Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Birthday Girl

Yaaa, Today I am 32 years young. happy birthday michelle as well and who ever else is out there celebrating their birthday today. I have not been on my computer for the last several days because we have been staying at my parents house since Saturday night when we came home in the evening our air conditioner went out, uggg. But it was nice to be at my parents house. I havent' spent the night there for awhile, so it was nice to be "home". Thanks mom and dad for taking us in for a few days. I couldn't get on the internet on my computer.
I did have chemo yesterday, so I have my pump on today. Yesterday I was a bit out of it, I don't know what it is but chemo or the antinausea they give me, something makes me sleepy and then I feel high or something. It is a strange feeling. Other than being tired and loopy yesterday, today I am feeling pretty good. I don't have much going on today, we may do something for dinner but celebrate more this weekend.
I do have another comment I have been meaning to write about. I have come across this a lot. People complaining about how old they are getting, how bad it is to turn 40, etc. I am happy just to make it to 32 and now my next goal is to make it to 33, 34, 35. We should be proud of getting older, not upset about it. That is just my opinion. I will be exstatic and celebrate big at 40!
One other thing I wanted to mention is life insurance. I encourage everyone to get life insurance pronto if you haven't already. We got our life insurance only months before I was diagnosed with cancer. If I hadn't done it before, no one would insure me now. I was very lucky. So please consider that, it will help take care of your family if something were to happen.
okay that is all for now. thank you all for your birthday wishes. I hope everyone has a great day too! love, shawndra


Leisa said...

Happy Birthday Shawndra!

I remembered from last year that we shared a birthday and came to your blog today to specifically wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know I haven't posted on your blog for a while. But I still follow it reguarly and pray for you often. You continue to amaze me.

You know, the first thing I thought of this morning when I realized I was another year older (44), I felt thankful to God for giving me the gift of my life for antoher year. I have no serious illness or any reason for this other than hearing stories like yours and appreciating the life that God has given me so much more. I'm thankful that we both have yet another birthday and hope that yours is a great one. I will pray that God helps to keep the chemo side effects at bay so you can have a great day! Enjoy your dinner. We're going out for dinner to my favorite mexican restuarant downtown, Los Corrales.

I second your plea for everyone to get life insurance. After losing my mother at 59 a couple of years ago, it was a wake up call for us to go out and get it. And you should get it while your health is good. Because once you have any mark against you, you either can't get it or it's through the roof expensive. I had no big marks against me when I got it. But within a year, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Had I waited even a year, I would be paying more money for the life insurance than I could probably have afforded with raising 4 kids (now 2 in college). Luckily I am locked in to this rate for 30 years despite my post enrollment diagnosis. So don't wait if you don't have it and your have family will suffer from losing your financial contribution. It does make a difference. I thank my dear mother every day for what she left me. My family and I have things and have done things that we never would have if it weren't for her having life insurance and making sure to leave it behind for those she loved.

Take care Shawndra and God Bless You. Have a great birthday, birthday girl.


Andrea said...

HAPPY 32nd BIRTHDAY, sister!!
Love you so much and am thrilled to be able to celebrate another year TOGETHER!! Looking forward to celebrating many more! Good luck with chemo. My love, prayers, hope and faith are heading your way!!
Love, Andrea

Naomi in GA said...

Happy Birthday to you Shawndra~ and many many more as you contine the fight on kicking the crap outta this cancer, you can do it!
One day you'll be able to spend time with your grandkids and hopefully Cancer for everyone will be a thing of the past and a cure will be found, they are closing in on it and making so many advances, I know you can do it!
Love ya girle, youve lifted my spirits many times as we have so much in common on many things, I think and pray for you often!
Your sister in email

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you are having a wonderful day. I look forward to enjoying many more celebrations with you.

Love, dustin

PS - Are your parents hosting another birthday carnival?! ;)

Michele said...

Shawndra, Hope you have a fantastic birthday. I will never again complain about my age, that's for sure, each one is a treasure whether you have cancer or not. We had increased my life insurance just before I got sick too. Now we have gone ahead and increased my husband's too.
Happy to be the birthday girl too,
Michele (now age 37)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Shawndra!

I turned 40 this past January and I love it! Another year older and wiser.
I agree, we should all be grateful for every moment we have here. I have moments when I too should remember that. =] I woke up this morning with a stiff neck because I slept wrong and felt bad for myself because I couldn't go workout.... You always remind me of how fortunate I should feel for being healthy and happy and I appreciate that. I pray you reach many more birthdays to come, have great day!


Astraea said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I can't wait for your post next year!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I read your blog and pray for you daily, even though I don't comment very often. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Nicole M.

Anonymous said...

Happpy birthday Shawndra! Yes, I turned 62 a few weeks ago, something I am thankful for since I've had stage III breast cancer. I tell everyone that now I am grateful for getting older, as we all should be.

Keep the positive and happy thoughts and give that little "stinky" a hug. I babysit my two-year-old granddaughter, and some of your comments are so on track they make me laugh! Such normal kids!

Kelley said...

Oh how I remember this day. I watched Andrea all day, went on a bike ride, and got in trouble with Gary for not being home to let Grandma and Grandpa in when they arrived from Hollyrood. Luckily he didn't stay mad long, and look at me now, 32 years later and no therapy! What a day. I agree with the older thing. I know that by numbers I am "older", however I really don't mentally feel much older than I did at 20. I hope that I have matured some though as at 20 I probably didn't always make really great choices. But being yound at heart is a fun thing. I hope you enjoy your special day doing what makes you happy. Cheers to many many more youth filled years. We love you all!

nancygrayce said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday! We hope you have a wonderful Birthday with your Family and Friends. We wish you many more wonderful Birthday's to celebrate with your Family and Friends. Keep Believing! Thoughts and Prayers are with you all!

The Mudge Family

Marilyn and Adam said said...

Happy Birthday Shawndra!!!!Wow! what a great day to celebrate your birthday! We hope you had a wonderful 32nd birthday. You are such an inspiration and continue to brighten our day each and every day. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always. Hope you have a great time this weekend as you continue your birthday celebration . God Bless you always! Love Ya, Marilyn and Adam

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day. The older I get the less old I think a certain age seems. Not sure that makes sense, but I remember when I was young thinking how old my grandparents were when they were in their sixties and seventies, but how young my parents seem in their sixties. Guess growing up does that. I agree with you - I am completely fine with getting older.

Good tip on the life insurance thing and for those of you who read the comments too, beware if you have endometriosis or any other health concern that requires many surgeries, etc. We found that with my history I am denied life insurance(we are still looking and hoping). It is a very scary thing not to have and all I have is endometriosis.

Well, enjoy birthday festivities. My mom said it best to me the other day when we discussed my not being home for mine that spread out celebrations make it last longer. And I would say you have a whole lot of celebrating to do!

Susan McRae

Nancy said...

Happy 32nd Birthday Shawndra!!! Wishing you all the best!

Nancy in NJ

Anonymous said...


I hope that you have a fabulous time celebrating your special day with your family & friends! I agree with your comment on celebrating life and appreciating every year we are given. I prayer you have many more birthdays to celebrate! Have a fabulous day!

Jennifer Teegarden MD

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shawndra...and many more...!
Wendy(38 wonderful years old!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Shawndra! I was talking with Grandma (Aunt Eileen) last night and we remembered your birthday. It was too late to call. You have a great insight, celebrate every year/day of life. I will certainly make that a priority.

Our Croquet for Curing Cancer, memorial fund raiser for Judd's Mom is coming up soon. Patty battled with cancer for 24 years. She certainly had a similar out look on life. Patty loved to travel and experience new things. I've been blessed just by knowing her.

I'd best get going on my celebrating life! Love you!! -Amy

Anonymous said...

I had my chemo drip (4 hours) yesterday and have my pump on and will h ave 4 more hours of chemo today and then fill pump up again and wear until Friday and Shwwndra I feel just like you. Im feel very tired but wound up too--which I think is from the steroids I also get in IV to help with nausa....but I was nausious all afternoon and evening after chemo...and then I got relly wound up and wanted to eat....but wasnt sure I should...I coulndt sleep last night I do it all over today. I hope you feel better today!!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to ask...have you tried Kitrel for nausa? I works better for me than other nausa pills. There is a generic NOW for it now...a lot cheaper. My insurance covered 60 pills for $8.00!! I paid a lot more before the generic!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Everytime I get a year older, I will remember what you said. Good advice.

Hope you have a good week without too much discomfort.

Love, Marny

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We're going to miss celebrating with you and the gang but know we are wishing we could be there. You are so amazing I have no doubt that 40 will be here before you know it. And, it's not that bad!!

Anonymous said...

I am obviously a day late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sweet Shawndra!!!!!! You are right, I should never complain about being 'older'...that is a good reminder for us all.
Hope your b-day was GREAT!!!!!!

SoCalSunshine said...

Happy, Happy, Happiest birthday, Shawndra!

We are so lucky you were born! Think of how many lives you have changed, just because you are you and you share your life with us. Think of how different the world is because you were born 32 years ago.

Those of us who read your blog are honored to share the next 365 days with you. We are here to listen (read?), to hold you up when you don't feel strong enough to stand alone, and to send you our love, prayers and encouragement.

I appreciate every one of my 31 years; I appreciate them far more because of you.

Hug that sweet little redhead and spend the day with your wonderful husband and family.

I hope it's as wonderful as you deserve.



Anonymous said...

Hi Shawndra,
And Happy Belated Birthday. I know I'm a little late but wanted to let you know I thought of you several times yesterday. You see, I share a birthday with you. I am only one year older than you and I happen to be a nurse. I was a nurse at Children's Mercy for a while too. I find it a unique connection really. I have kept up with your blog for over a year now and knew yesterday morning what a blessing it is to have another year added to this journey we call life. You inspire me, encourage me and challenge me. Thank you for sharing your journery with us and count me as one more life you have touched. You really are amazing!

Rose said...

I also want to address the life insurance topic- get it while you are young b/c i waited until my mid-thirties and by then I had an illness that "marked" me and now my premiums are SO much higher than they could have been.

Jeff said...

Kerri and I wish you a happy birthday! You are always in our prayers!

Jeff and Kerri