night and Saturday. It is supposed to be good sledding and snowman weather, wee! Good night everyone! Gotta got peak in on my wonderful punks before I head to bed. Shawndra


Our Family said...

Enjoy the snow! It's a freezing 62 degrees here today! Is Ella all better?

Andrea said...

I'm praying that the KU doc will say something - anything new/interesting and of course, helpful. I can't wait to go to the game tomorrow with you guys!! We cherish those times we get to spend together. Thank you for being there for me as well and for being so encouraging. I'm enjoying watching your faith grow!! Keep it up!
Love you dearly,

Kelley said...

Sadly, it is true that you need persistance, and to know someone in order to get faster results! I hope she is able to find those connections and get in. Shawndra, I am happy to hear you are having an easier time this round. With the holidays just around the corner, it sure will be nice to feel well. I can't believe we only have just over a week until the big day. I am sure that amid all the hustle and bustle, we will all take time to remember the true meaning of the season. As for that snow....I am not a huge fan (unless it's in ski country) however, it is pretty and there is nothing I can do to stop it, so I guess I will be forced to enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend, and tell the family they too are thought of often.

Michele said...

Shawndra, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. May all of Ella's wishes come true, too! I love how you call her "punks". She is so cute in her pics. If you are like me, Santa is going to be very generous this year for my girls. Can't help it- I call it the "guilt factor". Mommy's sick, Santa overcompensated!
Take care,

shawnysmoonbeam said...

Why dont you call in for her since you seem to know the Dr. and have your dad make a call to. She may not be as fortunate as you to have contacts. I dont mean to sound abrassive so please dont take it like that. It is so unfortunate that to get help you have to know someone or your outa luck,that makes me sick.Everyone deserves the same treatment no matter what. If that poor woman dies because she didnt know someone that is very sad. It also sickens me that the Dr.s wont see a patient unless its a favor,what the heck.Anyway
sorry about that,it just hit a nerve I guess.Im glad your doing good and Happy Holidays
Love Shawny