Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Great News!

Hey Everyone- We got great news last night. Greg (my brother-in-law) got in to KU for Physical Therapy, so it looks like my sister and her family will be moving back to KC sooner than later. We are all very proud of Greg and excited to have the rest of the family back together again, it has been a long time.

Round two of chemo seemed to go well. No nausea/vomiting today and only a slight tingly sensation in my fingers afterwards, no need for gloves to reach into the fridge yet (one of the side effects called peripheral neuropathy, I may get from this chemo). I am now hooked up to my pump until wednesday afternoon so hopefully the next few days will be a breeze like today. My mom went with me today, thank you mom, she was not only helpful to me but to others around me, getting them blankets and talking to them as well. What a wonderful lady she is!!!!

I wanted to tell you all after my chemo today, a lady at the cancer center approached me and asked if I would be willing to be interviewed for a news piece, I guess on NBC in the month of march (national colon cancer awareness month). Cynthia Newsome, a newscaster from NBC, already called me and we are set for next monday to do the interview. She told me they might wamt me cooking or making a recipe of something since it is also on nutrition for cancer, since I met with a nutritionist. I informed her it might be kind of boring since I really don't cook. I will think of something. I will be calling on my neighbors again to help me primp for the occasion as well. Ugh, What to wear? Gosh, I hope my hair doesn't start falling out this week, yikes. anyway, you all in KC might look for me towards the end of march sometime on tv. I hope it will bring some awareness to the diagnosis in younger women as well. Maybe Oprah will be watching, ha!
Enough blogging. I promise I won't be sending stuff every day. Just wanted to let you know things are good after round two, hasn't knocked me out of the ring yet. shawndra


Andrea said...

Shawndra and Doug-
We are so excited for this news. We have been praying for this and thrilled to be moving back closer to you and the rest of the family and friends in KC. We will definitely miss all our friends down here. But God knows what He is doing!!! We are headed your way!!! Love you and miss you much!

Bahama Mama said...

I'm so happy to hear today's treatment was much better!! I'm also so excited that Andrea and Greg are moving to KC soon! Now we just have to kick that Texas accent of hers...j/k Andrea. ;)
Please do write as often as you feel up to it and don't forget to include pictures! Also, please remind us when your feature will broadcast, so I can make sure someone records it for me. I definitely think you should wear your new undies. Sweet on the surface, sassy underneath! ;)
Love, d

Anonymous said...

Shawndra and Doug - I was so happy when Brandi passed this along to us. We have thought of you all so often these past few months! I am so glad that you have such wonderful neighbors...I know first hand what great people they all are. But from what they all say...you are truly the amazing one and they are the ones who are lucky that you are a part of their lives. Please know that you are in our prayers.

Curtis, Allyson, Brooke and Luke Ellis

Anonymous said...

Good morning, "sweet girl". Prayers are being answered for your family. This is wonderful news that Andrea and Greig will be back in Jayhawk country again soon. I hope that you can get out and enjoy the sun. Get Doug to set up the patio furniture this week. I love you and pray for you. Mom2

DAPHNE said...

I just wanted to say that I have been following your story the past few weeks. I came across your blog from Jennifer Irelands Blog.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Have a blessed weekend!

<>< Daphne