Wednesday, March 14, 2007

round three

Hey everyone- Well, round three is done and didn't go too bad at all. I was a bit tired yesterday day but no nausea. They put me on a longer lasting anti nausea med to help. I had a little bit of finger tingling and stayed away from cold drinks but all in all it went well.

Ella is back to normal just with the arm cast only slowing her down slightly! We got outside and met Doug for lunch and swang and went down the slide. She absolutely loves being outside! She grabs our hand and leads us to the door, hint...hint...

Thank you all who came to the church service, it was so nice of you all. I am amazed at all the people who haven't even met me who took the time and came as well. I am truly blessed to have such amazing people and such a strong support system around me. I think if nothing else that can cure me!

I am going to try to get a few things done while Ella naps, or maybe a nice nap myself.... hmmmm, tough decision. Thank you Brandi for coming to help with Ella this morning and running to get diapers. It could have been catastrophic without them!

Take care, everyone enjoy the weather! Shawndra


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that round 3 went well. Still sending prayers and well wishes from Lee's Summit!!

Kristi E. :)

greg kristoff said...

Excited to hear that round 3 went well! Your great attitude through all of this is just awesome. Many people are given hope and strength from reading your blog. You will beat this thing!
Glad that Ella is doing better. Wish we could be there to help out.
We look forward to seeing you all more often in a couple months.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Shawndra. It was really wonderful to be with all of you at Mass last evening. You have so many people praying for you that you do not know. That is what kindness is all about. Your positive attitude is a part of the medicine. Have you ever read the book "The Little Engine That Could"? It is about positvie attitude and kindness from others. I love you. Fish kisses and, of course, gorilla hugs for you. MOM2

Anissa Lomshek said...

Congrats, Shawndra! I am so happy to hear that round 3 went so well.
I hate to hear about Ella's arm, but am glad she is back to herself so quickly. Aren't kids amazing? They break an arm and are right back to normal within hours. I wish I were that resilient.
Keep hanging in there. I pray for you, Doug and Ella daily, asking God to heal you and help you make it through the side-effects of the treatments.
You are a strong, brilliant, beautiful lady whom I admire greatly. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask.

Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job Shawndra. Your posts even sound like you are typing with a smile. Have a good weekend.

Chris Ireland

Bahama Mama said...

I'm so happy to hear this round was even better than the last. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for your Mass. Hence, we loaded my mom up with good thoughts and prayers and sent her. As I mentioned in my vm, she was starting to get sick, so she was trying to steer clear of you with her bad germs, because you need to get down with your bad self - not bad germs. ;) Yes, I'm a geek.