Thursday, March 22, 2007

Crawl for Cancer

Hey everyone- I was just reading Jennifer Ireland's blog (if you haven't heard of her, a young woman who recently passed away with the same type of cancer I have) and saw that her husband, Chris, is setting up a team for the Annual Crawl for Cancer to honor Jenn. Doug and I are going to join the team and we encourage you all to join in the festivities. Chris would like to have the names by March 23rd, only one day, sorry such late notice. If you don't get it done by this time, you can still sign up for the crawl, just not on her team. As Chris said in his blog, " the more the merrier". The event is $50 per person. The proceeds go to the American Cancer Society as well as other charities. This is sooooo important. We need to raise funds to help the millions of us affected by cancer. Please read this blog entry for information.

I would love to have all of you out there with us. I am not a big partier...anymore, but I am all for something like this event! I would love to have all of your support for me as well as for Jennifer Ireland. Chris and her blog are what got me started on my blog. She has been a huge inspiration to me. I admire her courage in her fight with cancer.

Please sign up soon. I hope to see you all there!!!! love, shawndra

P.S. Thank you Doug (my husband) for your help editing this blog... he was helping me with my english, sorry grammar (he just corrected me) and run-on sentences, hehe.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for letting me crash your party. Expect me for three more games at your house :-) Doug....with 2.2secs left in the game...I think the good Ole Crown did the trick!HAHA

Brad and I would love to participate it the Crawl for Cancer. I will e-mail Chris tonight.

Have a great evening.


Alicia Bailey said...

It was through Jen's sight that I found yours. She and her family are beautiful inside and out.

I never watch basketball. Tonight though when my brothers and husband had it on I thought of you. Go Hawks!


Lisa said...

I found your site through Jennifer's as well. Certainly still keeping you in my prayers.

Go Jayhawks! Oh I hate those really close nail bitter games!

Looking forward to seeing your spot on the news too.


Anonymous said...

I have also found your site through Jennifer Ireland's blog, I can't make the crawl but think it is a wonderful thing you all getting together. So many of us have been touched by her story and now yours. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers, from lee's summit.

Anonymous said...

Corey and I are excited to participate in the crawl. Thanks for letting me know about it. I can't think of a better way to spend my time and money! Thanks for being a truly great friend.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Jennifer Ireland's site. Her cousin is one of my best friends and I have followed her blog since her diagnosis in Jan '06. I look forward to meeting you & your husband at the Crawl for Cancer and will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Jennifer Teegarden