Thursday, May 22, 2008

Research and Remember

Hey everyone- Well, I don't have too much to report as far as results. My initial PET results sound like everything is about the same as before. I just got that result from the nurse over the phone. I haven't actually seen the report or talked to the doctor about it yet. I will see him next Tuesday before chemo and discuss it then. but it sounds like there is really no change, some suspicious area in the pelvis and nothing else really lights up, except the gallbladder area, which was removed in surgery, so this is probably from post operative changes. As far as the CEA, blood work, they didn't end up drawing it. They said it wasn't ordered, even though it was on my schedule to be drawn. So, I will have them do it next week before chemo. So, this really isn't very exciting or informative news. I guess though that no news is good news, atleast there is nothing new showing up so that in itself is good news.

On another note, I was asked by a faithful blogger named Michelle if she could honor me while running the New York Marathon for cancer research. I agreed with only having to give my name and a few signatures in order to do this, nothing else on my part. She will do the hard part of training and running the marathon and raising the funds (which I have done before and is no easy task). She needs to raise atleast 3,000 dollars, but it is going towards Colon cancer research in my honor. Doug helped by putting a logo/link (see Fred), on the left hand side, under our picture. You can go check out her webpage and get more information and donate as well. This is the least I can do for her, is to tell you all about it and try to help raise the funds. I have heard several reports that researchers are making incredible strides in finding a cure for all cancers. Specifically colon cancer research has come a very long way in the last several years. If I was diagnosed only 5 years prior, I would not have the chemo drugs I am using today which have been found to prolong life if not save lives. I probably would not be here today if that were the case! Researchers continue to look for better treatment with fewer side effects and they are succeeding but still need help. Please consider donating to the cause. It is completely anonymous so I won't know who has given or who has not. I know a lot of people can't afford to give and that is okay. But Michelle, by doing this, you are saving so many lives and I am in aw of you for doing it! A marathon in itself is a tremendous feat but to honor me, someone you've never even met, and raise all that are an angel!
Everyone have a terrific Memorial Day weekend!!! I hope you all get to spend time outside in the beautiful weather, rain or shine, and are able to spend some time with people you love or doing something you love and smiling! Also spend a little time remembering those soldiers who have passed while in military service -- memorial day. We shall never forget those who have passed, even though our memory begins to fade, our love never does. Shawndra


Anonymous said...


Keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. We hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with your loved ones. Keep Believing!!!

The Mudge's

Kelley said...

What an honor that your friend selected you to run on behalf of. Running is not my thing so I admire those that do. Boy, the typical memorial activities include the "opening" of swimming season......I don't think that will be the case this year! But we do hope to enjoy some nice weather, being with family and honoring those that have passed. It comes with such mixed emotions. Hope you have lots of family and friend time planned, and are able to relax. You guys are thought about often and continue to be in our prayers for miraculous things!

Anonymous said...

Shawndra- Hope you and yours had a safe and lovely Memorial day weekend. I have to apologize if the boys were a bit much for you Tues. : ) I forget what a difference there is b/w boys and girls as far as "energy level". : ) Maybe next visit should be a day at the spa for us both with a relaxing lunch. : ) What a lovely surprise and effort to have someone running in your honor. We will donate. Thanks Doug for putting in the link to read re: it.
Have you been to Overland Park Arboretum (sp?) ?
It is so peaceful and beautiful 179th just west of 69 hwy (east of antioch) on the south side. You live close so you have to go. It will recharge you and relax you both. I think of you every day. Praying for health, healing and a miracle cure. xo Adriane

Anonymous said...

:)Just visited Fred's team link- very cool. Makes me get all choked up to read it. You can tell a runner from a non-runner. I want to donate and Kevin wants to run one for you here in KC to raise money for you! (I would donate to both : )) I'm sure the medical expenses are outrageous.
xo Adriane and Kevin

Anonymous said...

thinking about you every day. hope you're hanging in there.