Thursday, March 22, 2007

may be brief

Hey everyone- I saw last night NBC aired a story about a man with colon cancer. (This is for the March awareness series.) It lasted only a few seconds, so my claim to fame may be very brief. I just wanted to warn you all who are looking for it. I still haven't heard an official date so I guess if you want to see me for a few seconds, stay tuned to NBC on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Some of you are curious (people ask me a lot) if I still have my hair. It still may thin or fall out but so far I have a full head of hair. That's just a little side note to make this blog a little more interesting.

Have a great day, Enjoy the rain (if you are in KC)! Shawndra


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Chris Ireland's cousin, Jennifer Ireland husband. Today has been a hard day. Jen's youngest has not been feeling very well and as a young mom as well I just want to put my arms around her and take care of her like Jen would. So as I do everyday I logged onto the blog and Chris had your link up. I want you to know that God loves you, and when we go through hard times, very hard times, we ask God where he is, He is always there loving us and protecting us. Believing in God does not give us a pass on hard times, but instead it gives us Hope, wisdom, strength and peace that passes all understanding. Be incouraged today that you have people that do not know you but will love you and pray for daily. I will pray for daily and I am sure Jen will be praying on your behalf as well from heaven. Be strong, and has I always told Jen keep smiling, because you are so beautiful. I hope you have a good day.

sue said...

Hi, my name is Sue and I have CC. Please visit my Journal at and email me if you'd like to at:
I used to email with Jennifer Ireland, she was such a nice, nice lady. Her husband is such an inspiration to me with all he has 'done' and is 'doing'. I pray that he takes some time out for himself too.
My prayers are with you Shawndra!

Bahama Mama said...

I have always loved your beautiful red hair, your fantastic freckles that give you a year-round tan (even though we have been sunburn buddies more than once) and your petite little body that allowed you to skate pairs (they called me a wet noodle). However, the best parts of you are your smile, your laugh (especially the snort-inducing ones), your compassion, your goofiness, your selflessness, your unwaivering friendship and your strength. Hair may come and go, but those things never leave.
Love you always - d

PS - I'm in love with the chocolate Boost...give me that over a Bahama Mama for $1.95 any day! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see your pictures.

Lisa said...

I saw KSHB tonight and it was pretty long so maybe they do a longer interview at 10pm. I hope I haven't missed yours! Keep us posted if you hear anything! Have a great weekend....go KU on Saturday. YEAHHH