Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bile Be Gone

Shawndra is in the recovery room. Gary, her father, and I just spoke with the surgeon that performed the PEG placement procedure, and everything went as planned. Our family is very grateful that the surgery team at St. Joseph's Hospital was able to fit Shawndra into an already very busy schedule today. The surgeon started work this morning around 6:15AM, and it's 11:45PM now.

It's been a long day. I'm in the hospital room, waiting for her to arrive. The surgeon suggested she try to walk tomorrow. Perhaps in a few days, arrangements for Shawndra's care at home will be organized (home-health/hospice to hook up her TPN, instruct us on how to operate the pumps, if something should arise, etc.) and she can come home.

Last night's slumber party was fun, up until about midnight, when I was awaken by Ella's snore. For a few minutes, I just watched her breathe, so peacefully. Daddy ended up in the guest room, and Ella had the big queen bed all to herself. There's something fundamentally wrong with that sleeping situation, I know! But, I did not want to risk waking her up while carrying her into her bedroom. A few hours later, my mind finally let me sleep.

These days, I fall asleep praying. My intentions are the same tonight.

Love you baby. I can't wait for all of us to be home again.
- Doug


Astraea said...

Praise the Lord for a successful surgery. Can't wait to hear that both of your girls are under one roof again! God bless. Give Shawndra loves from a small part of her fan club!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning!
The sun is rising and will bring nothing but hope, love, faith, and optisim on this cold December day.
We can't wait for Shawndra to return home. Do I feel a party coming on?!:)
Remain by Shawndra's side and lift her with your physical, emotional and spiritual strength. Allow the Lord, family and your well- intentioned friends to do the same for you.
Please know that you, Ella, Shawndra and both of your families are surrounded by people who love and care for you.
May your days be beautiful and full of love and miracles!
Love You,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the great news Doug! I am so relieved to hear Shawndra was able to have the procedure last night. I hope both of you slept well.
As we discussed, please let me know what I can do to help. Shawndra always seems to bounce back from surgery in no time, so I have no doubt you will all be resting comfortably, at HOME, very soon.

Love, Dustin

Tara said...

Prayers from the Barnows in KS. Stay strong.

Kimberley said...

I'm pleased the surgery went well.
Praying that very soon Shawndra will be back home with you and Ella!

Lots of love from England. xx

Anonymous said...


We are so happy that your surgery was successful! Our thoughts and prayers are with you always! Keep Believing!!! We Love You!

The Mudge Family

Lisa said...

I am SO glad the PEG tube is finally in. What an answer to prayers. I am still laughing about Ella's little door locking escapade :-) Quite the little sneaky girl. I believe Matthew did something like that to me...but only ONCE! I, too, had a little fear of monsters due to Scooby Doo...still not a big fan of that show! LOL. Praying for a quick recovery so you can be home soon!

BTW...thanks for clearing up the Dustin thing...I was wondering too...that is pretty funny!

Anonymous said...

Dear Shawndra, Doug, Ella and your families,
As always my fervent prayers continue for you all. I pray that Shawndra is up and around very soon so you can all be together for Christmas. Knowing Shawndra, if they say "walk" she'll say "when, where, and make it quick!" Her spirit and zest for life are such blessed gifts. Thank you Doug for your continued updates. We will all continue to hold your entire family in our prayers. Like you, I fall asleep praying, waking up many times during the night to continue those prayers. I'm asking not only God for His mighty intercession, but also my Jennifer as well. Please tell Shawndra I love her.
With love and prayers,

Jodi in Lawrence, KS said...

Glad to hear the surgery was successful! I pray that your family will all be home together very soon! God Bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Doug - you are an angel. Prayers to the whole family. Big ones for Shawndra. Lots of Love.


Kelley said...

Hoooorrray for the St Joe team working her in and getting her one step closer to going home! Shawndra, I hope you are on your feet in no time, once again showing them all what a trooper you are.
That whole kids in the bed deal, I hear ya on that one. Anyone that has choosen to make that their regular arrangement, either you're nuts or really heavy sleepers. It always starts off sounding like great fun, but I am always the one that wakes up tired, probably cause I really never get to sleep.
Doug, hang in there. You are doing a great job. Shawndra and Ella a very lucky to have you.
Gary, Carolyn and Andrea, you are all in our thoughts and prayers too. We are here if you ever need a thing. Peace and Love to you all.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear the surgery went well and the PEG is in place. Phil and I are continuing to pray for all of you and you all will remain lifted up on or church prayer team as well. As for the home health care, they are a God Send and wonderful people to work with. THe support and knowledge that they can provide to all of you is priceless. It is always better to be at home than in the hospital and these people make it possible!

We will continue to lift you up in our prayers!

Phil and Kristal Rayson

Paulette said...

Dear Doug and sweet Shawndra,
I awoke early this morning and have been praying for Shawndra. I am so grateful they were able the surgeons were able to place the line.
My prayers are never ceasing and Shawndra will be home before you know it!
May God richly bless you this Holiday season!
Doug you are the man! Lucky little Ella.

Anonymous said...

That's great news about Shawndra, so glad she is on her way to being able to come home.
I'm praying for your guys, I haven't been sleeping well and wake up in the middle of the night a I take that time to do extra prayers for everybody!
Hopefully we will all get some good rest soon, Ha!
take care all!
Deb (LSMO)

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for the successful placement of the PEG tube and for the doctors working her in!

Doug-you are a wonderful husband! I watched my mother battle many of the same issues that Shawndra is enduring (her problems originated from cervical cancer but eventually led to a peg tube, a colostomy and TPN).

Shawndra-I can't wait to hear from you again! Your faithful readers miss hearing from you! I am praying for you daily and I know you are strong Godly woman! Keep fighting!

Christie in GA

Anonymous said...

Let your unfailing love surround us, Lord, for our hope is in you alone.

~ Psalm 33:22, NLT

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Shawndra was able to have the surgery and is getting some much needed relief. I hope the recovers real soon and can be home for the holidays.
Doug - Thank you for taking the time out of your already hectic and stressful days to update us faithful bloggers on Shawndra. She feels like family to us too and you keeping the blog up for her while she is healing is so much appreciated so wanted to say a special thank you to you.


vickie Wieberg said...

YEAH for this wonderful news & this bright, sunny day!! HORRAY to the surgeon who worked ALL those hours yesterday and still fit Shawndra in, you truely are an angel & are very appreciated.
THANK YOU for the update, Doug and it's so great to hear the upcoming plan for your family to be home over the holidays. Can't wait to hear from Shawndra, how wonderful her Christmas was.
I don't even know her personally, I came apon her through Stephanie Vests site, but I miss reading her humerous, light hearted & intelligent BLOGS.
I'm glad you & Ella had a great night, despite the little bed hogging you had to endure!! :) Youre all in my prayers, work hard @ walking today, Shawndra!! Vickie in J.C., Mo.

Anonymous said...

Yea! Great news... now she will definately be home in time for all the Christmas spirit. Great news...

ALways praying.... MAndy Hamlin Featherston

Molly Carrott said...

Shawndra, my friend!
It has been over 14 years since I last saw you, but I want to let you know that I'm thinking of you!! I loved seeing the photos of you and your gorgeous family! You havent changed a bit, you are so beautiful! I love your short hair! And Ella looks like your twin--what an adorable little sprite she is!?! I have my own tiny guy--Finn will be 10 months old tomorrow and is such a bright spot in our lives. Babies are so miraculous and wonderful! I'm sending you all good wishes from Savannah, GA where Geoff and I just moved in September for him to take the job of Chairman of Art History at Savannah College of Art and Design. We had been in NYC for ten years prior to that. I must say I'm enjoying the slow life! We'll be in KC the 18th through the 27th and if you are up for visitors I'd love to come say hi! You are in my thoughts and prayers, Shawndra! Lots of love to you and your family, Molly Carrott Taylor

Naomi in GA said...

Shawndra, I am praying this PEG placement give you the relief from pain you need, I hope you feel us all lifting you up in prayer, and my dear friend, I EXPECT MIRACLES and WILL NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP on you...
You are one of the sweetest kindest people I know, heck you ask how i am gesh all you go through, who cares how I am, lets focus on YOU my dear!
Ok your proablly sick of my text messages..ha ha, but it was good to hear back..
And please call me when you are up to it..
Your sister in email & in prayer
Naomi in GA

John said...

I'm sending thanks and praise today for answered prayers. I was specific in asking that the pain come to an end and Shawndra get to go home.

Doug, for you sir, I pray for new strength. In some ways, those of us who are sick have it easier than you guys who are trapped watching. You, Lynn, Scott, my wife Jody, others... you are our anchors and we'd be no good without you. So today you're in my prayers, Doug. Rest, clarity, peace, and strength for tomorrow are what I will ask for absolutely sure you will be ok.

Lorna Taylor said...

Doug - I so appreciated the email you sent to me on Monday, and I'm absolutely thrilled at the prospect of Shawndra being home for Christmas!

Please let Shawndra know that I attended Stephanie Vest's visitation on Tuesday, and I wore two miniature roses --- a pink one for Stephanie, and a red one in honor of Shawndra. I know that Shawndra followed Stephanie's story closely, so please let her know that she was there at her services in spirit, and she was represented in truly colorful fashion. :-)

Now let's get that girl back in her own house for X-mas! "There's no place like home for the holidays..."

Anonymous said...

Shawndra~ You don't know me, but I know your cousin in Portland, OR. She had shared your blog address with requests that we pray for your speedy return home! Done! You and your family are in our prayers. I laughed when reading the Ella/Grandma story. I have a son that would make a wildly fun playmate for Ella - he (now 4) has also locked me out of the house when I was on the upstairs deck. I got lucky and he unlocked the door so I didn't have to figure out how to drop to the ground to get into the house! When you and your family find yourselves on the West Coast I hope the kids can play! From a fellow mom, nurse, and prayer buddy~ Steph

Anonymous said...

I am so glad the surgery went ok. I pray that Shawndra will be up and walking (I am sure with her determination this WILL happen)and coming home soon to you and Ella. You have a lot of prayer warriors out there Doug and we lift all of you up to our Great Physician!!!
Becky E.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad the surgery went ok. I pray that Shawndra will be up and walking (I am sure with her determination this WILL happen)and coming home soon to you and Ella. You have a lot of prayer warriors out there Doug and we lift all of you up to our Great Physician!!!
Becky E.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad the surgery went ok. I pray that Shawndra will be up and walking (I am sure with her determination this WILL happen)and coming home soon to you and Ella. You have a lot of prayer warriors out there Doug and we lift all of you up to our Great Physician!!!

Don MacLeod said...

I’ll do some praying for you. In the hope you follow Ella’s lead in finding your own peaceful time to snore. :-]

Hold Fast
Don MacLeod

Anonymous said...

Doug and Shawndra,
The success of the surgery is wonderful news. I hope this eases Shawndra's pain and you both will soon be resting in the comfort of your own home (albeit not in your own bed, since the princess has made it her own :)!). There is nothing like being with your family at home to give you peace and comfort. I am looking forward to a happy homecoming for all of you.
- Kim

Anonymous said...


I was so glad to read that the PEG tube placement was a successful surgery. Please know that you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers every day. I am praying for complete healing for you and it is my Christmas wish that you are home soon and celebrating with your family. I did have to laugh at Doug's recent story about Miss Ella and locking Grandma out of the house (sorry Shawndra's mom). Ella sure has your feisty spirit and the red hair to match! I am sure Doug will be telling that story for years to come. I hope you have a restful, peaceful night.I hope to see or talk to you soon!

Jennifer Teegarden

nancy said...

Shawndra, you are amazing! You make me smile so big seeing how amazingly strong you are continually and persistently. I am filled with happiness knowing that you are so powerful. You positive energy radiates to me daily. You and your beautiful family are all just angels. I love hearing all of your updates (thank you) and knowing how you are doing. You are a bright light in this world. Thank you (all) for making me smile! What a beautiful family you all are! Thinking of you constantly. Love to you! - Nancy Bollier