Sunday, July 13, 2008

off to omaha

Hey- Doug and I are sitting here in bed, both of us using our laptops and watching TV, hehe. so funny. Ella and Lexi (the dog) went to Grandma and Papas for the night since Doug and I head out early for Omaha. My appointment is at 11am and it takes atleast 3 hours to get there. I don't know what kind of information I will get, it is mostly just a follow up but I still want to ask him about the possibility of another surgery. (quick side note- aren't the Burger King commercials creepy these days, I just saw a new one where that creapy king mascot had a child, ugh) anyway, I will also see my oncologist here on Tuesday so between the two hopefully we will come up with a future plan. I will most likely have to have another scan soon to see the progress I have made since surgery to fully determine what the plan will be, we will see.
This weekend was interesting, out of nowhere I got sick on Saturday, I was fine, went to the store early (we had no milk or eggs), then I was helping Doug put up a ceiling fan in our bathroom when my stomach started cramping up, I started sweating, clammy ended up vomiting then diarrhea, the rest of the afternoon. IT was horrible. Thank you to the Palmers for helping us take care of Ella at the last minute! We greatly appreciate it! As I have told you so many times, we have the best neighbors. ya, I know, I know already. Thankful I recovered after most of the rest of the day asleep in bed. Today we got to go to the pool and i actually got in for a change. I am not a huge fan of swimming/water, but since I got the ostomy I have been really uncomfortable with swimming. It was really nice today to get in the water and feel comfortable. I even got to take Ella around a little bit and help her swim.
I am really hope Ella is just going through the terrible two phase. She literally cries about the littlest things. Not just cries, but has a fit. I am getting so tired of it, it has finally gotten the best of me today. I was so tired of it, I had to just walk away and let Doug deal with her. She even cried in the middle of playing with one of her music books, she was fine one second, then crying the next. Any advice out there? Is my child normal, hehe? I know all the articles and research about 2 year olds, but I just never thought it would be that bad. She is such a sweetie at other times but definitely more bossy and determined these days. Ella- if you read this some day, love you baby, smooch! hehe.
Please don't forget about Michelle who is running the New York marathon on November 2nd in my honor for Colorectal Cancer Research. She is getting closer to her goal of 3,000 dollars but please if you haven't donated, please consider it, if you are able to at this time. Just hit the Fred's team link to the left on this screen. You know, 5 years ago, the chemotherapy I am taking wasn't even available. Through research the have been able to find better treatment to keep people like me alive longer. My hope is that they will find even better treatments so that I won't just live a few more years, but so that I may be able to live the long life I hoped see Ella grow up and have her mommy there for her! SO thank you if you are able to donate. If you are not, I totally understand and am blessed that you even read my blog and think and pray for me! I just saw the same Burger King commercial, ahhhh! I better get to bed, gotta get up early!
Monday am: I forgot to answer someone's question from my comments. She asked what pain I was having, since she sounds like she is fighting colorectal cancer as well. My pain is typically in my lower back and sometimes all the way around my abdomen as well. The pain had subsided after my surgery and returned after the new stent was placed on my right side, the pain returning more on the right side. So I attribute the pain mostly to the ureteral stents. But recently the pain has gotten worse so I am a bit concerned that it may not only be the stents. I have read a lot of other cancer patients have the same concerns, we aren't hypochondriacs, but we become much more attune to our body and when something doesn't seem right, in the back of our minds we are always a bit worried, trying not to be though! I hope that answers the question and I hope it helps! I am off.... shawndra


Kim T. said...

Just dropping a note to let you know I'm still faithfully reading your blog and still praying for you and your family!
I also was glad to see someone else thought the Burger King commercial was kinda creepy!
Take care and good luck with your upcoming Dr.'s visits!

Michelle said...

Hi Shawndra,

I just got back from vacation last night...over a week without internet access - I nearly went into withdrawal!! ;)

One of the first things I did was check your blog, and am happy to read you are doing well, and sound happy! I hope you get some good news in Omaha today. You'll be in my prayers, as always.

As for the terrible 2's, don't worry - Ella is TOTALLY normal! I think I've mentioned before that 3 is about the most perfect age there is, so just keep that in mind through all the meltdowns! :)

Thanks also for mentioning the marathon again. I am getting much closer to my goal, but still have a ways to go (and would LOVE to surpass my goal amount!). One of the other Fred's Team members wrote and posted this poem, and I thought I would pass it on:

What Can Cancer Do

It can teach you to celebrate the ordinary
It can encourage you to live a life of passion and compassion
It can promote new dreams
It can humble you and enhance your humanity
It can heighten gratitude
It can challenge you to become adaptable
It can expand your heart and increase your capacity to love

Inspired by Sean Hanna
Written By Linda Hanna

I'll be hoping and praying for a week of good news for you, my friend!


kelley said...

Drive safely and hope the appt. goes just as you hope. The feeling of needing a plan for the next step has got to be an on going affair. Just remember that your "plan" will be just the perfect scenario for you. As difficult as that may be sometimes, there really is a reason. It is hard to know why you got the hand you were dealt, and I'm sure equally as hard always living in the unknown. But in reality none of us know what is in our ultiamte plan. Enjoy the times you are feeling well (like swimming this weekend) and try to learn from the more difficult times then put them aside so they don't dampen the good. It's good to hear you have fabulous neighbors. We too have a GREAT neighborhood and it's great to hear others get to share in that type of friendship. As for Ella....sounds typical. Not to worry, she's 2, she's a girl, and she has that spitfire Beauchamp blood. Have a great week!

BKNR said...

Good luck today Shawndra! I will be thinking about you!

Kristi :)

PS I can't stand those creepy comercials either! :)

Terra said...

Those Burger King commercials were creepy enough when he was by himself!

Good luck with all of your appointments the next couple of days! I am praying that you get all good news!


Anonymous said...


Hope your visit went well in Omaha. Ell is a typical toddler. Just keep smiling!!! Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you. Keep Believing!!!

The Mudge Family

Anonymous said...

I also have a 2 yr old and she acts the same way. Its shocking sometimes how quickly she can flip the switch and have a meltdown - and over the tiniest things. Today it was because I lifted her into a chair instead of allowing her to climb up (I thought I was being helpful). Ofcourse the worst ones are when you are in public. I've had other moms come up to me and whisper things like "oh, she must be 2" and "hang in there, its gets easier". That always helps. Hope my comisserating helps you (and that I spelled it correctly).

Anonymous said...

Thanks Shawndra for answering me about your pain. I hope it subsides soon. You might like to see my blog...? Although I do not keep up to date as well as you do!! Sue

my blog:

Anonymous said...

Shawndra, if Ella isn't very verbal and able to let you know her wants and needs then this could be some of her frustration....imagine needing something and no one has any idea what you need. I have always felt the real reason for 'terrible twos' was this lack of our understanding the little ones needs. Hope this is of help...these are precious years meant to be embraced and enjoyed hang in there and enjoy each moment. My five are raised and we have 10 grandbabies the oldest being 25 and youngest being 3 and each day is always a new adventure filled with slobbers and hugs...~~