Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Busy Bee & Crawl for Cancer Photos

Hi- Sorry it has taken me so long to post something. Here are the 2007 Crawl for Cancer Photos It has been busy since my sister moved back and with all the events lately. I have to say, the pub crawl was incredible. It was a great time. You should all do the next one, nobody should miss it. I am not a huge drinker but it still is a blast. We rented a "bus" to take us down to Westport area, we went from bar to bar, drank pitcher after pitcher (8 at each bar, cheating only slightly), ended up at America's pub where we all got our groove on and then we were bused home.

I have to thank all the people who went with my two groups. Thank you for supporting the cause and for an incredible day together. Thank you to Chris Ireland for getting us involved in this and to Jan Velander (Jen's mother), who we got to hang out with quite a bit. A lot of my group got to meet her and everyone was amazed by her as I was as well. I am so lucky, we have already become family, Jan and I. We had an instant connection. Thank you to all the people who recognized me from this site and came up to me to introduce themselves. I felt famous almost. It is so nice to put faces with names and know that you all are supporting me. I was so glad to meet each one of you! I hope you continue to email.

Thank you to the Jennifer Ireland foundation for my generous donation and honor of receiving it. I hope to continue to be involved with the foundation and find more people to give to.

I want to give special thanks to Kool Nites Limousine, Inc. owner Gregg Shane. Also thanks to our Chauffeur David B. We appreciate you donating your services for this wonderful cause and for getting us to and from the event safely and being tolerant of our crazy group. This company was absolutely wonderful! If any of you ever need transportation I highly recommend them. Doug put a logo on the side of this site so you can find them easier. Again, thank you!
I hope you all had a wonderful mother's day. I did! I got to spend time with my mother and family, as well as Doug's mother and father. I also got to spend some precious time with just Doug, Ella and I as we went to Deanna Rose Farmstead, walked around and saw all the animals. We had a great time.

Andrea got moved in yesterday and spent her first night at her house last night. They have a nice home not far from us which is perfect.

Anyway, I wanted to get something out to you all to tell you how much fun we had at the premiere, pub crawl and mother's day. I am doing well. I had bloodwork yesterday but don't have results back yet. I amazingly survived all the activity with just a little pain but otherwise I did well. I appreciate everyone's kind words and confidence that I am going to win this battle. I have had so many people tell me they have a feeling that I will beat this, I am doing all I can to win it and I hope you all are right. Usually your gut feelings are right!

Talk to you all soon. Shawndra.


Anonymous said...


You truly are amazing! You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Have a Great Day! Take Care and Be Careful!

Lisa Mudge

Mom and said...

Shawndra, you do not know me but we will meet some day. I am Jill Dowling's mom and she has shared your story with me and your website and as a mother and grandmother I just felt i needed to tell you what and inspiration you are to everyone and how much we keep you in our thoughts and prayers here in Minnesota. Ella is darling by the way ...and the crawl looked like so much fun. take care of you. julie

Kelley O'Reilly Korb said...

Shawndra Beauchamp! It has been so long since I have seen you girls, but looking through your photos I see that you are still the same 'ole Shawndra. I am amazed at the strength you find in all that you do, your Mom and Dad did a great job with you! I wish I had heard about your site sooner as we would have loved to attend some of these events. There's always next time. Continue down the positive path you are on and I know good things will come to you. Tell Andrea and your Mom and Dad hello from all of us, and we will keep all of you in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Shawndra,
I love the photos! It was so good to see you having a great time on Saturday. You were surrounded by incredible friends. What a fun group! We were lucky to be following you from bar to bar and get in on the action. You hung in there like the trooper you are. I know your parents and husband have to be incredibly proud of you. I sure am. You are fighting your cancer with the same intensity, grace and dignity as Jen did. I am so fortunate to know you and look forward to seeing more of you and your family this summer. Emma and Peighton would LOVE to play with Ella. By the way, you looked gorgeous at the movie premier as well.
Love you,

Kristi said...

I am so glad that you are feeling well and have had so much fun over the past few days. I am sorry that we missed the crawl but I am hoping to make to the one in October. I also think it is wonderful that you have found a connection with Jan. She just seems so wonderfully uplifting!!
Have a great rest of the week and weekend!!

Kristi :)

Lisa said...

Just wanted to tell you that you are an inspiration to many ! What a wonderful blessing god has given your family. I found your page through Jennifer's and I read it everyday. Take Care.

Anonymous said...

Shawndra!!! Happy Birthday from all of us here in Florida! Hope you had another fantastic weekend at the lake! You're demonstrating amazing grace, strength and faith. He'll listen. We wish you a super happy birthday with family and friends and will continue our prayers for your full recovery. May God bless you all. Rainer and the Schmiedts